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Business Profile: ACEH LAMPUAN CAKE

Aceh Lampuan, is the business that start in March 2018 located in Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Aceh Lampuan is the cake shop where Aceh Lampuan provide a cake that represent the taste of Acehnese also combined with modernization cake process in the form of take-away restaurant. The type of this business is LLC (Limited Liability Company). Though corporate structure whereby the individuals from the organization can’t be held by and by at risk for the organization’s obligations or liabilities

The ownership of this company owns by a group of Board of Director. Which the BOD itself consist of people who take part in the business. The BOD participates as Investors and Managers. Aceh Lampuan area be located on high activity and business zone and near shopping offices keeping in mind the end goal to get clients going to or from work, while they are out for lunch, or on a shopping campaign.

The mission is to provide the combination of local and other modern variant tastes of cake. Also, to bring back the pride of Acehnese people through this product. Aceh Lampuan sell the combination of local taste and also modern cake variant. Aceh Lampuan target market is Banda Aceh city’s population and the visitor of Banda Aceh itself. Last but not least, Aceh Lampuan vision is to make Aceh Lampuan cake shop is one of the symbols of Acehnese pride and opened in every vocal point in Aceh.

Aceh Lampuan vision is to make Aceh Lampuan become one of the icons of Acehnese people pride, and become a top-of-mind product in Aceh Lampuan market field. Consumer loyalty and personnel training are missions to achieve the vision. Aceh Lampuan endeavor to meet the most elevated gauges of magnificence through unprecedented client benefit and predictable item conveyance in an inviting and soothing condition.

Aceh Lampuan seek fair and reasonable profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy and ensure continued growth and development. Reasonable profit fairly compensates owners and investors for their risk and reward employees for their hard work, loyalty and commitment.

Employee welfare, participation, and training are equally important to Aceh Lampuan success. Every employee be treated fairly, with dignity and the utmost respect. It is Aceh Lampuan responsibility to provide employees with a friendly, comfortable and challenging work environment with opportunities for growth and development. To achieve those things, Aceh Lampuan give fair compensation and bonus for great employees and also, creating comfortable workplace to maximize the objectives.

Aceh Lampuan specialize in quality cake that made of sponge, cake fillings, and puff pastry. Aceh Lampuan type of store is a take-away restaurant, which is customers buy the cake directly from the store, and Aceh Lampuan don’t provide any chair or dine-in space. Aceh Lampuan cake created from selected high-quality ingredients, baked fresh every day. be expired within 3 days in room temperature, and 7 days inside refrigerator. The cake is a mixture of local taste of Acehnese people and modern cake process, makes the cake is one of the symbols of Aceh pride.

The premium taste, presentation and quality of Aceh Lampuan cake not only be unique in Banda Aceh, but also Aceh region. Aceh Lampuan are high quality cake, made of high quality modern and local ingredients, make the taste of Aceh rich and tasty. Aceh Lampuan maintain the quality by make sure the efficiency of production flow and proper dose of recipe. Aceh Lampuan also provide Aceh Lampuan tasty piece of cake for sample in Aceh Lampuan store to first-time visitors.

Aceh Lampuan provided the sponge cake with various variant fillings, and covered with puff-pastry to make it tasteful. The manufacture of Aceh Lampuan cakes itself is the self-made sponge that Aceh Lampuan fill with fillings and covered it with puff-pastry and bake it in the oven with proper heat and time.

Aceh Lampuan served customer on three steps of sale. Before the sale, Aceh Lampuan provide them with various variants sample to try it out which variants they want to choose. During the sale Aceh Lampuan served them and give any honest information that they needed to know about the cake. After sale, Aceh Lampuan ask customers opinion about Aceh Lampuan cake and take action based on their review more or less what Aceh Lampuan can improve and what Aceh Lampuan can maintain.

The concentration of Aceh Lampuan advertising procedure be to draw in new customers, inform them and make a reliable base. The company objective is to be recognized as an outstanding cake experience with the combination of local and modern cake, packed with pride of Aceh in every bite with superior customer service.

The promotion strategies be conducted in the first year of business as shown below:

  1. Website: Aceh Lampuan establish a website. The website contain useful information all about Aceh Lampuan business including general information, products, prices and locations, with a modern design so that the end user easy to grasps the information.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Beside establishing a website, Aceh Lampuan also establish a SEO which can really help us to be the high ranking in Google website when people searching for a specific keyword, for example: ‘Oleh2 di Banda Aceh’. So it enable us to be at the top or at least the first page of Google when it comes to people searching for the specific words.
  3. Billboard: Creating customer awareness by installing eye-catching advertisement at multiple strategic locations in Banda Aceh.
  4. Print or electronic advertising: Weekly or monthly food media advertisement can be Aceh Lampuan sources to promote Aceh Lampuan product.
  5. Word of mouth: The delicious and high-quality cakes develop an excitement to the customers, that they share it to their friends and colleagues and intentionally help customer awareness.
  6. Online media advertising: Aceh Lampuan work with several social media influencer that already famous in Aceh. They have influence in the terms of social media, has many followers and can influence people to buy Aceh Lampuan product. Henceforth, Aceh Lampuan also collaborate with several radio stations to announce that Aceh Lampuan is in town.

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