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Business Profile: Xymmer Batik

Xymmer Batik is a business that concern in the clothing and fashion line in Indonesia to be exported to several countries. Here our main task is to be a leader of Batik Clothing in the young people by organizing the production process to be made, analyzing the market, searching for trends and up to date, selling product and marketing, Control the value of chain. To develop this business, there are several parties involved. The related parties are owner, vendors, government, customers, courier service, communities, travel and tourism agency, supplier relationship and competitors

Xymmer Batik’s logo comes from; Kawung Batik pattern, in the Javanese belief, Kawung (palm trees) is interpreted as a clean portrayal of the heart. Philosophy of the palm tree was also published in this Kawung motif. Palm trees have benefits for humans from the tip of the leaves to the roots, both from stems, leaves, sap, and fruit. It symbolizes for human to always be useful for anyone at any time in their daily life. Therefore, Xymmer Batik wants to give the contribution for building people confidence when they use our product and become a trusted brand that could be a great role model to others. Xymmer Batik logo tries to make a young and simple concept with the touch of Batik

“The Xymmer of Batik”

It means the meaning of encouraging the user to feel confidence and exotic beauty in the summer style with Batik. Besides that, the pronunciation of “Xymmer” is sound like “Shimmer”, while shimmer itself has the meaning of sparkle and suitable for the person who want to looks Stunning.

Julia Rgds as the owner of Xymmer Batik is taking a bachelor degree of Business Administration majoring Entrepreneurship from 2015 – 2019. She is the part of Indonesian Batik Ambassador which is Putra Putri Batik Nusantara (PPBN). Putra Putri Batik Nusantara is a beauty pageant competition, which aims to give deeper understanding about Batik to the young generation of Indonesia. It has the purpose to create a sense of love and belongings for the young generation to be able to preserve, develop, and appreciate Batik as the cultural heritage of Indonesia. In addition, there is an organization that embraces Putra Putri Batik Nusantara, called Ikatan Pecinta Batik Nusantara (IPBN), which has a cooperation with the Ministry of culture and tourism of Indonesia (Kementrian Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata RI).Ikatan Pecinta Batik Nusantara (IPBN) has become an organization that is actively fostering the young generation to become the successor to a nation that not only intelligent and kind hearted person, but also creative, independent and become a warrior that ready to become the entrepreneurial culture of Indonesia. By involving in that organization, then the owner believes that this business have the support of various parties. Besides that, the owner also the ambassador of Batik Karawang, that is located in Karawang, West Java. In conclusion, the owner has the purpose not only to earn the profit but also apply the mission and desire to spread the love of Batik all over Indonesia, and accrosss the world.

There are two types of quality control in the production process of Xymmer Batik:

1. Concurrent Control

Xymmer Batik do the concurrent control to make sure that every production process be finished smoothly and reduce any error. For the example, Fashion designer do and coordination with the tailor during the production process. Besides that, Staff do the coordination with the tailor, if there is something wrong with the product and need to have some reparation. Other than that, the staff do the control and make sure the income materials from the suppliers and the product result to the costumer is in a good quality and in a right amount.

2. Feedback Control

On the Xymmer Batik website, there be a special space for the costumer to give their testimonials. It has the purpose to evaluate the performance of Xymmer Batik, and as the tool to know the customer satisfaction. Therefore, if on the e-commerce platform, there is space to put the customer feedback and give a rate (with a star) to the company profile. Besides that, Xymmer Batik use all of the social media as a tool to check the customer satisfaction. All of this activity be done by the marketing. 

Xymmer Batik is a fashion business which based on the online sales. Xymmer Batik have some challenges where the products are easy to copy by the others. Besides that, the challenge is the business in the same fields that already well known before Xymmer Batik and be the competitors of Xymmer Batik. Then, Xymmer Batik also reach the target sales by the marketing strategy and activities that be done by the marketing manager. For the operational plan, Xymmer Batik applied the system and structure to support the flow of the business.

Xymmer Batik Packaging

Made by the local artisan in Bali, and using the natural material from Pandanus (Pandan). Therefore, the packaging of Xymmer Batik not only looks classic and original, but also looks exclusive. There be two sizes for the Box which is normal and large.

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