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Business Profile: Lilium_BnGflorist

Lilium_BnGflorist is florist business that offers variety of flower arrangement as well as party or room decoration using local and imported flowers with premium quality supporting materials and wrapping technique. Nowadays, many people have started considering flower arrangements as gifts or decorations in order to support an event. But in Bekasi, there are very few florist or flower shop that presents arrangement with premium concept. Therefore, Lilium_BnGflorist comes with premium products and concepts which are different compared to most flower shops in Bekasi.

Lilium_BnGflorist was established on February 2nd 2015 by Ni Putu Febby Wulan Bestari as the owner of Lilium_BnGflorist, with the help of the author’s partner Bryan Erwin Pratama Gultom. The idea of establishing Lilium_BnGflorist comes from author’s passion and interest in beauty and the art of flower arrangement which is uncommon especially in Bekasi. Since it was established on 2015, Lilium_BnGflorist has not had a physical store so all the order and payment process done through online system. The author classifies this business as a florist because most of the products and services provided are in the field of flower arrangement, either fresh flower or artificial flower with premium concept and arrangement technique as well as using other premium supporting materials. Based on the experience that has been passed on this business for about 3 years, most of the products sold or demanded are hand bouquet, flower air balloon, bloom box, flower board and some room or table decoration for birthday, dinner and anniversary.

By being consistent and offering different types of products compared to other florists in Cikarang, Bekasi and Karawang, this business managed to survive to this day even though there are many other florists that participate in certain events. Lilium_BnGflorist managed to earn quite significant profit up to IDR 2,600,000 per week by selling some type of flower arrangement through online order system. As time passes, more orders are received especially on certain occasions such as Valentine, President University Graduation Day, Defense, or other events such as the election of Mr. and Ms. President University, Koko Ciki Jawa Barat and International Student Orientation which involved Lilium_BnGflorist as the event sponsor for several times.

After witnessing the vast growth of this business, the author decides to develop this business further. The author plans to set up Lilium_BnGflorist physical store located in Grand Galaxi City, West Bekasi. This store present very different concept, unlike most traditional existing flower shops in Bekasi area. Lilium_BnGflorist present the concept of a flower garden in the middle of the city, where everyone who sees or who comes to the store feel a comfortable, cool and beautiful atmosphere like being in a flower garden when in fact they are in a hot city with hustle and bustle traffic. When entering the store, customer be immediately greeted by Lilium_BnGflorist employee who help the customer from beginning to the end. Customers can look arround the available flower on that day or sit in the indoor guest chair and looking Lilium_BnGflorist electronic catalogs that are available on the table, that make it easier for customers to choose what kind of arrangement that they . For customers who custom arrangement, Lilium_BnGflorist also display various supporting products such as jars, boxes, baskets, dolls, etc. to be selected directly by the customer.

Other than offer many kinds of flower arrangements, Lilium_BnGflorist also offers consultation service for party planner and decoration, so customer can have a consultation session or meeting with Lilium_BnGflorist team before the decoration date. Other than offering wide range of arrangements,

Lilium_BnGflorist also offer custom gifts made from high quality fresh flower and/or artificial flower like wedding hamper, wedding ring decoration, wedding car decoration and etc. For decoration, Lilium_BnGflorist also accepts decoration for wedding stage, meeting decoration, room or bedroom decoration, party decoration and so on. For customers who do not have the time to come directly to the store, Lilium_BnGflorist still receive orders through online where customers can make their order through Lilium_BnGflorist official @LINE account or WhatsApp by viewing Lilium_BnGflorist catalog at Lilium_BnGflorist instagram account.

Lilium_BnGflorist sells various types of flower arrangements using fresh and artificial flowers both imported and local flowers. All products can be arranged according to the desire, needs or budget of the customer. In some types of arrangement, customers can also add additional products such as chocolate, money, cakes, drinks, gifts, etc. Since it is a handmade product and each flower has different shapes and sizes, every arrangement cannot be made exactly 100% same for the second time. To place an order, the customer can come directly to Lilium_BnGflorist store or do online order to Lilium_BnGflorist official @LINE account by viewing sample product image at @Lilium_BnGflorist instagram account. For approximately three years in this business, there are some products that have been made by Lilium_BnGflorist based on customer orders or author innovation on some custom orders or events involving Lilium_BnGflorist.

The advancement of technology enables consumers to buy flowers without having to go to the store itself. As a business player, the technological progress is unavoidable. This be one of the services offered by Lilium_BnGflorist. Ordering process for customer who do not have time to visit Lilium_BnGflorist store can be done through Lilium_BnGflorist official @LINE account or WhatsApp. Lilium_BnGflorist asisst the customer in ordering process from the beginning until shipping done. Lilium_BnGflorist kindly give the required information such as flower availability, gift card messages, and many more. Customers can also ask for suggestion in deciding the kind of arrangements that they because Lilium_BnGflorist team provides free consultation service to help customer in selecting arrangement concept, wedding proposal, concept for surprise decoration, and many more. Rest assured, even if the customer could not come to the store, the customer still gets the same best and detailed service so the arrangement made suits what the customer desires.

