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Profile of Business Plan Competition Winners: MyEco

What is your business plan about? What is innovative about your business?

A product called myEco (Smart EcoRoom) is an IoT (Internet of Things)-based automated power saving tool solution with savings of up to 55%. The only electricity saving tool that can control, manage and monitor electrical devices, manually turn off the power device over the web or automatically based on room conditions. Supported by 4 sensors+ custom schedule to be able to read the condition of the room in real time, including light condition reader sensors, motion reader sensors, sound capture sensors, sensors for detecting door movement. All electronic devices that have been integrated can be controlled and monitored directly through the powerful ease of web-control. The controlling software (with website programs) can be accessed on various device platforms ranging from android, IOS, tablets, laptops to PCs. Smart EcoRoom can flexibly adjust the condition of the room and follow the number of electronic devices integrated so that it is suitable to be implemented in various types of rooms and various buildings.

Currently there are no products in Indonesia with monitoring capabilities, manual control via the web, automatic control based on 4 sensors + custom schedule and all integrated through IoT systems. Smart EcoRoom comes with a unified feature needed in the savings and efficiency of electricity usage. Monitoring, management, remote control and automatic control features are wrapped together into one advanced IoT-based system integration

What is your personal background and what was your motivation to participate in the business plan competition?

Maulana Derifato Achmad (the CEO) has a background in information technology from Universitas Brawijaya. He is supported by 4 (four) other team members from Universitas Brawijaya.

Motivation is to promote energy saving movement, helping to realize the Sustainable Development Goals, and having some input for next development both national and internationally

How did the Growth Hub help you with your business plan and/or your business?

Badan Inovasi dan Inkubator Wirausaha (BIIW UB) Universitas Brawijaya providing co-working space and start up room for developing the business. BIIW UB is also providing guidance and assistance both technically and non-technically. Smart EcoRoom has joined some incubator programs and activities through BIIW UB, including Youth Entrepreneurship Brawijaya Program.

What are your plans for the future? Did the fact of winning the business plan competition change anything in your future business plans?

Improve our product and expand the market, including: 

Submit the product to the product certificate and legal providers, enhancement of casing and packaging of the product, providing marketing web, and hire some consultants for electrical engineering and IoT networking.

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