Funding Opportunities

10 Tips For Getting Entrepreneurship Funding

Hello Preneur Friends!
Let’s see 10 Tips for getting Entrepreneurship Funding:

  1. Determine the Funding Round
    1. Confirm the Product Stages and amount of Your Funding
    2. Build your Business Roadmap & Financial Planning
    3. Don’t Stick only at One Scenario
    4. Make sure you have enough funds for the next 12 months
  2. Choose Funding Types
    1. Debt Based Financing
    2. Capital Based Financing
    3. Sharia-based Financing
  3. Build a Value Proposition
  4. Set the Right Time
  5. Find Your Matching fund
  6. Perform Due Diligence
  7. Define the Key Targets
  8. Take advantage of the ecosystem
  9. Optimize Networking
  10. Keep fighting

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