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Travel Organizer is a tour operator that prioritizes the quality of service and arrange a journey for someone. The service that given to the customers can be adjusted with the packages and facilities as requested by customers. The facilities that will be given to the customers such as accommodation (bus, minibus, car, airlines, train), hotel reservation, meals, entrance attractions, tour leader and a tour guide, and other facilities according to the wishes of customers. The tour packages serve a tour to some tourist destinations such as islands, beaches, mountain, and historical destinations.

The tourism industry in Indonesia is currently growing because Indonesia itself has a huge potential, such as diversity arts and culture, history, festivals, and ceremonies that are uniqueness from every region in Indonesia. Nowadays there are so many businesses in the field of travel organizer, travel is one of the needs of everyone, because traveling is one of the ways to escape for a while from the routine activities and a surfeit of life. So from that, we proudly present Trip Trap that will help in planning and organize your journey in a package tour.

Trip Trap is one of the travel organizer in Indonesia that will assist and organize all the travel needs. The reason for making this tour package is because Trip Trap notice that the tourists who visit the tourist attractions increase from year to year. Trip Trap will help your tour to be able to visit the tourist attractions in Indonesia that is hard to visit, because it is hampered by several problems such as lack of information paths taken, inadequate accommodation and the price is not affordable. Trip Trap will give a very affordable price because Trip Trap use a system of backpacker style, because this tour package is opened for public, so everyone can join, although there is only one person or more who register to join the tour, we call that as the combined trip/open trip.

Trip Trap has some types of tour packages such as mountain, beach, and the region which has the unique culture in Indonesia. Regarding the price for each type of package will be different, depends on the place. Inside the package, the price of the package has already include accommodation, homestay, guide, ticket, meals, tour guide, documentation, and also merchandise.

Trip is taken from the word “trap”. It has the meaning that the tourists who have traveled with us will feel “trapped” with our services quality and make Trip Trap as their partner trip, because they have been satisfied by the service that Trip Trap serve. They will trust our performance and will become our loyal customer.

Trip Trap is a business that provides the quality services and organizes the travel services for people who are not able to arrange their journey. Trip Trap opens the business travel service for individual or group to provide accommodation and all travel needs. This type of travel organizer is an open trip, its mean combined trip or sharing cost, where there is no minimum quota of participants in the activities. For making the differentiation with other competitors, Trip Trap is not only opened for the corporation, but also for a traveler and using backpacker style. For people (individual or group) who are not able to arrange the preparation for travel, Trip Trap can help to arrange their journey with some regulations.

Trip Trap use the concept of backpacker style aims to make it easier for anyone who wants to take vacation with a lower budget and there is no minimum quota of participant. The customers will get the amazing experiences about natural beauty and diverse cultures of Indonesia, camping on the summit of mountain and also will get new friends from different regions.

Trip Trap have a website to attract and order this tour package, for more information about Trip Trap, it can be found on the website and social media to spread the information.

The regulation and requirement, for the standard form of tour package, can register via website and also the information about the agreement of tour package will put on the website.

Regulations and requirements

  1. Full fil the form of contact and agreement lease
  2. Sign the agreement letter on the stamp

Agreement for tour package

  1. The Tour will be started with minimum 10pax (if the total of a group less than 10 persons so the price will be adjusted based on the total of people).
  2. Registration by paying down payment (DP) first because the quota calculation based on participant who already pays the down payment (DP)
  3. The next fulfill of payment on 2 days before date of departure
  4. The maximum date to settle the payment is on the day of departure
  5. Photocopy of ID Card and proof of payment DP are sent via WhatsApp
  6. Cancellation by committee, the down payment (DP) will be returned 100%
  7. Cancellation by participants, the down payment (DP) will not be returned or can be changed with another participant
  8. The registration will be closed if the quota is full
  9. Booking via website/social media (WhatsApp)

Product. So from this result, Trip Trap will give priority to beaches/islands as tour package destination but still have a mountain and historical destination.

Pricing. Trip Trap using sharing cost strategy to determine the price of tour packages. The strategy that using Trip Trap are based on the capital budget and took 30% profit from the tour package price because based on the market segmentation that we choose is backpacker but we have to get more quantity. There are the different price for high season between normal seasons, for high season (August, September, December, and January) it will increase 10% from the normal price, the price of tour packages on high can be seen in Table 4.2.

Process. A sales process is an important strategy to get effective sales and promotion planning. The staff used sales process tool to treat the customers with a great hospitality and able to serve them based on the process from the start to the finishing. 

Promotional Activities. 

  • Social Media. As newcomers in travel organizer industry, Trip trap chooses social media as promotional activity to attract and spread the information about tour packages. In this era, most of people use social media especially in Instagram, through Instagram the people can communicate, share picture and video to the others who the account is already connected. Based on that the potential of social media to promote tour package is great. 
  • Using Advertising Agencies.To make the customer more easily to find and know Trip Trap especially the package, Trip Trap will advertise the product in which is this website almost visited many travelers and especially this website prefers for the customers who do traveling with backpacker style. 
  • Customer Loyalty Program. Trip Trap will give a reward to the customers which are membership and special price. This membership program will be offered for every Trip Trap customer. This membership will be given to customers who purchase or use Trip Trap products more than 3 times in a year and this member’s customer will get promo tour, special price package tour
  • Merchandise and Doorprize. Trip Trap give some achievement to the customers who already join the tour, the achievement means to make the customers remember that they joined the tour with us. The merchandise are documentation, sticker, buff, or some outdoor equipment. 
  • Free documentation. During the tour, Trip Trap will keep the moment through photos. It means the photos will remembering the customers that already visited these destinations. The photos will be given to the customers in 2 days after the tour by email.

Place. Basically, Trip Trap will open the small office for the staff do some meeting or gather to process the reservation. The reason Trip Trap not open the store is regarding by the survey, the customers prefer to use their internet or social media to get information about travel organizer because it is very simple and not take a long time, just open their handphone, laptop or tablet without go to the office. But for the customers who want to visit the office directly to make sure this business exists and trusted, it can be. The small office of Trip Trap will be located on Perumahan Cikarang Baru, Jalan Kedasih Raya, Mekarmukti, Cikarang Utara, Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17530. The scheme of Trip Trap office will be shown in appendix section.

People. The human being is an important element in the running of the business, so the company needs a human being who able to execute its duties in accordance with its own capabilities. That is why it is very important for Trip Trap to train the team members up to the standards, so that it will enable the company to maintain the service to the customer.

Physical Evidence. This strategy is a thing which significantly shaped the customer’s decision to purchase and use the products services offered. Trip Trap create a website contains documentation regarding the activities of the previous tour, and the other supporting facilities that will be used during the tours, and the tour package that will be leased with various destinations, the detail information and itinerary of tour package. For Trip Trap’s website can be seen in appendix section.

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