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Business Profile: FRESH MEAL

FRESH MEAL motivation is to spread healthy lifestyle to the community. When healthy food can be packaged as good as possible, people   change their choices of food. The first time they may eat a lot of bad food, but when they come to FRESH MEAL they   consume healthy food more than before and this   be a part of their lifestyle.

Now days, healthy lifestyle become something that really popular. Many peoples started to be more concerned about their healthy. One of the things that they set out to do is to manage their food. They try to eat organic food rather than junk food and doing some exercises to keep their body healthy. When people in healthy lifestyle, they more prefer to eat healthy food like juice, salad, smoothie, etc. This case makes the demand for healthy food increase. And this is become the opportunity to open “Healthy Food Café and Shop”.

The opportunity is because only few shops that provide variation of healthy food that can support healthy lifestyle. Most of peoples are difficult to find a shop that provide them food that can support their healthy lifestyle or people in diet which is difficult to find a place that can support them enjoyed their lunch without the risk of disturbing their diet. FRESH MEAL see this as an opportunity, and we   provide what they need which is can support their healthy lifestyle. FRESH MEAL is very unique with concept of selling healthy food with new strategy. The things that make FRESH MEAL different are good packaging of product and innovation in food variation. That   always become our opportunity to run this business.

FRESH MEAL is not only selling food, but actually the concept is to provide people in healthy lifestyle who want to eat healthy food with the best place, service and the quality itself. In FRESH MEAL we sell many kinds of food which is contain of good and balance nutrition like fruits and vegetables that can support healthy lifestyle

Name of FRESH MEAL is based on the product that we provide in the shop. Many kinds of food and meal which is healthy are providing in FRESH MEAL. This kind of food can support your healthy lifestyle. The reason why we choose FRESH MEAL as a name of our shop is to make people easily to remember and understand what kind of product that we selling in the shop. When people feel difficult to find a place that provide healthy food for support their lifestyle or people in diet who want to eat good food which has many variant of choices they can easily remember FRESH MEAL as the place that can provide what they need.

In FRESH MEAL people   enjoy shopping fruit and vegetables because we provide a good place with good service. We make good product placement to make customer easily to find what they look for. And every good and healthy food that customer need we   try to provide in FRESH MEAL.

There also a small café In FRESH MEAL which is part of our service to satisfied the customer. In this café customer can make chit-chat with their friends and enjoy their food in the place. We provide comfortable chair and table in this café, so customer can feel enjoy go and shopping in FRESH MEAL. The main purpose of this cafe as a part of FRESH MEAL is to give the best service for customer, and to keep people interesting with our product.

Design Interior of FRESH MEAL   give you new atmosphere. Customer can feel the atmosphere of European shop when the go to FRESH MEAL. With vintage decoration that can support the atmosphere, it   be something new and different with other shop.

FRESH MEAL as healthy food shop come up with the new system of service and innovation in sales and packaging of the products. FRESH MEAL gives people new experience to enjoy healthy food, with many variations of healthy food. So, people can have many choices to enjoy healthy food in FRESH MEAL. FRESH MEAL interior design   give you knew experience to enjoy your food with vintage decoration that can support the atmosphere. You can feel the European atmosphere in FRESH MEAL and that   be very different with the other shop. Every product in FRESH MEAL   be guaranteed hygienic and healthy to consume. We   control the quality of the product. Good packaging, many variation of products are available, and the innovation of food  always become our opportunity to run this business.

Fresh Meal using physical stores for the distribution which offering full range of products and services to the customer through a front-end retail location. This strategy is available to fit any customers desire. The selected area for the business is supposed to close with children and families like near to the housing. Domestic, foreign tourists (with the purpose is usually to look for healthy food, vegetables and fruits), and communities with huge populated areas are the perfect area for starting the business. These are some pictures of our place :

Some strategies promotion and marketing Fresh Meal, namely:

  1. Join a member of Fresh Meal and get up to 50% discount in several ocassions.
  2. Buying our merchendising to used in every purchasement   get up to 50% in several ocassions.
  3. Distribution of brochures and leaf lets in schools, colleges, housing areas and factory outlets and other public places.
  4. Contests are a frequently used promotional strategy. Many contests don’t even require a purchase. The idea is to promote your brand and put your logo and name in front of the public rather than make money through a hard-sell campaign. People like to win prizes. Sponsoring contests can bring attention to your product without company overtness.
  5. Social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram advertising offer companies a way to promote products and services in a more relaxed environment. This is direct marketing at its best. Social networks connect with a world of potential customers that can view your company from a different perspective. Rather than seeing your company as “trying to sell” something, the social network can see a company that is in touch with people on a more personal level. This can help lessen the divide between the company and the buyer, which in turn presents a more appealing and familiar image of the company.
  6. Product Giveaways. Product giveaways and allowing potential customers to sample a product are methods used often by companies to introduce new food and household products. Many of these companies sponsor in-store promotions, giving away product samples to entice the buying public into trying new products.
  7. Causes and Charity. Promoting your products while supporting a cause can be an effective promotional strategy. Giving customers a sense of being a part of something larger simply by using products they might use anyway creates a win/win situation. You get the customers and the socially conscious image; customers get a product they can use and the sense of helping a cause. One way to do this is to give a percentage of product profit to the cause your company has committed to helping.

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