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Business Profile: Recrunch

Recrunch is a name of snack made of rice without preservatives and inspired by Indonesian thick rice cracker, rengginang. To make a difference, Recrunch is not made of glutinous rice and dried through the sunlight as usual rengginang but using rice and frying oven. Recrunch also consists of seven different flavors: two sweet flavors; chocolate and strawberry, and five savory flavors; rendang, curry, tom yum, chicken teriyaki, and pizza.

Recrunch is a snack made of rice and inspired by rengginang. Rengginang is a traditional cracker from Indonesia that usually made of glutinous rice. Different from rengginang, Recrunch made of rice because it has more neutral flavor to be mixed with other flavors and many children do not like glutinous rice. The shape of recrunch is also different from usual rengginang, Recrunch comes with a tube shape like kue putu.

For packaging design, Recrunch is designed to be more modern. It does not use the word “rengginang” in the packaging description, but “crispy rice”. Recrunch also has seven different packaging colors and each color represents flavors, like the pink color for strawberry. It is easier for people to find wide variety of Recrunch flavors. In addition to this packaging, it is expected to increase the interest of children and teenagers. Recrunch consists of seven popular flavors. Two sweet flavors: chocolate and strawberry, and five savory flavors from various countries: rendang (Indonesia), curry (India), tom yum (Thailand), chicken teriyaki (Japan), and pizza (Italy).

The name of Recrunch comes from the word “Reiteration” and “Crunchy”. Recrunch is a crunchy snack in every bite. Consuming Recrunch snack, makes people feel crunchy repeatedly when they chew it. That is why this snack is called Recrunch.

Recrunch’s tagline is “teman setiap saat”. The meaning of this tagline is to embed the Recrunch image as a food that can be consumed at any time. To imprint more familiarity, the word “food” was changed to “friend”.

The founder of Recrunch is Octepa Amanasari. She is a student of President University, majoring in Business Administration and expected to graduate in 2017. She was born in Jakarta, October 28th 1994. Being born as the first child in a family with business background makes her has business knowledge and leadership character indirectly. She often directly involves in helping and giving opinions to the family business.

The idea of Recrunch comes when Octepa tried to eat rengginang and dipped it into melted chocolate. Although it looks weird because the sweet rengginang normally uses sugar, she and her two sisters like the chocolate rengginang. The next day, her sisters brought chocolate rengginang to their school and turned out their friends also likes it, even some of their friends asked for other flavors and wanted to buy if it was sold. Then, Octepa found some online stores that sold rengginang of glutinous rice that was packed with some choice traditional flavors like shrimp, sugar and spicy. Therefore, she knew that rengginang already have had the market and the business opportunity. She was thinking and found out how to expand and made traditional snack into a modern snack.

The target market of Recrunch is focusing on teenagers at the age of 12-21 years old who live in big cities in Indonesia. The cities that are focused are Jabodetabek, Medan, Makassar, Bali and Batam. The target market of Recrunch is middle class who like to gather with friends and/or family while eating snacks, so that the target market can help introduce Recrunch to their friends and/or family.

The company positioned the product to the target market as a friend at any time. Recrunch is ready to accompany target markets during their spare time or gathering with friends and family. Recrunch also can be consumed while watching TV, hanging out with friends, or other times.

Consuming Recrunch would be different from other snacks. Consumers will be fuller when consuming it than other snacks, because Recrunch is made of rice. Besides that, one of the selling points of Recrunch is taste. Based on the survey results, 62% of respondents chose the taste as the most important criteria. Recrunch consists of 7 flavors: sweet (chocolate and strawberry) and savory (Rendang, Curry, Chicken teriyaki, Tom yum, pizza). The flavors have been selected because competitors rarely make snacks with these flavors. Recrunch packaging colors will also be made different. When placed in a retail store display, Recrunch comes in colors, so that consumers are interested to see and even buy the product. The following is an example of the Recrunch packaging design for 5 flavors.

Recrunch give an affordable and reasonable price. The price offered per package is Rp 14,000 for savory flavors and Rp 16,000 for sweet flavors. When purchased with the quantities more than 99 packages, the price for one product becomes Rp 12,000 for savory flavors and Rp 14,000 for sweet flavors.

Recrunch focus selling its product at convenience stores, supermarkets and online. Based on survey results, 93% of respondents bought their snack food products in supermarkets and convenience stores. Recrunch start selling its product in several small-scale convenience stores in Jabodetabek, then large-scale convenience stores or supermarkets. Some stores have several requirements for products to be sold in their stores. One of them is a product sales report in a few months. Several convenience stores do not want to take risks by selling new products that yet to have consumer. Thus, for the first 5 months, Recrunch will be more focus selling its products through online and resellers. However, if there is a convenience store that will accept products without sales reports, Recrunch directly start selling its product at convenience stores in the first month.

For the first year, Recrunch focus on selling its product at the convenience stores in Jabodetabek. After successfully selling its products in Jabodetabek, Recrunch will start selling its product outside Jabodetabek.

Recrunch promote its products in 2 ways, online and offline. Below are several ways to promote:

Online marketing

Free Website. Recrunch uses free websites ( to save costs. The company’s main focus is selling products at retail stores, not through  the  website.  Thus  Recrunch  website  only  contains information about the company and products. With this, it will be easier for consumers to get information. Market place. Before selling its products at retail stores, Recrunch sell their products through the market place to attract consumers throughout Indonesia. Market places that will be used are Bukalapak, Tokopedia, and Olx Indonesia. Social media. Recrunch make several social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Recrunch do giveaway, endorsements and paid promotion to several celebrities or celebgram that have followers that match with target market of Recrunch.

Offline Marketing

Word of mouth and tester. All staff introduce Recrunch products to their neighbors, friends, and family by giving out tester. With this, they know Recrunch’s product and be expected to purchase it. Reseller. To increase sales, Recrunch needs resellers. Requirements for becoming a reseller are buying Recrunch products with a minimum quantity of 100 packages, and do not sell products with the price above Rp 15,000 for savory flavor and Rp 17,000 for sweet flavor. In addition to increase sales, resellers can also promote Recrunch products. The increasing number of resellers in Indonesia make more consumers know more about Recrunch products. Although having many resellers is a good thing, Recrunch limits the number of resellers to only 10 resellers in each city. It aims to make resellers can sell Recrunch products optimally without competing with other resellers. Food expo or exhibition. Recrunch promote their products through exhibitions 2 times in the first year, at the Hype and Market Museum. The number of visitors who come to this event is about 5,000-10,000 people per day. This is an opportunity for Recrunch to promote their products to thousands of visitors.

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