The shipping process in Lilium_BnGflorist varies depending on the type of order or form of the flower arrangement itself. For large amounts of delivery, Lilium_BnGflorist provide services using Lilium_BnGflorist Car which rate varies depending on the location. In addition to using Lilium_BnGflorist Car, customers can also use online public transportation, where Lilium_BnGflorist employee aid the packing process so that the arrangements stay safe. Shipments can be done at any time from 08.00 – 20.00 WIB. Shipments other than store hours be transferred entirely to online public transportation with additional cost paid by the customer itself except decoration service.

According to Lilium_BnGflorist’s experience, the author categorized the customer into 2 types of customer segments: Business Market and Customer Market Segment. The Business Market Segment is targeting restaurants, hotels, offices, and cafes for certain flower arrangement types, specifically flower decoration for room, meeting, dinner and etc. The Customer Market Segment is targeting individuals or groups with middle-high income or budget which emphasizes the beauty of a flower arrangement. 

Lilium_BnGflorist offer various value propositions in attracting customers to shop and entrust their flower arrangement needs such as comfortable shopping experience, convenience shopping environment, good quality of flowers, beautiness of flower arrangement, as well as competitive price. Ordering process at Lilium_Bngflorist can be done online or offline. Customers who order online can take browse the online catalog on Lilium_BnGflorist’s instagram account and continue the ordering process through Lilium_BnGflorist’s official @LINE or WhatsApp account. Customers who come directly to the store can browse the online catalog on Lilium_BnGflorist’s tablet or choose directly from display rack. Both online and offline customers be facilitated by a personal assistant in order to understand what the customers and produce the arrangements accordingly. 

Payment process for online customers is done by transferring to Lilium_BnGflorist’s bank account, while offline customer can make direct payment in the cashier. Unlike most existing traditional florist, especially in Bekasi, Lilium_BnGflorist offers a different store concept. Comfortable shopping experience and customer satisfaction become the priority. Lilium_BnGflorist is very concerned about cleanliness, tidiness and the atmosphere of the store. Customers who visit Lilium_BnGflorist store be spoiled by comfortable waiting area, free Wi-fi, free drink and candy, as well as free spacious parking area. The author provide all these facilities to make Lilium_BnGflorist’s customers feel comfortable and making the transaction process becomes fun and always be remembered.

Customers who have purchased at least 10 times in six consecutive months at Lilium_BnGflorist be given the opportunity to become a member of BG VIP member card. If the customer wants to become BG VIP member but they have not make 10 purchases in six consecutive months, customer can join paid registration to become a BG VIP member. Customers with BG VIP member card get a 10% discount on every transaction made per one day. For customers with minimum transaction of IDR 2,000,000 for flower arrangement or minimum IDR 5,000,000 for decoration package get free delivery charge or no operational cost around Jabodetabek.

There are several distribution channels that help Lilium_BnGflorist gain more customer in order to deliver the value proposition, such as online store (Instagram), physical store, sponsorship, endorsement, radio promotion and etc. Both online and offline store get maximum service with personal assistance. Based on the experience, the author believe that personal assistance helps increasing customer satisfaction while shopping for flower arrangement. Sponsorship is done to indirectly introduce Lilium_BnGflorist as active florists whose arrangements worth considering, so it attracts more people to find out about Lilium_BnGflorist.

Lilium_BnGflorist also utilize radio promotion and instagram endorsement services and collaborate with some famous person in instagram to do monthly instagram promotion with different concepts and themes depending on what event that be take place for the next month. This is done to draw market’s attention and at the same time remind the customers of special days that they may not remember before hearing or looking at Lilium_BnGflorist promotion.

In running and develop this business, Lilium_BnGflorist works with several suppliers to meet the needs of raw materials and/or other supporting materials. In making boxes and ribbons, Lilium_BnGflorist have some supplier to produce boxes and ribbons that show the identity of Lilium_BnGflorist and giving an impression of a more premium product.

There are two key activities in Lilium_BnGflorist to gain, keep, and attract more customers: maintain and create. All of Lilium_BnGflorist employee have to maintain the freshness, cleanliness, and tidiness of the flowers, store, and supporting products. In order to gain customer satisfaction, the employees must commit to always create a beautiful arrangement to all of Lilium_BnGflorist customers according to the needs and wants of each customer. Employees also need to pay attention to detail and have a good time management skill to finish all the orders ontime.

In order to make this business model work, Lilium_BnGflorist has several key resources that become the important assets such as online store, offline store, well trained employee and capital. The role of online store on Instagram is as a promotion media to attract customer as well as to place the online catalogue for customer who to order online. Through Lilium_BnGflorist’s Instagram account, the author also can do some marketing activities, either free or paid, to attract and gain more customer. Physical or offline store is useful in order to increasing customer trust with Lilium_BnGflorist. Because some customers like to visit the shop directly and choose the flower themseles. Not only for individuals’ customers, physical store also can be a consideration factor for some other business-like hotels, offices, cafe and others to cooperate with Lilium_BnGflorist. Capital itself is very useful in order to build and develop this business to become even better in the future.

In the cost structure of Lilium_BnGflorist, the cost that be paid annually are the building rental cost and annual allowance. And for marketing activities, salary payment, Wi-fi, office equipment, electricity, clean water and maintenance of the air conditioner that support Lilium_BnGflorist’s daily activities be paid monthly. Lilium_BnGflorist earns all the revenue from selling flower arrangements, and decorations like room decoration, dinner table decoration, etc. All customers come from business-to-customer and business-to-business segment.

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