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Case Study: SuperHeru Snack Factory

How did you become an entrepreneur?

I (Heru Nurwahyudin) used to work in a company, but then I thought about being independent by doing my own business. Starting in 2014 by carrying a basket I offered snacks door to door, my friends, family, and consigned at some food stalls, café, minimarkets, and food centers. Self-confidence is the most important element. I am not ashamed to start a business from small. Toughness and Focus in what we are doing, also support me being a success in my business.

My business is a Snack factory. My main product is macaroni. I started my business from zero and I began to take a food product processing entrepreneurship training, and other various business seminars and workshops. I joined those seminars and training to boost my entrepreneurial spirit.

When I studied at STIE Malangkucecwara, some of the courses helped me to increase my knowledge such as leadership, entrepreneurship, how to manage a business, how to start a business, to sell, and to promote. Some lecturers also supported me to be an entrepreneur.

Besides, STIE has values namely Appreciative, Team Work, Time Management, Integrity, Thoughtfulness, Usefulness, Dedicative, and Endless Learning (ATTITUDE) that underlies me my being an entrepreneur. I got knowledge about entrepreneurial spirit when I was a student at STIE. The curriculum is good because the university is being able to herd and create new entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Also, some courses/workshops/seminars that were held by STIE were able to motivate students to be independent people and be able to open up new jobs that benefit the local community.

Heru Nurwahyudin share his stories on KickAndy! Show

How did the GITA Growth Hub help you become a successful entrepreneur?

I agree that GITA project supports my business. The ABM Hub gave me a chance to promote my products. Many products are linked by ABM hub and sold at ABM minimart, bazaars, and partnerships in campus events. I also have opportunities to share my entrepreneurial experiences with STIE’s bright students.

Instagram: superheru_id
Online Store: makaronisuperheru
WhatsApp: 6282228021101

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