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Business Profile: The Wings’O

The Wings’O Resto was founded in Cikarang – Bekasi on January 23, 2020 by I Komang Bagus Tribawa & Aulia Resa Praditiya who are President University students and have a high interest in the culinary field. Starting from processed chicken products that are commonly on the market such as geprek chicken, grilled chicken, fried chicken, The Wings’O wants to make a processed chicken wing product, inspired by Japanese processed chicken product “Torino Teba” The Wings’O tries to make it with spices. typical of the local in the form of a bento.

The Wings’O has a vision “To give goodness to people’s lives by making and providing affordable, delicious and nutritious food”. Along with its mission:

1.       Making unique but affordable & healthy products

2.       Strive to create added value for customers

3.       Creating new tastes and characteristics of processed chicken wing products

The Wings’O opens its first shop at Kios Green Market – Jababeka, over time, the market response is quite good, sales that previously were only offline were made online through the Grab Food & GoFood application, then The Wings’O decided to open a restaurant in Ruko Trace-Jababeka in March 2020, at that time The Wings’O made plans for the 3rd week of March to hold a grand opening, but it turned out that the Covid-19 pandemic emerged in Indonesia which caused the PSBB to be implemented, The Wings’O restaurant was canceled for its grand opening, during the pandemic The Wings’O was still able to survive by selling online, sales revenue that did not match the expected target made The Wings’O think hard to make a strategy to increase sales revenue, in the end The Wings ‘O makes products in the form of frozen food as a sales strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In line with The Wings’O’s vision to provide affordable prices to its customers with good quality and still compete with competitors with the same product, pricing still takes into account the margins obtained, here is the price list for The Wings’O

Almost 1 Year The Wings’O is running , There aren’t too many promotional programs for The Wings’O yet, early opening to introduce The Wings’O product, opening with a “Buy 1 Get 1” promo for 3 days, issuing a member card, where every purchase of The Wings’O product gets 1 stamp, If the member’s card has been filled with 10 stamps, The Wings’O product is free, and we do a lot of promotional programs on the GoFood application which always provides special customer promotional offers for MSMEs.

All promotional programs are carried out on Intagram’s social media, all promotional channels and product communication are carried out on Instagram to introduce customers to The Wings’O products, but current activities on Instagram The Wings’O rarely upload promotional programs or content. The beginning of the establishment of The Wings’O opened a small shop at the Jababeka Green Market Kiosk with a less strategic location because it was difficult to find and a location that was not visible, finally in March 2020 The Wings’O rented a shop to be used as a restaurant with a very strategic location in roadside as the main road, namely Ruko Trace B17 No. 39 Jababeka.

The Wings’O in this case is committed to providing delicious and affordable dishes and also providing customers comfort when eating a meal, from originally located in a small kiosk to moving to a shophouse by making the concept of a restaurant that is considered sufficient to prove the seriousness of doing business in the culinary field, a work environment. comfortable to make workers more enthusiastic to achieve the target.

Affordable price. In accordance with the vision of The Wings’O, one of which is to provide affordable prices compared to competitors so that market segmentation can reach a wider range, but still pay attention to product presentation, quality and distinctive taste of the archipelago which is certainly a differentiator from other products.

Good relationship with suppliers. To reduce prices, The Wings’O buys raw materials directly from factories so that they get much cheaper prices, then The Wings’O products can last quite a long time if they are stored in maintained freezing temperatures. In order to get the best raw material prices, The Wings’O maintains good communication with suppliers.

Unique product presentation. For customers who eat at The Wings’O dine-in, pay attention to how the product is served according to The Wings’O’s standards for each product. A unique chicken wing product with a distinctive Indonesian taste. The Wings’O has recipes with distinctive Indonesian flavors that customers can accept. Products that are quite complicated in the production process make The Wings’O chicken wing processed products difficult to imitate and the raw materials are easy to get and from the factory directly make the raw materials obtained fresh and at much cheaper prices, supported by being in a strategic location on the edge highway to be precise at Ruko Trace B17 No. 39 Jababeka, located in a densely populated industrial, school and residential area.

Customer Relationship

Special rates for resellers. For frozen food resellers, special prices are given to maintain the relationship between distributors and resellers. Free delivery around Cikarang. For areas with a radius of 3 km from the restaurant, we provide free delivery to meet the needs of consumers who find it difficult to leave their homes during a pandemic. Delivery outside Java with guaranteed quality via Paxel. Delivery of Frozen Food to other regions in the regions of Java, Bali and Makassar is supported by same day Paxel delivery.

The Wings’O target market.

Employees who don’t have much time to cook. Our main customers are industrial employees in the Cikarang industrial area who do not have time to cook for breakfast or lunch time. Housewives shorten cooking time. The Wings’O’s focus is on housewives who don’t have time to cook for their families, but still think about the nutrition of these foods. Students who don’t have much time to cook. Another main target consumer focus is students and students who love chicken fast food who are in the restaurant environment of The Wings’O.

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