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Business Profile: ON-ME

On-Me is a startup company which focuses on delivering the services of many types of daily necessities through digital marketplace surrounding Jabodetabek areas at first. Through gadget application and website, it connects among the service providers and the customers to do transactions as the service is requested. There are many types of services provided by On-Me, which are home services, office services, family services, and rental services. On-Me targets the wide varieties of customers, including urban families, professionals, and offices.

The product of On-Me is a digital marketplace based on website and gadget applications. The marketplace is addressed to gather all the partners of service providers with their own specialties to expand their services through the online consumers. Based on the concept, consumers do not  to be busy to directly visit the service provider place and they just have to order the service by online. The websites and gadget applications present a list of service categories and some of relevant details before the service provider serves. The service categories are services for home (needs of households, appliances maintenance, vehicle maintenance, and event procurement), office (needs of office appliances maintenance, office cleaning, event procurement), family (needs of family health and condition), and university students (students’ requirements in their subjects’ projects in printing, event requirements in design, partition, and other vendors). On-Me focuses on providing the easiness and effectiveness of having their various kinds of necessities resolved everyday just by clicks.

Xaverier Adriatama Putra is a Business Administration student of President University and an originator of the idea of On-Me. He sees the opportunity of making the business idea from the busy workers in Indonesia who do not have much time to manage all the needs of services either for themselves or their families as well. There are several competitors doing this kind of service marketplace, but the amount of users are still not much and there are more services to be provided to the consumers. To conclude, Xaverier believes that On-Me  the most helpful service marketplace in Indonesia without stopping the innovation and creation.

On-Me applies multi-sided platform market between service consumers and service vendors. On-Me’s target consumers are the people with busy professions such as office workers (between 17 and 45 years old) in Jabodetabek region. Their characteristics are assumed as the people who always come home at evening and having not enough time to manage their own services needs on weekdays. While On-Me’s target vendors are the existing service vendors based from primary and tertiary needs. The vendors are expected to take an opportunity to expand their target market and facilities for their markets through digital marketplace.

As the value from the pricing to consumers, On-Me gives the easiness of ordering service vendors corresponding to the consumers through their smartphones or other gadgets without visiting the vendor places. The consumers simply just have to sign up on the apps and they  displayed the must-have services categories.

For the value to service vendors, the gamification system  applied to make them endured to use On-Me by stimulating them to reach some sort of achievements (e.g.: finishing 7 orders on 1 day to get 5% cash from the total of seven times transactions) in the interest of getting enticing deals On-Me  give later on.

Based on the value proposition, On-Me puts a great expectation to both exhilarate the consumers and the service vendors with the prospective digital service marketplace platform.

There  3 types of channels, those are On-Me website, On-Me mobile application, and press release. On-Me website and mobile application are used as the channels for the users to gain access of On-Me service categories and official customer support contact. Whereas, press release is used for getting attention of the people by the positive review of On-Me through the type of press release media.

On-Me uses 2 ways for customer relationships, which are customer support through On-Me official phone number, and customer feedback menu through review page every time the user uses On-Me services. Through this concept, On-Me expects the understanding about the consumers preferences, so that all of those management aspects  generate fast and effective responses through the product or services, causing the revenue gain by the product or services improvement.

On-Me focuses the revenue stream by bootstrapping method. This method means that the revenue  gained with the existing resources from On-Me team and with prototype product, which only brings enough features in order to get the deep insight from consumers to develop the product itself, until the release of final product. The commission rate for On-Me  determined around 40% of the total transaction.

On-Me ensures that all the key resources are capable to support all the activities for implementing the value proposition, through IT Infrastructure, Capital, and Marketing Tools (Social Media and Advertisement).

  1. IT Infrastructure is addressed to create and develop the IT products such as websites and apps.
  2. Capital is required for supplying the financial expenses and activities of On-Me as the profit organization.
  3. Marketing Tools (Social Media and Advertisement) to introduce and create brand awareness of the product and services for the target market.

The key activities are consisted of IT product maintenance and product feature invention. The maintenance is executed when there are IT problems such as system error in the website and/or apps, and when there  updates for new features on the product. The feature invention is done by the marketing team, related to the value proposition delivery to both consumers and service vendors, in order to improve On-Me’s specialty in service marketplace.

The important key partners of On-Me are service vendors (SMEs for home concern and automotive maintenance), website hosting company(NiagaHoster), advertising agencies (Ubiklan), and Google (SEO). The service vendors are the important partners to expand their services business through On-Me platform as they  connected through many customers by apps or websites. The website hosting company  support the place for running On-Me’s website. The advertising agencies (Ubiklan)  help On-Me to get the attention of people for On-Me’s brand, services, and differentiations among its competitors through advertisement tools. To digitally market the product, On-Me requires Google’s help for generating Search Engine Optimization in order to gain the audience while browsing through internet by accessing the related keywords regarding to On-Me’s background as the service marketplace.

 Referring to the Key Resources, IT infrastructure such as website, mobile application, and hosting server are the most prioritized cost for developing On-Me product, since the company’s values proposition of convenience, “Getting the Job Done”, and accessibility  symbolized through the product.

The variable costs are digital advertisement through social media such as Instagram and Facebook Ads, and offline advertisement through mobile billboard (Ubiklan; The advertisement works by choosing preferable numbers of cars to be attached the billboard). The company also include the fixed costs such as rents, salaries, buildings, and utilities as the part of following the prevailing regulations and law in Indonesia.

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