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BERUANG is building material store, which include in the construction material industry and provides variety of building materials that used for construction. Nowadays, all the needs have to be done efficiency and quickly. Therefore, in meeting the needs of consumers in the market of construction field, BERUANG implements the concept of “One Stop Shopping” for the creation of easy and fast transactions.

BERUANG has been established since 1997 where located in Jalan Gembira, Setiabudi – South Jakarta. BERUANG is a shop house providing services in the field of building material sales. Based on business experiences of building material over 20 Years, BERUANG implement the concept of “One Stop Shopping” for the modern market of building materials. BERUANG provides the needs of building materials from the foundation to the roof of the building. Other than that, BERUANG also provides convenience shopping environment, time efficiency for building materials shopping and unique shopping experience. BERUANG’s store facilities are equipped with a display rack that is very adequate, tablet computer, customer care that supported by the experienced staff services. BERUANG also provides an online store, which can be accessed at that aims to facilitate the customers to see or directly order the goods are sold by BERUANG anywhere and anytime.

BERUANG provides a variety of products to meet the needs of consumers in the field of construction. BERUANG has some excellent products such as cement, sand, brick, split stone, gypsum and plywood. Based on last year’s data, cement and sand became the products most interested by consumers. The most widely requested by customers is Tiga Roda Cement and Gresik Cement. In fulfilling the needs of consumers, BERUANG also provides two different types of sand, white sand and black sand. In addition, BERUANG also provides other products from the manufacture of the foundation to the roof of the building, such as iron, pipes, nails, electrical wires, paint, wood, and other building materials.

BERUANG provides free parking for customers who bring the vehicles. Furthermore, when customers enter the store, then they can choose which type of shopping style that they want. First, BERUANG provides a tablet computer for customer in order to see what items are sold in this store through the website, which can be accessed either inside or outside the store

that can facilitate the customers. Second, BERUANG provides an exhibition section, which useful to show the samples of building materials that sold in this store. Exhibition sector aims to make customers easily see and touch the building materials that are sought. Third, BERUANG provides a cashier operators and sales person who help to note what items customers need and also to handle the payment process. For the payment process itself, BERUANG provides several transaction options, which are cash, transfer, debit or credit (which must be agreed by both parties first).

Realizing the importance of convenience and customer satisfaction, therefore BERUANG provides customer care services for complaints, advice or consultations according to the construction materials. Not only that, every customer who buys building materials with minimum purchase that determined, then the customer get a free BERUANG member card. Member card is useful to collect the stamps of BERUANG that exchanged for prize or cash back or discount. For customers who order building materials that deliver to Beruang Gembira zone, where the location is no more than 5km away from the store, so it given free delivery service based on term and condition that determined.

Seeing the opportunity of iron and lime betel, Ahmad Karsan as the originator of BERUANG took advantage of the opportunities that meet the needs of the society in the field of construction by setting up an iron and lime betel store. As time goes by the consumer’s need for higher construction materials, Tjetjep Rochmat as the successor of BERUANG develops the existing products with provides variety of building materials other than iron and lime betel. Starting with adding paint as substitute products of lime betel into provide all kinds of building materials. Because of that, it was formed BERUANG that always meet the needs of consumers in the field of construction.

Vina Khoirunnisa as a student of Business Administration in President University concentrating Entrepreneurship and also as a candidate of the successor of BERUANG store wants to develop and modernize the building materials store to always provide the best service for the consumer by incorporating technologies such as websites and software to help consumers and provide clear information about the products and transaction activities at BERUANG.

In increasing revenue and expanding the network, BERUANG strives to do a variety of promotions that can increase consumer interest in shopping at BERUANG Building Materials Store. Here are some of the promotional in BERUANG:

Brochure. In introducing the modern new concept of a building materials store, BERUANG distributes brochures in potential areas. This strategy aims to enable customers to know and understand the new BERUANG concept.

Website & Ecommerce

. Online store of BERUANG is useful for customer to see the type of goods sold in BERUANG whenever and wherever because customer can access the website directly. Other than that, customer get unlimited time freedom to consider before deciding the product to buy. BERUANG create a website which is simple and easily access to customers. Content to be presented on BERUANG Website are information about the price of the goods, contact person of customer service, the location of BERUANG offline store, company profile, and suggestion box that make BERUANG service is better. In addition, on BERUANG website also be added a shopping cart content that facilitate customers in shopping to knowing how many items purchased and the total price of customer’s oreder. The website can be access at

BERUANG also sell the products in several leading e- commerce that aims to increase the sales of building materials. It aims to make customers easier to order building materials in anywhere and anytime. The examples of ecommerce that RUANG used are OLX and etc.

“Beruang” Membership. Member card given to the loyal customer who has entrusted BERUANG as their supplier of building materials. The card contains 10 stamps columns. To get 1 stamp, customers have to purchase with minimum price that have been set. If all stamps have been fulfilled, then the benefit for customer are get special discount, cash back or free delivery in accordance with applicable terms and conditions. Member card aims to increase customer satisfaction in order to always entrust BERUANG as their supplier.

Uniform T-Shirt. The purpose of making and wearing uniform T-shirts on all BERUANG employees is as a media promotion. In design of the clothes contain a name of BERUANG’s employee names that facilitate customers in recognizing BERUANG employees, logo of BERUANG, the phone number and website of BERUANG that aims to introduce a new concept of BERUANG, so people can easily know BERUANG Building Materials Store.

Packaging. In Packaging, BERUANG use labeled plastic bag. Labeled plastic bags are useful for packaging the purchased product. Other than that, labeled plastic bags can also be used as a promotional media because consumer can see the identity of the product.

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