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Business Profile: Renita’s Bakery

In every region in Indonesia, it has become a tradition to have a special traditional food to be enjoyed by local residents or visitors of the area.Not infrequently, Renita’s Bakery find special storesthat sellthe traditional food of the area to be souvenirs when visitors/tourists visit the area.But currently, some areas in Indonesia have lost their own special food and replaced by common foods as the local souvenirs.Especially in the field there are several types of cake that became a typical food meanwhileit contains no element of the typical field at all.

The idea of Renita’s Bakery was inspired by the very famous Lapis Talas Bogor. The opportunity of making a business idea from the potential of market, looking at the magnitude of sales of some types of cake as souvenirs of North Sumatra and looking at the natural resources that can be processed into a unique product to be a typical North Sumatran food. 

Renita’s Bakery also inspired by the trending cake businesses of celebrities in Indonesia that are able to set the typical food of every city, even when they have no relationship with the city. This situation then inspired me as a person with relationship to some areas to also create my own business that will be known and be remembered in the future.

Therefore,due to this circumstance, Renita’s Bakery would like to create an innovation, by making a pumpkin-based cake coming from North Sumatra. Renita’s Bakery was build December 20, 2017 in North Sumatera.  Renita’s Bakery product is designing to become the most favorite souvenir from North Sumatera.

Renita’s Bakery uses multi-sided platform market between the consumers and the staffs.Renita’s Bakery targetslimitless costumers but focus on visitor of North Sumatera. Renita’s Bakery will reach as many potential customers who would buy cake as gift from that area. Basically, Renita’s Bakery will distribute the Product to Gift shops in North Sumatera.

Regarding the pricing, Renita’sBakeryprovides the privilege to order the service with accordance to the consumers from smartphones or other gadgets, not having to visitthe places of vendor and Renita’s Bakery will serve with delivery service. Choosing products to order can be done by the consumers through signing up to the website of Renita’sBakery.Renita’s Bakeryalso provides memberships with privileges created for regular customers.

Renita’s Bakery will utilize 3 types of channels, such as: Go-Food;Renita’s Bakery website; and direct selling. Customers can order eggs from Renita’s Bakery website or Go-Food and/or by direct purchase by coming to Renita’sBakeryShop.

The resources of Renita’s Bakery areevery necessary resourcethat are able to help fulfilling proposed values, such as Pumpkin quality, Capital, Employees and Marketing Tools (Social Media and Website). Renita’sBakery create mutual relationships and partnerships with businesses with similar characteristics in helping to fulfill the necessity of the company. It is so due to the fact that Renita’s Bakery is a newly created business.In addition, Renita’sBakery also cooperate with local supermarket for the distribution of Renita’s Bakery productsin their store.

Social Media / Website. Renita’s Bakery will advertise its service center mostly in the internet such as forums and social media since it is cost saving and easy to share to the  public,from social media/website consumer can get the promotion and doing the orders .

Radio. Renita’s Bakery will advertise via radio to provide information to the radio listeners, especially for the public or tourist who is not informed through print media or social media. Food Blogger. Renita’s Bakery will send some sample for the most famous Food blogger in North Sumatra to review the product and share the information by social media .

Flyer / Business card. Renita’s Bakerycreate a business card but behind it can be used for greeting cards according to the moment such as: christmas greetings, idul fitri greetings, mother’s day greetings, etc.

Renita’s Bakery located at Jalan Setiabudi Medan,the location is ideal for Renita’s Bakery because it has profitable market area, easy access, and strategic position. Physical facilities od Renita’s Bakery that support the marketing plan: Store Facility, Kitchen Equipment, Building Exterior, Garden Equipment

Renita’s Bakery has two marketing channels that is through direct and online sales in Renita’s Bakery store.As the company’s main focus, the visitor of North Sumatra because Renita’s Bakery products are as typical North Sumatra food and Renita’s Bakery focus on store sales or direct selling as Renita’s Bakery design Renita’s Bakery store with unique designs that create customer interest to taste Renita’s Bakery products.

Renita’s Bakery focus on branding development in first year 2018. The marketing activities such as business cards, website, advertising

Business Card. Every marketing staff at Renita’s Bakery Shop will have a business card to become one of the promotion media and build a customer network.Renita’s Bakery will make the uniqueness of this business card which is Renita’s Bakery will make the seasonal greetings card behind the Business Card.

Website/Social Media. Renita’s Bakery make a website and some social media to marketing method.Marketing requires transportation facilities in running one of Renita’s Bakery marketing method which is delivery service. For who are order by website/social media will deliver to their place and the transportation fee will be charge to the consumers. The purposes from SM endorsement is to increase Word of Mouth (WOM) strategy.

Advertising. Renita’sBakery engaged with local radio to spread some promotion information, Renita’s Bakery join with some local radio to be their business partner.Renita’s Bakery also be a sponsorship in every event of the Business Partner.

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