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Case Study: PT Jogja Media Inovasi


PT Jogja Media Inovasi is a company engaged in engineering, which is a company having its address at Jalan Piyungan Prambanan km 3 Pucung, Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman Yogyakarta, PT Jogja Media Inovasi has a main product in the form of Microcontroller-based equipment whose applications are used both in the field of trials. medicinal raw materials and hydroponic intelligent agricultural management system engineering.

PT Jogja Media Inovasi is a member of the company Dline Group, which started as a company engaged in event organizers and procurement of supporting equipment for building security facilities. In the beginning, before the company was founded, PT jogja media Inovasi, this company was limited to organizing events and performing arts events. on campus to sub-district level environment. At that time, the company’s assets were only around 120 million rupiah. With an average monthly income turnover of 5 to 10 million gross rupiah.

Until finally the President Director of CV Dline Utama eng, Muhammad Ramadhani, met with one of the UAD Electrical engineering lecturers to hold a discussion related to the collaboration between Ahmad Dahlan University and Alumni who have a business entity. Ahmad Dahlan University does have a collaborative program between alumni, lecturers and students. On the direction of the Electrical Engineering lecturer, Mr. Anton Yudhana Ph.D, Brother Muhammad Ramadhani finally submitted funding to the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, Technology and Higher Education with Ahmad Dahlan University Yogyakarta accompanied by Mr. Anton Yudhana Ph.D.

Furthermore, because our product is an applied product, we are determined to make improvements to the prototype, one of which is to increase the level of technology application readiness) TKT, which was originally only a trial product, we developed into ready-to-use products through the 2018 Technology-Based Startup Company Candidate Program (CPPBT) with grant funds 180 million Rupiah is the main need for perfecting existing prototypes into ready-to-use products with all administrative needs, in this case we are making improvements to the product until the naming of Agrimon products (Agriculture Monitoring) this program ends at the end of 2018, but we and the team get recommendations return to take part in the follow-up program, namely PPBT or the Technology-Based Startup Enterprise Program.

In this program we conducted market trials and developed a company that initially only served events in the form of art events and the procurement of building security systems, now we are penetrating into the IoT-based appropriate technology industry with a grant value of 350 million rupiah. The application proposal is filled in completely with various valid identities and the Company’s vision and mission.

After the submission is accepted, the Research and Technology Staff of the Higher Education conducts an analysis of capital requirements and the feasibility of funding and the proposal is accepted. Finally, the application was approved and we were obliged to complete our commitment to participate in the Company’s mentoring and incubation program. Technology-Based Startup Company Program with ABP and KUBI UAD. Currently, PT Jogja Media Inovasi is able to carry out production in a sustainable manner and can open new jobs in the field of appropriate technology engineering engineering with an average monthly gross turnover of 40 to 80 million Rupiah.

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