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Business Profile: HARACOPY

HARACOPY is a creative marketing company with the target of all students in universities in Indonesia who are present as intermediaries between products / service companies (which intend to introduce their products / services to students) and students who need free print / print, scan and photocopy services.

Benefits for product / service company partners that work with HARACOPY, get the advantage that their products / services are introduced to students through advertisements on the back of paper used for print / photocopy, so that the advertisement is always seen. In addition to advertisements behind paper, there are also advertisements on the front screen of photocopiers, applications, social media etc. managed by HARACOPY Management.

Benefits that can be obtained by students are the availability of free print / print, scan and photocopy services around the campus which has a direct impact on saving student money which was previously used for printing, scanning and photocopy. In addition, with the HARACOPY application, students can easily manage printed files and save the scanned files that students do at the HARACOPY booth.

Service to HARACOPY users is not like photocopy services in general in Indonesia, because HARACOPY carries the concept of self-service to make consumers more flexible and also be able to further optimize customer service functions.

             To make it easier for consumers to print / print, photocopy or scan, are provided,

1.       How to print / print, photocopy or scan.

2.       Photocopier maintenance is carried out regularly.

3.       Booth design that makes consumers comfortable.

4.       The arrangement of the advertising pamphlets is neatly arranged.

Value Proposition, HARACOPY is a digital advertising creative company that advertises a product that is right on target, namely to undergraduate students at several well-known universities, we offer free photocopies for students, dissemination of news on free educational institutions and of course environmentally friendly products. Customer Segments, HARACOPY collaborates B2B with advertising agencies whose target market is students, or directly with startup businesses that can synergize, UMKM / company partners whose target market is students. It is possible to cooperate with universities / colleges directly.

Customer Relationship, HARACOPY builds relationships with consumers by means of regular meetings that are held by inviting consumers or UMKM / company partners. In addition, once a month there will be a newsletter to provide updates from HARACOPY and of course there is an event agenda twice a year that can strengthen relationships. Channels, popularize HARACOPY through social media which is very loved and proven effective, office or office for a meeting place with advertising partners or workshops to show how HARACOPY produces its creative ideas.

Key Activities, business proposals made to attract competent investors or introduce HARACOPY to the general public, visits to advertising agencies as learning materials or educational institutions. Marketing is run as a company engine to produce profitable partnerships, design partners are indispensable for generating creative advertising ideas. Key Resortes, data advertising agency and advertising agency to expand HARACOPY’s business wings and competent human resources that advance HARACOPY’s business going forward.

Key Partners, a printing company as a partner company to print creative advertising ideas, a copier company to rent quality photocopiers, a graphic designer company to bring up fresh advertising ideas, educational institutions as a forum for productive cooperation to support student life and other production partners to create booths. which is creative and eye catching.

Cost Structure, startup costs are from making a proposal, leasing a photocopier, purchasing photocopy paper and advertising printing. Reveneu Stream, HARACOPY profits are taken from advertising costs, raw material and production costs and sponsorship when there are events or activities from HARACOPY.  

HARACOPY’s business is on the President University campus in West Java. As an industrial city that continues to grow and continues to innovate with the latest technology, of course, it must be supported by business innovation. The target of HARACOPY is lower middle class students who have limited costs in undergoing their studies, so that the presence of HARACOPY can be a solution in completing their college assignments. Meanwhile, partners of goods / services companies (fashion, gadgets, food, etc.) whose target market are students.    

HARACOPY has a position as an intermediary service provider between product / service companies (which intends to introduce their products / services to students) and students who need free print / print, scan and photocopy services.

The differentiation compared to competitors is that company partners print full color advertisements on A4 size on the back of the paper used by students for printing / printing and photocopying. HARACOPY students provide a photocopy machine along with A4 size paper that can be used for printing, scanning and photocopying.

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