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Business Profile: EENSTEL

Furniture generally becomes the main issue for new houses because people tend to spend too much on furniture since they have to purchase the furniture separately. Seeing this issue as an opportunity, Eenstel offers the solution by giving people the freedom to customize their own design of one set bedroom furniture that they would like to purchase for their (small) house, apartment or for their (small) boarding rooms. Eenstel also provides some extra services such as personal assistant to help assembling the furniture, 10 years warranty, and delivery service (on request). 

Eenstel is a furniture company headquartered in Yogyakarta, which business focuses on selling all-in-one set bedroom furniture. Eenstel offers durable and customable furniture where customers can freely design their furniture. The size and color can also be customized. Every product of Eenstel should pass the endurance test before being sold to the public. For the first years of business, the main focus of Eenstel is bedroom furniture.

The idea came from the issue of purchasing furniture which is also felt by the owner –Evelina Setiawan. Living in Yogyakarta in boarding houses with small spaces and owning a boarding house make her aware that boarding house, small-house and apartment owners are generally having trouble in finding the perfect fit furniture for their (small) places. The unique idea is still fresh since all-in-one set furniture is a new trend in Indonesia.

Eenstel is founded by Evelina Setiawan, whose family has been running business, especially property business in over 10 years. The background education which is Business Administration also becomes one of the motivations of her to build her own business. The experience in running property and boarding house business and living in boarding houses with small spaces often lead her to furniture issue which she sees as an opportunity to build a furniture company with mission to help boarding house and small-house owners to find and/or built their own perfect fit furniture for their (small) places.

Key partners are the main parties who are involving in the business. Simply saying, without these key partners or at least one of them, the business cannot run properly. In furniture business, materials suppliers are needed and for Eenstel those suppliers are: wood suppliers, plywood suppliers, blockboard suppliers, MDF suppliers, partikel board supplier, HPL suppliers. Other key partners are: carpenters becuase Eenstel manufacture Eenstel own furniture; product design to design Eenstel product before being produced by the carpenters; interior designer because Eenstel would like the furnitures to be well designed and to fit the bedroom properly, and of course because interior design is an extra service Eenstel provides for its customers; IT personnel because Eenstel would also provide online service for the customers to see Eenstel products and to create their own designs of the product they want; boarding house owners and people with small-spaced houses or bedrooms play the biggest role because they are the customers.

2.6.2 Key Activities

Key activities are the activities Eenstel do to make sure that the business is running well and is improving. Eenstel’s key activities are: marketing research, done to figure out what do Eenstel customers want so that Eenstel can always provide the furnitures customers need and interested in; marketing & communication, done to promote Eenstel business and to make sure that Eenstel reach every customer (in Eenstel business area); products and interior designing, done to give a perfect illustration of the product the customers would like to purchase and how the product looks when placed in the bedroom; selling to boarding house owners, done as the form of Eenstel direct marketing because Eenstel want to make sure that every customer is aware of us and Eenstel products; joning expos, done as the form of promoting the products with the real product being shown. Joing expo is the way to reach Eenstel customers who are owning small-spaced house or bedrooms.

2.6.3 Key Resources

Key resources are the things and people who becomes the most important part in the business. Eenstel’s key resources are: capital, it is needed to start the business; finance, sales, marketing, HR, product & interior design, IT personnel, these are the people who have the main job to help making sure that the business is running well; merchandiser who directly takes care the list of the materials and material purchases; carpenters, they are needed because Eenstel manufactures its own products; workshop building, it is needed as the place for the carpenters to work on and for the products to be prepared before delivery or shipping.

2.6.4 Value Proposition

Value proposition is how Eenstel want the customers to see us or the value Eenstel are projecting from Eenstel products. Eenstel’s value propositions are: one set multifunction meubel because Eenstel’s products are sold where customers only buy a unit that covers the whole furniture needed for bedroom; customable design and size because Eenstel want Eenstel customers to feel comfortable with their furniture and their bedrooms since the main purpose of Eenstel is to help boarding house and small-house owners to find and/or to create perfect fit furniture for their places; endurable product with warranty and post purchases services, because the Eenstel want Eenstel customers to grow trust in us and to know that Eenstel are always responsible for every product Eenstel sell.

2.6.5 Customer Relationships

Customer relationships is the activities Eenstel do to the loyalty and the trust of the customers toward us and Eenstel products. Eenstel’s customer relationships are: personal assistance is setting up the product after delivery. This peronal assistance works based on request of the customers; delivery service for the business area, outside Eenstel business area the delivery service is based on the request of the customers with the price is being agreed between us and the customers; membership is for the customers who would like to have extra advantages such as discount for delivery/shipping fee discount which applies for specific customers & members such as customers who have membership.

2.6.6 Channels

Channels consist of the way (how) Eenstel reaches the customers to promote both the company and the products. Eenstel’s channels are: Expo, mostly applied to reach the customer secment of people with small-spaced house or bedrooms; direct marketing, mostly applied to boarding house owners; booth  opened or setted up besides another apartment or (newly-opened) residence marketing booth in shopping centers or mall; brochures & flyers, used to reach everyone who are possible to be Eenstel customer. The spreading of the brochures & flyers  done in the expos Eenstel are joining, property expos, or other kind of expos or events related to furniture and property; facebook page and website are Eenstel online channels to help the customers in check the products Eenstel sell. In the website, the customers are given the chance to design their own bedroom furniture set freely.

2.6.7 Customer Segments

Customer segments are those who become the target customers. Eenstel’s customer segments are: boarding house owners, people with small-spaced house or bedrooms especially poeple with children.

In targeting the market, Eenstel focuses more on boarding house owners because boarding house owners are more likely to purchase more than 3 units at once. Nevertheless, Eenstel also targets the small house and apartment owners considering small house and apartment generally have small spaces for their bedroom which makes Eenstel’s products are suitable for them

Eenstel does not limit the age of the target market because everyone with good income and can effort the purchase of Eenstel’s products are considered as target market. Eenstel places itself in the market as a company which offers a new kind of modern furniture where the customers can buy the whole bedroom furniture in one set with additional service of product & interior design. Moreover, Eenstel offers a high quality and endurable bedroom set. Eenstel will always make sure that the customers get the proper service when purchasing the products and even after the products have been purchased (after-sales service).

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