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Business Profile: Onesia

Batik represented as one of art that made by creativity of Indonesia people.

Batik has a meaning as a cultural expression that has a meaning to glorify a human for who used, and have a local wisdom to interpret for each step in their life. The strong value of culture and value of beauty that have lured Indonesia people even in the world to make batik be the part of their life. Batik becomes the source of the pride and loves of Indonesia people of their country and also become bridge of the interaction between local cultures with the other culture in this world.

ONESIA is a business, run in the fashion Industry that focusing in classic, modern, stylish design that combined with Batik as a special touching for every design that ONESIA make. For every product ONESIA making them using special material and special batik that has a good quality same quality as the other international brand used, so each product very precious and special. The others specialization of ONESIA products is the name of each product itself; ONESIA named with Indonesian culture like names of Wayang, or the other art in Indonesia that have a similar characteristic of the design and the batik that ONESIA choose to each product.

Batik is one of the best arts comes from Indonesia, and can be show to the world as the identity of Indonesia. Batik itself is not only comes from one place in Indonesia, but there are many variants of Batik around this country. Unfortunately, Batik is known as an old thing, old art and old style for young generations because they thought that Batik is cannot be stylish and shows the modernization of fashion. Based on this case ONESIA proudly present ONESIA, addressed to young generation of Indonesia and to introduce to the world that local brand can be competing with International brands around the world. ONEISA was established in June 2015 and keep growing until now.

ONESIA is Fashion brand that come out with the idea of combination between classic, modern, stylish design with special touching of Batik and for each design of product named with Indonesia culture that have a similarity of the design and also the Batik that used. The product of this brand not only Clothing product, but all products in fashion such as Accessories, Shoes and so on. At ONESIA brand, you not find one boring of product. Every single piece of products are shows the classic, modern, stylish design but not forget about special touching of Indonesia culture and used special Batik that comes from around Indonesia.

Each piece of product is made with a high-focus of intricate detail and exclusive design, but still maintain the balance of classic, modern, stylish with Indonesia culture. Not only that, you also always find that each product has an extra of something that makes ONESIA products always be unique and special for every person that wearing ONESIA product. And if ONESIA designs are not enough to be ONESIA signature, you can also find the ONESIA trademark on every product. ONESIA logo in the inside of every product that ONESIA produce.

The founder of ONESIA is Friskila Oktaviana, one of the third-year students at President University, majoring Business Administration batch 2013 and took an Entrepreneur as her concentration. Expect to graduate in May 2017. She was born in Bekasi, October 17th 1995. Her passion is in Business, she also an optimist and

ambitious person, that have an interest in the Fashion Industry since Senior High School. Based on her educational background and her interest it makes her know more about the details on how to create a good business also to handle and maintaining this business. This idea has a few of indirect competitor, but there still no one exists as ONESIA direct market, can be prove that ONESIA is the first brand that has this idea, then by seeing this opportunity Friskila find the good way to build and create fashion brand that have a special touching of Indonesia Culture, not with ordinary design as already exist in the market but with classic, modern, stylish design that have the uniqueness and be precious for everyone who wear ONESIA products.

For the first ONESIA is focused by using Batik Surakarta, because the characteristic and the pattern that have a really strong meaning and show the uniqueness that really match with ONESIA idea. Not only the batik, ONESIA tailor for the cloth also comes from Surakarta, and the next vendor for Shoes, bag, and some accessories ONESIA produce it in Surakarta, because for the owner of ONESIA, so far the creativity of the people, the handicraft of the people in Surakarta need to be considered.

There is one place in Surakarta city that full of people who have a really good a creativity and also the handicraft which has existed since a long time ago, from generation to generation. They called as a “village craftsmen”. There are not only batik craftsmen; there are also craftsmen for shoes, accessories, etc. According to their works, ONESIA decided to focused work together and partnership with some craftsmen to create the product that has a value of ONESIA also to help to introduce their works to the World start from ONESIA country first, Indonesia, to consider their handicraft and one of ONESIA heritage.

Then, after ONESIA make it with Surakarta, ONESIA continue the business with focused to the other city of Indonesia that also have a unique and special batik on their place to become ONESIA mark in the future and ONESIA partnership with the local people to make the good product that have a special touching from the place of the Batik that ONESIA use next, to create the intimacy for each product with the Indonesia culture from that place, maybe the second city ONESIA focused in Yogyakarta.

There are two main target markets of ONESIA based on demographic segmentation. The people in the aged of 19-23 years old, that have the biggest percentage of the questioner result and also have a big concern about their daily style. The people in those aged have their own style and really selective about what they wear to show off to their environment.

People who work in the office (employee or entrepreneur). Group of people who always need to dress up for their daily life, need a comfy product that usually can be used for many condition such as a formal dress for work or presentation but can be wear as the casual dress that make them keep stylish in their daily life after work. Univesity Students. Group of people who like to look trendy and stylish in every time they go out, even just for chill/hangout or just go to Campus.

