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D’Organic is a startup company that produces natural and organic soap for face and body uses. Its products also designed in a unique way for additional benefits for the customers. In recent years, there are a lot of soap industry which admit their products are natural and safe for the environment, but it is not the true fact. D’Organic promises to provide the real natural and organic soap products for its customers. With the research done by the owners, D’Organic is certainly sure the business successful.

D’Organic is a start-up company that produce an organic based soap bar that using eco-friendly materials. The company is 100% owned by Ms. Natasha, the founders. The board consist of two members: Mrs. Gabrielle as the director, and Mr. Jeremia Joel as the manager. Natasha and Gabrielle have 2 years’ worth of combined experience in the skincare industry. Both of them have experiences in online shopping and also offline shopping.

Business aims

The key objectives in the start-up plan for the company are:

  • Development of a working prototype.
  • Funding of working capital requirements and promotional materials for the principal operating activities of the company.
  • Gaining patent approval.
  • Establish a strong brand image early to position ourselves in the market.

The founders have already developed a rough prototype of the product. D’Organic start-up period includes 4 weeks of work by the owner and members who perfect this design into a finished prototype, with the correct balance of soap. The next two weeks of this trial is safety tests at D’Organic skin to assure its quality.


D’Organic mission is to establish a standard and world class skin care production Company / brand that in D’Organic own capacity favorably compete with leaders in the industry. D’Organic to build a business that producing an eco-friendly based product and well-known with the uniqueness and its quality by the society.


  • Provide quality services to all customers who are core buyers.
  • Improving the company’s competence.
  • Maintain excellence in the field of skincare technology so that D’Organic are to be able to provide products that customer needs.
  • Increase cooperation in organizations that are solid and supported by high leadership.
  • Continual improvement and learning in all aspects to be carried out appropriately and quickly.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Recycle packaging
  • Handmade process
  • Organic product
  • All ingredients are safe

Company Locations and Facilities

The company’s main office and factory is located in North Cikarang. The office and factory space should be sufficient for planned staff size growth within the first few years. From Year 1 through Year 5 D’Organic grow in head count from three to ten. The majority of this growth come in store personnel, the rest support staff. D’Organic believe the plan shows a controlled and conservative ramp up of personnel.

Handmade soap business is a business which has been existing on the market. The idea of starting the business is to build the society’s awareness of organic products. Besides the healthy benefits contained inside the soap, D’Organic also giving the unique and fancy design to the soap. D’Organic’s products not be sold in Cikarang region only, but all over Indonesia. D’Organic products offer a high value alternative to the customers who like to use full organic and natural soap bar. D’Organic is not only focusing on making profits, but it also focusing to give the customers value for their money.

In order to be successful in these businesses, D’Organic has to learn the market and offers products which is based on what the market really need. For now, D’Organic has these factors as its competitive advantage:

  1. 100% Handmade processes
  2. Organic and natural ingredients (safe for users and environment)
  3. Unique and fancy designs
  4. The benefit to solve skin problems
  5. Packaging which can be recycled

As D’Organic’s products become familiar to the customers due to its “organic and natural” ingredients, the product gin to produce a pressure to other potential customers, by which they realize to live with using organic products. The effect of “peer pressure” further fuel the use of D’Organic’s products and the awareness of the benefits they provide.

There is a lot of price variation between products offered by luxury brands and other brands. D’Organic follower customer value-based pricing strategy. Given that D’Organic claims the best quality, D’Organic must not position ourselves as a lower cost alternative. The pricing of the products varies depending on the place. The products may be marked at a little lower price in festival or events while they sold at a higher cost in hotels or e-commerce. They priced higher than the non-organic skincare but lower than the luxury skincare brand.

The payment policy used by D’Organic company is all inclusive because D’Organic are quite aware that different customers prefer different payment options as it suits them but at the same time, D’Organic ensure that D’Organic abide by the financial rules and regulation in Indonesia. Here are the payment options that D’Organic company make available to D’Organic customer;

  1. Payment via bank transfer
  2. Payment with cash
  3. Payment via online bank transfer
  4. Payment via mobile money

The channel of distribution is described as the most efficient and effective way to put a product in the customer’s hands. The network consists of various entities facilitating trade and physical exchange. So here is the distribution that D’Organic used in order to deliver the products to the customers:

  1. Retailer: stores, gift shop
  2. Wholesale: reseller, hotels, event planner
  3. D’Organic forces: D’Organic own social media (instagram)

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