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Business Profile: Warkop Mang Bule

Warkop Mang Bule is a culinary business that focuses on food, drinks at an affordable price, and makes the middle to lower classes and young people as the main target consumers. Culinary business itself is one of the businesses that has a demand that will always be there because eating and drinking is one of the main needs of humans, especially if the culinary business can keep up with the demands and trends in the community then it  make the business continue to grow and become bigger. In addition, trends in the community, especially young people today, indicate their need for hangouts to just stop over, socialize with other people, or gather with friends. At present, there are very many places to hang out that offer a unique place and have a variety of advantages unfortunately the price offered is quite high so that the lower middle class people rarely visit it. Yet now people in various regions are more concerned with travel and culinary than a car or a house.

Warkop Mang Bule creates and maintains the growth of this business, which create a good brand image and spread it to the public. Later various information about Warkop Mang Bule be disseminated through social media and websites, which  later be built and operated professionally. In the process Warkop Mang Bule develop in products and services, besides that after three-year Warkop Mang Bule expand by adding outlets in Bekasi, Jakarta and surrounding cities, and even other cities outside Jabodetabek. In addition, Warkop Mang Bule also expand to create or acquire an important food ingredient business for Warkop Mang Bule and market it widely not only in Warkop Mang Bule.

Warkop Mang Bule was established at the end of 2018 and started running by having 7 outlets that have been running and 3 outlets that are currently developing. The name Warkop Mang Bule is taken from the owner’s nick name by his customers. It also has the meaning of a blend of identical restaurants with Kuningan regions whose sellers are usually called “Mang” and with new innovations and technologies and more organized systems that are usually considered to come from abroad and according to the local people come from “Bule”. With the aim of achieving the meaning of the brand name and having the advantage of its competitors, the owner asks to create a new business model for business development or for new outlets.

Warkop Mang Bule sells foods such as Chicken Porridge; Bean Porridge (one of the typical foods from Warkop from Kuningan); Roasted Banana; Toasted; Instant noodles with various flavors; Kue Pancong. Warkop Mang Bule open for 24 hours in every day. They only closed when there are national events such as Idul Fitri and Idul Adha. It became the perfect place for gamers and millennials to spend their time especially in the night. Warkop Mang Bule has a high standard of service, friendly and always maintained the quality of both the words and behavior of the employees. Besides that, the facilities offered are also quite a lot such as Wi-Fi, charging spots, parking spaces that are comfortable, safe and quite spacious.

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