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Business Profile: Ishi Buffet

Ishi Buffet has an edge, in service delivery food that uses online digital technology. Ishi Buffet serve the customer from beginning till ending. In this startup phase Ishi Buffet provide deliver product of Ishi Buffet partner’s and also rent the utilities that needed for process the food, so Ishi Buffet customer can feel the environment like there are in the restaurant. Making customer satisfaction, is Ishi Buffet responsibility. For instance, because Ishi Buffet collaborate with branded restaurant, then Ishi Buffet  warranty to Ishi Buffet customer what Ishi Buffet bring to them is the same product as what they feel and expect. Until the way to cook the product, therefore Ishi Buffet  also rent the utilities for cooking the product so it  feel like there in the real restaurant.

More than that, Ishi Buffet want to give new experience to Ishi Buffet customer that culinary tourism doesn’t need to go to mall anymore. They can turn their home or their favorite place into an exciting place as recreation destination. With this business model Ishi Buffet customer can save their money, especially time for family at home. Also Ishi Buffet take order for corporate. So corporate no need to bring their employees to go to favorite restaurant, but Ishi Buffet  bring their favorite restaurant to their favorite place which is office. With aim to simplify and maximize their time.

In order for us to reach customers easily and more wide, then Ishi Buffet  develop an online website platform. This website  facilitate consumers in ordering, making payment, making the schedule, get discount, etcetera. With the presence of this online platform Ishi Buffet targeting this business model can survive and also growing fast. Ishi Buffet hopes to provide trust, efficiency, and also satisfy service to Ishi Buffet customer.

The logo above illustrates happy potato as a symbol of Ishi Buffet happy environment. Red has characterize of interesting that’s why the color dominating by red. Ishi comes from English pronoun “easy” but because Ishi Buffet want to make it more Japanese style Ishi Buffet change the word become “Ishi” so it’s looks like from Japanese. Because in Indonesia Japanese taste is more acceptable rather than western taste. For us Potato mean’s new business model that hard to accept by market, but after get the treatment and know how Ishi Buffet works, market  accept us easily.  

Because Ishi Buffet focus business in service industry. Especially helping customer who need get new experience doing culinary tourism. So Ishi Buffet  make collaboration with Ishi Buffet restaurant partner. With this strategy Ishi Buffet  focus on giving the product that customer know before, Ishi Buffet just need to focus on how to make the environment feels like in the real their favorite restaurant.  

Main activity of Ishi Buffet is helping the restaurant to sell their product on a buffet basis without invest in supporting cooking equipment for buffet, paying employees, transport, etcetera. And they don’t need to making a lot of marketing to promote their buffet basis. The restaurant just need to focus to their main business. Ishi Buffet  do the marketing and searching the potential customer. Ishi Buffet  focus to get customer that they need new experience in culinary tours, where the customer no need goes to the mall or other crowded place to doing culinary tours.

Ishi Buffet  provide supporting cook equipment that customer need to get the real atmosphere like in their favorite restaurant. Ishi Buffet  focus to make customer get new experience in culinary tour, Ishi Buffet hopes if Ishi Buffet bring their favorite restaurant to their favorite place, so Ishi Buffet customer  be more harmonic to their family, save their money, reduce pollution, reduce stress because Ishi Buffet customer no need again to go outside just relax in their favorite place.

More than that, Ishi Buffet  give guarantee from the product until the equipment booth of them in a good condition, and also hygiene. In order to make the material in a good condition, then all product that Ishi Buffet customer order being supplied by restaurant that they order, such as meet, vegetable, spices, sauce, stock, etcetera. Except conventional product such as drink’s. Ishi Buffet  provide a cooler box. So the ingredient still fresh. For the equipment  using standard management kitchen equipment to keep the equipment still in the hygiene condition, and safety for use. 

Ishi Buffet giving on demand food delivery for people who has favorite restaurant and they want to take their favorite restaurant to their favorite place. Efficiency. Now Ishi Buffet life in era time is precious. So Ishi Buffet want give the maximal service to Ishi Buffet customer by helping them to simplify to get the product that they want. Include in recreation. Because 6/7 day’s that people use for working so in weekend mostly they want to rest, but also want make time for family. By reason of that Ishi Buffet make this Business Model. For support Ishi Buffet efficient service Ishi Buffet  use website platform as Ishi Buffet media to ordering, making payment, etcetera.

Hygiene. Ishi Buffet want give the environment like in the real restaurant. Then the main key that Ishi Buffet want to deliver to Ishi Buffet customer is hygiene. Hygiene really important especially in food industries. With booth equipment and food product that should hygiene it  produce the best quality of food. Therefore, Ishi Buffet want to looks like product from Japanese, because Japanese restaurant really intense and trusted by Indonesia people very concerned about hygiene. 

As a company that runs business in the field of service, Ishi Buffet would provide the best service, also should have a good approach with customers. With this approach  develop the Ishi Buffet promotion through online and offline, as word of mouth, straight promotion and the online promotion  do through media social and website. Thus, Ishi Buffet could straight communicate with customers. In this case, Ishi Buffet  develop an approach through media social and website, while the customer can give their suggestion and opinion about Ishi Buffet service directly through the media social comment or Ishi Buffet website. Not only that, by subscribing Ishi Buffet in website and media social, customer can make order, choosing their menu, making their schedule, also in Ishi Buffet website Ishi Buffet  give tips and tricks how to cook in the right way and they could get promo. 

Ishi Buffet  focus on niche market, which is women ages around 18 – 30 having couple, has characteristic family women, socialite women, live in JABODETABEK. 

Channels  be one of the tools for delivering value to a service or product. To hit the main target market that are typically use this three types of marketing channel, they are distribution, service and communication channels. Website is Ishi Buffet service channel to become the platform for customers to know us and making order. The prototype is still in finishing design. Distribution channels that Ishi Buffet uses is passive advertising, such as Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising and also offline marketing, such as do partnership with Ishi Buffet Restaurant partner’s company to promote the business by open standing banner in Ishi Buffet restaurant partner’s. 

Whereas Ishi Bashi  do promotions 30 days before it is open. In particular, Ishi Buffet  spread on media social like Facebook and Instagram as one of the communication tools commonly used by the people nowadays to get information.

Social Media. Social media is phenomenal and has a huge growth in Indonesia today. Ishi Buffet  use social media like; Instagram ads, Facebook ads and google ads to get customer around Bekasi and Jakarta. Directly Approach. Ishi Buffet  approach the owner family, employee’s family and close friends. Ishi Buffet cannot deny the greatness of the effect of word of mouth. Also this worth of mouth can be causing promotional direct approach. Ishi Buffet also  do partnership with other restaurant. Like sukibar, Steak 21, Kintan Buffet. Endorsement Selebgram.Because Ishi Buffet target market is women 24-35 years old so Ishi Buffet searching the best strategy to reach them and give the best marketing result. And social media give big impact to Ishi Buffet target market. Selebgram has a good impact to Ishi Buffet target market because selebgram not only promote Ishi Buffet product, but also giving feedback. And this feedback is the key to make Ishi Buffet target market want to try or use Ishi Buffet product. 

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