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Ciki Ciks’ Corp

Ciki Ciks’ Corp. is a new company providing high-quality snacks in food and beverages industry. It focus on:

  1. Providing snack that acceptable by local & international taste.
  2. Providing new snack with high quality ingredients.
  3. Support plastic free products.

Key Objectives:

  1. High Quality customer service and satisfaction.
  2. Consistent high standard of production.
  3. Trending product and quality improvement.


Ciki Ciks’ as leading snack Startup Business Company that can be consume not only for local people, but also can be consumed by international people such as President University student.


  1. To continuously innovate, focusing on customer’s needs that can be consumed by local & international people.
  2. To deliver quality products which are loved by consumers at affordable price.
  3. Introduce Ciki Ciks’ Snack to Public.
  4. Support the environment by using plastic free products.

Values. Ciki Ciks’ Corp conduct Ciki Ciks’ Corp business with Integrity; Ciki Ciks’ Corp make Ciki Ciks’ Corp product with Excellent ingredients.

To enlarge into some points, Ciki Ciks’ Corp values are:

  1. Integrity
  2. Responsibility
  3. Passion for product
  4. Commitment to quality
  5. Dedication to customers
  6. Excellent Ingredients

The customer is the tourist from outside Cikarang, workers, and student. Besides of they are customer who spend a lot of time on mobile apps and tend to be lazy so that makes us easily to reach them by promoting Ciki Ciks’ Corp product in social media (for instance, Instagram and Line) and doing delivery order. Ciki Ciks’ Corp product is typically snack, which means not so many ingredients likely foods. So that it is suitable for Ciki Ciks’ Corp buyers later who do not eat too much to fulfil their stomach. But still, it felt tasty and arouse interest.

Market Size and Trends

  1. Customers are seeking fun and interesting food also a sense of unique with a twist (in fact, they take some pictures / videos to show – update on their social media story first before they eat).
  2. Social media and broadcast marketing increasingly important.
  3. Food is the great choice to boost the mood.

Competition and Competitive Edges

Ciki Ciks’ Corp realize that Ciki Ciks’ Corp can’t compete in terms of price. But, Ciki Ciks’ Corp can compete in terms of quality and taste because Ciki Ciks’ Corp are using the best and good ingredients. Ciki Ciks’ Corp product is hygienic because Ciki Ciks’ Corp are not selling at the edge of a street or open are so it can keep Ciki Ciks’ Corp product cleanliness. Ciki Ciks’ Corp are going to ensure Ciki Ciks’ Corp consumer that quality worth price.

Sales Tactics

  1. Give a good service
  2. Fast at responding consumer’s order
  3. Keeping up with the quality
  4. Improving the product’s innovation such as packaging and the flavor
  5. Keep building Profitable Consumer Relationship
  6. Having a collaboration with other producer to expand the market
  7. Keep in touch and listen to the customer by being active on the social media
  8. Put the interactive advertisement and promotion method
  9. Conducting personal promotion

Service and Warranty Policies Service

being nice, friendly, and on time at doing delivery order, have a good customer service. If consumers find defects in products such as stale, unhygienic products. Then Ciki Ciks’ Corp replace the product with a new and good one for free

Advertising and Promotion. Advertising. Ciki Ciks’ Corp media using Instagram (feeds & story) and LINE

The message make the viewers curious about Ciki Ciks’ Corp product’s taste, Ciki Ciks’ Corp are going to show someone eating Ciki Ciks’ Corp product of mozzarella and how that cheese is so satisfying and chewing and melting while the talent bites the food and show them that it’s satisfying and fill them up. Promotion. Using Ciki Ciks’ Corp official LINE and Instagram account as Ciki Ciks’ Corp promotion media and doing personal.

Ciki Ciks’ Corp company located in North Cikarang, in the basis residence of President University student and several factory employees. Ciki Ciks’ Corp located is surrounded not only by President University but also ATMI Gunadharma, President High School, President Junior High School and many more.

Facilities Ciki Ciks’ Corp offer is food delivery and refund if the customers find that the snack, they receive is not the same as they see in picture or social media. From the payment system, Ciki Ciks’ Corp offer smart methods which are bank transfer, and cash. In the future of course Ciki Ciks’ Corp do some improvement.

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