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Can Your Startup be a Solution to User Problems?

Currently, many startups claim that their ideas and innovations can change the world for the better. There are those who are successful, but there are also many who cannot execute properly the startup ideas they have. Based that meme on instagram @startup_joke account, which is something that we can absolutely agree, many founders are often too focused on making some random baseless startup ideas rather than looking for solution to problems faced by real users. 


Startup ideas that look smart and extraordinary will be useless if they are not able to provide solutions or help users. For this reason your mindset or thought must be changed. No longer focus on super creative ideas, but on how to find a problem that deserves a solution ( So, the main question is, how do you come up with good startup ideas? 

1. Be aware of what is going on around you

The perks of living in Indonesia is there are many inefficiencies and problems around us. Every problems can be opportunity that can be solved (as a startup). Becoming aware sounds cliché but it is pretty much difficult to do. Michael Deng in said, “Always set aside your free time to think about what’s happening around you.” 

2. Think of things you wish someone else would build for you

You may face the same problem that millions of people have, but no one ever make a solution. Let’s take a look Indonesia’s super app called Gojek. The main problem of Jakarta is absolutely traffic congestion. Started as a call center for ojek (motorcycle taxi) bookings, this application has improved lives for millions of people and also empowering the informal sector and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) based on case study. 

3. Look for things that have changed in the world recently

Think of ideas that are now possible because of this change. For example, a new technology, a new developer platform, a new regulation, a new problem in the world. What are the opportunities that you can grab? Be hungry about many possibilities. (

There is no guidebook to come up with startup ideas. Keep going long enough, you might find a diamond in a strain of gold.

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