Geographic’s. The focus of ONESIA is in ONESIA beloved country, Indonesia, but for the first ONESIA is mainly focused on Jabodetabek, Java islands, and Bali area because those are place that become trendsetter in the fashion industry of Indonesia, and are the tourism places also the area with big number of populations comparetable to the other area of Indonesia.

Psychographics. As mentioned before in the previous chapter, the product feature and the price of ONESIA product is suitable for the middle upper-level segment. That because of the people in this level tends to find something worthy with the price and the product that they buy.

Behavior. According to the previous chapter, middle-upper level behavior usually is more critical and logic in the way they act and think. They are not only concern about the function, but also the value of aesthetic of some product. At this level, the people are more likely to spend their time outside rather than in their house, because they are more focus on what’s happening and what’s going on and the people in this level compete to be the trendsetter of their environment.

The target market of ONESIA focusing on the young adult people at the aged of 17-30 then the young workers and young entrepreneurs who looking for trendy style and really consider about what they wear in their all activities. ONESIA offering a classic, modern, stylish design for every product that have a special touch of Indonesia Culture Heritage as the material and also the name behind ONESIA the products, don’t forget also the relation story between the design and the culture that ONESIA choose as the combination for each product. ONESIA give the best of quality to ensure the needs of customers, with a worthy price for it. ONESIA positioning consists of several points of differentiation which are:

1.         Professional and experienced crafter and designer.

2.         First brand puts the heritage culture of Indonesia as the main material and name for each product.

3.         The brand that support eco-friendly product.

ONESIA used 4 P’s of marketing mix as the marketing strategies and the most common and basic elements in marketing. The 4 P’s of it are; product, price, place, and promotion.

4.5.1.   Product Strategy

ONESIA are using a best quality of the material for every product that ONESIA produce. The trendy design that makes a look for each product classic, stylish and modern. Used a special fabric of batik for every single of clothing product, special woods for some accessories and others that makes all of ONESIA products have their own characteristic and be precious for everyone who wear it.

4.5.2.   Pricing Strategy

ONESIA ensure that the price of each product is affordable, reasonable and also worth it with better quality that ONESIA used. ONESIA also give some discount and special offers that profitable for the customers for several events. ONESIA ensure to give a price that really friendly with the customers based on the result of the questioner that ONESIA already speared.

It’s around Rp 100,000 – Rp 250,0000 for each product, and no more than Rp 600,000 for ONESIA special edition product. ONESIA decided not to give a high price because as mentioned before ONESIA target market is the middle upper level with most of ONESIA customers are still students and new entry level of employees.

4.5.3.   Place Strategy

ONESIA focused on online way to promote and introduce this fashion brand to the market, so ONESIA can reach all of ONESIA customers without the distance limit, beside that ONESIA also join some fashion event or expo to open booth in several days three times a year to show to ONESIA show the market about ONESIA special brand with a classic, stylish, and modern design combine with a special touch of ONESIA culture.

This strategy, based on the questioner result, that shows about how highly the market in the online and also the frequency of the people join the fashion expo in a year.

There are three ways of activities for promotion ONESIA, which are as follows:

1.         Online Marketing

ONESIA, has an official website which contains the information about all of ONESIA products, Brand Profile, procedure to order and contact info for more information. Other online tools are from social media, which are ONESIA official Instagram, Facebook and also use an online advertising to promote ONESIA.

2.         Word of Mouth

The best ways to promote without adding any budget more by maintaining the quality and satisfying of ONESIA customers. It is possible to ONESIA customers become ONESIA marketing by doing a promotion to spread their experience of buying ONESIA product to their friends and family.

3.         Personal selling

The simple way to promote but hard to implement it for startup brand. People still don’t know about the brand and less of trust because they never buy it also unknown brand name.

There are a several parts of marketing budget that ONESIA focused on:

1.         Website of ONESIA

Official Website of ONESIA is the important role for this fashion brand, because ONESIA try to approach ONESIA customers used the integrated marketing where in this era most of the people tend to the instant way and the practical things rather than to the complicated that waste their time.

2.         Social Media Advertising

Instagram, and Facebook are the potential social media to promote this fashion brand. These two social media are really famous in the young adult people in the world, in this globalization most of people used it as their needs and not only the young people, but many adult people used it and those two can be a potential money marker due to function of advertisements.

3.         Fashion Expo

There also fashion expo that really famous and prestigious event for does who loves fashion and style to keep them update for the new style that famous nowadays. This might be a potential way to reach the reach the customer that really loyal with fashion and big opportunities for ONESIA to introduce ONESIA products and keep in touch with the customers directly. ONESIA try to join fashion event or expo three times a year.

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