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Business Profile: Nowgget Nugget

Nowgget Nugget is business in food industry which located in Jalan Gajah Mada–Jambi. Nowgget Nugget has a new concept of nuggets which are made by vegetable since mostly nuggets have been made by meat. Nowadays, most of people are concerned about a healthy lifestyle. However, finding non meat products is not an easy thing in Indonesia since habit of Indonesia people is consuming meat even during the big day such as Eid moment and most of traditional food of Indonesia made by meats like rendang, dendeng, pempek, tempoyak, gudeg, and so on.

Since Indonesia has a lot number of vegetarian people because some factors like healthy lifestyle, religion, diet program, and also a lot of children consume nuggets but as we know mostly children does not like to consume vegetables Nowgget Nugget comes with the solution which provide vegetarian nugget which made by vegetables. As we know mostly nuggets is made by basic material of meat. It needs an innovation to make consumer are not easily bored to consume it. One of the innovations for nuggets is by make vegetarian nuggets. We can meet nuggets easily in minimarket or supermarket with affordable prices so that nugget must be familiar to us and widely known by community. Nuggets are generally consumed for them who bring food at school, work, and college or even while traveling. Nowgget Nugget can be consumed by all people not only for vegetarian people and also can be consumed from children to adults. To make it more interesting especially for children Nowgget Nugget produce it with a variety of forms such as round shape nugget, star shape, heart shape, animal shape and others.

Nowgget Nugget is design with full of green color as well as the product’s name which is vegetarian nuggets. Since the products of Nowgget Nugget comes from vegetables, green color is come from the color of vegetables which identical to  that color. For the name Nowgget Nugget has been choose because the owner follow the current trends. It comes from two words which are now and get.

For the store, Nowgget Nugget’s Nugget provides customers free parking for customers who bring their vehicle and want to buy product in our official store. Therefore, when customers enter our store they can choose the product they want and which shopping style that they want. Nowgget Nugget provides a waitress and cashier operator in the store who welcome and serve the customer and help to note what products customers need and want to go to payment process. To make customer easier to find and buy our products Nowgget Nugget provide delivery service to the customer. For the payment process Nowgget Nugget have some transactional options start from cash, transfer, debit or credit which must be agreed by both parties.

To fulfill the convenience and customer satisfaction Nowgget Nugget provide customer care services for the complaint, criticism, suggestions, and comments. There be two types of customer services. It could be for online store and offline store. Not only that Nowgget Nugget definitely do some promotion like commonly business do such as give member card, and any other discount or cash back. Member card is for notify the record of customer ordered then from that notify itself Nowgget Nugget customer already buy ten products get free product. And also there be some discount for customers who buy the products by delivery system like free delivery service for customers who buy more than five products by delivery system. Nowgget Nugget also opens for reseller so there be special price for reseller itself.

Tiara Randy Putri is President University student majoring in Business Administration 2014 who takes concentration in entrepreneurship. Her grandmother was opened bakery. And her mother was opened small restaurant. They both inspired her to open business in food industry.

Business in the culinary world is always growing. Everyone needs food, especially as an Indonesian is certainly not separated from the habit of buying and eating snack so often that starting a culinary business is one way to get the easier sustenance in this country. As the form of production when she was 6th semester in business project subject, the CEO of Nowgget Nugget can use her relation to develop Nowgget Nugget and do cooperation.

Customer segment represent group of people that have distinct segments with common needs, common behavior, or other attributes. Nowgget Nugget customer segments are divided into 2 types which are business market and consumer market.

Small restaurant is categorized into business market, for instance café or canteen. Since that several place provide this kind of product as their side dish, Nowgget Nugget ask their cooperation as their distributors. Whereas, consumer market are listed to people who do not have time to cook like mom who is career woman or employees who need their healthy fast food for breakfast; people who need practical product like children who need to bring the food to school or it could be people who on their vacation; and people who like to consume vegetables like people who on their diet program or vegetarian people.

Value proposition represent benefit that company offer to customer refer to customer segments. Nowgget Nugget has several value propositions, which are healthy fast food which means satisfy the hunger of customers in fastest way but keep healthy since the ingredients come from vegetables resource; obtainable product which means the product easy to get; practical product which means Nowgget Nugget product easy to serve; and affordable product which means Nowgget Nugget product be sold with affordable price.

In this point describe how Nowgget Nugget communicate with and reaches their customer segments to deliver value proposition. Hence, Nowgget Nugget has their own physical store which facilitate customer to buy the product. Next, we join exhibition which mediator to connect between Nowgget Nugget to customers in introducing and strategy to promote the products. Then, there be another connector to build customer awareness which comes from online store such as social media (instagram) or ecommerce (bukalapak or tokopedia) since internet user are increasing year by year. Next, brochures which deliver value proposition to customer by provide any information about Nowgget Nugget product. The last, since small restaurant such as café serve this product, Nowgget Nugget cooperate with café as distribution so through café Nowgget Nugget can deliver the value proposition to the customer indirectly.

Nowgget Nugget has several ways to keep their relationship with customers. For the first time like commonly business has done while Nowgget Nugget is open for the first time there some discount to customers. This aims to attract customers. This also one of Nowgget Nugget strategy to builds customer awareness. Second, for those customers who being loyal customers we give them such as membership. The system of membership is for the customers who buy the products more than 10 times Nowgget Nugget give them such as bonus. This system is used by almost every business in this current day. Nowadays social media is one of the biggest influencer and promoter for the business we spread about healthy life style so it such as educate the people who become our potential customers the important of healthy life style by consumes these vegetarian nuggets. The last is customer care by ask their suggestion and criticism that aims to get feedback from them.

Key resources explain the most important assets to start running the business as well. Nowgget Nugget is business focusing in food industry that means this business need key resources from supplier to help us in provide the material of the products, then after we have the suppliers we certainly need a chef which help us to create the products, chef is the one who know the recipe for this products. We also need employees like cleaner, cashier, finance, and any people who in charge in offline store. And obviously the last resource is capital to start this all.

Key activities required to create and offer value proposition and how Nowgget Nugget can operate successfully. The key activities of Nowgget Nugget are on the production place, website, and store. The website is the platform of Nowgget Nugget to do marketing activities such as promotion, sounding, broadcasting, build customer awareness. Production place is place where we create our product. There be kitchen as well and our warehouse where we save and put our stocks of products. Store is where we sell our product. Store is place where people come and go to buy our product.

The key partnership is parties that involve to supporting the key activities so the business running well. According to Nowgget Nugget, the key partnership comes from supplier since without them the business cannot go through the key activities in product maintaining. By being a partner with supplier, Nowgget Nugget can establish relation with supplier and get negotiating ingredient price. Likewise Nowgget Nugget has partner with some society and association like IVS and GAPMMI. By join IVS Nowgget Nugget looks forward any information regarding exhibition. At the same time GAPMMI being partner in order that Nowgget Nugget can get any information regarding competitor or it could be information of vendor.

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