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Case Study: Miruku Milky Jelly

Wifaaq Ulima Putri (Wifaaq) is the co-owner of Miruku Milky Jelly, a milk-based beverage product with a wide selection of flavors, including cereal series such as corn flakes, fruit loops and also chocopops and biscuit series, such as Oreos and Regals. Miruku Milky Jelly’s innovations include a combination of ingredients in one bottle and additional secret recipes that distinguish Miruku from other dairy products. Miruku Milky Jelly carries out promotions and sales through social media, especially Instagram, and distributes it using delivery services. Miruku Milky Jelly accepts cash or cashless payment method.

Wifaaq is a pharmacy student at Padjadjaran University. Even though she does not have an educational background in the field of business, Wifaaq got the basics of communication, time management, and stress management knowledge during college to support her business. She also has experience winning tenders to sell student association jackets, and has sold merch with designs from student associations. Considering the experiences gained and support from the family, she decided to create Miruku Milky Jelly in June 2020 together with her sister.

The key impact to Miruku’s business is consistency in providing timely service, prioritizing customer satisfaction, promoting products, brainstorming to new innovations, and good communication. Covid-19 has allowed the Miruku Milky Jelly team to have more free time to have discussions and brainstorming aspects that can improve the quality of Miruku Milky Jelly. However, Covid-19 also limits the expansion of product distribution. It also applies to promoting products at major events.

Before joining Growth Hub, Wifaaq only attended seminars related to economics and entrepreneurship. Growth Hub helps in providing input related to the business created, as well as gaining knowledge regarding the design and prospect of Miruku Milky Jelly. Apart from providing technical assistance, the Growth Hub also assists in funding and scheduled mentoring. This makes
Wifaaq feel safe and comfortable in exploring the world of entrepreneurship.

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