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In this era, the process of globalization is running very fast where everyone is competing to meet their needs also to raise their own standard of living. Therefore, competition in this global era is so tight that it forces everyone to fight in a very tight competition to meet their needs and desires. People will do anything to work to meet their needs wherever they are so that many people are willing to work away from their hometown. 

Based on the explanation, many people are mobilizing and need a place to live close to where they are doing their activities. Kost Saung Teratai is here to meet the needs for shelter for those who are mobilizing in today’s global era. Kost Saung Teratai present and offer rural shelter for those who do activities and require occupancy in South Tangerang. Kost Saung Teratai provide complete residence with furniture that also can meet your residential needs. Kost Saung Teratai provide beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, air conditioners, and bathroom in each room. 

Kost Saung Teratai provides 3 types of residential room where there are differences in each room. First type of residential room is an economy room. This type of residential room is the lowest type of room where there is only Kost Saung Teratai standard furniture equipment in the room such as beds, cabinet, table, chair, air conditioner and bathroom inside the room with room size 3×3 m or within an area of approximately 9 m square. For the second type of Kost Saung Teratai room is business room which also includes Kost Saung Teratai standard furniture in the room but there is a difference with the economy room that is a mini pantry inside the room with room size 4.5×6 m or within an area of approximately 27 m square. For the highest type of Kost Saung Teratai room Kost Saung Teratai provide is the executive room type which has a luxuriously furnished room design complete with Kost Saung Teratai standard furniture equipment plus a tv that provides cable tv channels.

For public facilities, Kost Saung Teratai provide a very large parking lot for motorcycle and car which can accommodate up to 8 cars and 12 motorcycles. Furthermore, Kost Saung Teratai also provide public kitchen complete with cookware set and refrigerator also drinking water which is always filled and kept clean. To pamper the residents, Kost Saung Teratai provide a traditional gazebo standing on a fish pond where the residents can relax enjoying the atmosphere of Kost Saung Teratai boarding house and chatting each other. 

Kost Saung Teratai also provide large bird cages and green open spaces to add the impression of the beautiful countryside. For the security side, Kost Saung Teratai provide security post and guard near the gate equipped with a complete code padlock and supported by 6 CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi covering all sides of the boarding house area. With those all facilities, Kost Saung Teratai hopes to give convenience for all residents so it can also provide satisfaction and trust.

Kost Saung Teratai located at Jl. Pondok Serut Gang. Teratai, Pakujaya, Serpong Utara, South Tangerang, Banten. For a first step, Kost Saung Teratai will build 2 boarding houses building consist of 18 rooms and 1 main house as an office. Beside it, Kost Saung Teratai will build public kitchen outside of the boarding house building, security guard post and parking lot. After that, Kost Saung Teratai build fish pond and order a traditional gazebo to put on the fish pond. For marketing, Kost Saung Teratai use social media and boarding house rental application as Kost Saung Teratai marketing partner to promote Kost Saung Teratai rooms.

  1. Costumer Segment. Kost Saung Teratai will focus on Binus Alam Sutera students and workers in South Tangerang.
  2. Value Proposition. Kost Saung Teratai has some value proposition such as beautiful countryside atmosphere, large parking lot, tight security, public kitchen and gazebo. Beside it, Kost Saung Teratai also provide green open spaces and competitive price is Kost Saung Teratai value proposition that the customer can paid per 3 months, per 6 months and per year.
  3. Channels. Channels is the media to deliver Kost Saung Teratai value proposition as a boarding house provider. Kost Saung Teratai choose communication chanels as a media to deliver and promote Kost Saung Teratai value proposition using Mamikos application, OLX, and Google.
  4. Customer Relationship. Kost Saung Teratai will communicate with customer by giving latest update about rooms availability and promotion through Mamikos application and OLX.
  5. Revenue Stream.Revenue stream is a business source money that Kost Saung Teratai get from customer. Kost Saung Teratai get money from monthly and daily room rental, internet service and room cleaning service.
  6. Key Resources.

Human Resources: Kost Saung Teratai’s human resources consist of peoples who will serve and do interaction with customer such as security, janitor, manager and maintenance operator.

Physical Assets: Kost Saung Teratai also have physical assets that is building, furniture equipment, security equipment and land.

  • Key Activities. Kost Saung Teratai main activities are renting and maintaining boarding houses.
  • Key Partners. As a company who runs in a property rental, Kost Saung Teratai will need and create relationship with construction workers to build and repair damaged buildings. Beside it, Kost Saung Teratai have relationship with Depo Bangunan as building tools supplier and TB. Eka Jaya as supplier of building materials. Kost Saung Teratai also build relationship with air conditioning worker to maintain and cleaning all air conditioning in each room and CCTV worker to maintain every single CCTV in boarding house area.
  • Cost Structure. Cost structures is a point view of expenses that Kost Saung Teratai needed to run this business. Here are Kost Saung Teratai cost structure: 
  • Capital Expenditure. Capital expenditure is needed for company assets to provide the values of company such as boarding houses building, public facilities, security and internet installation and main building.
  • Employees Salary. To run and maintaining this business, Kost Saung Teratai need to hire employees which are security guard, janitor and building maintenance worker.
  • Monthly Operational Expenses. Maintenances is the most important aspect to keep exist in business. Therefore, Kost Saung Teratai need to prepare extra budget for operational and maintenances expenses such as electricity, internet expenses, air conditioning maintenance, gas, mineral water, garbage fees, marketing fees, mineral water, gas, food of birds and fish.

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