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Any human you find on the streets is likely to wear one form of footwear or the other. Shoes cum footwear can be pure leather, synthetic, fabric or rubber. And the fact that these shoes are subjected to wear and tear goes to show that there is indeed a very large market for shoe cleaner service company.

The shoe cleaner business is grouped under the shoe and footwear industry and players in this industry are involved in manufacturing footwear for men, women and children or repairing shoes. According to data from the Indonesian republic’s ministry of industry. Throughout 2018, the footwear industry in Indonesia recorded a total of 1.41 billion footwear products or contributed 4.6 percent of the total world footwear production.

At present the total footwear industry in Indonesia is 18,687 business units which covers a total of 18,091 small-scale business units, then 441 medium-scale business units, and 155 large-scale business units. Of the tens of thousands of business units, the workforce has reached 795,000 people.

The biggest global shoe companies, such as Nike and Adidas, produce almost all of their products abroad. The practice of selling shoes in Indonesia is increasing with the phenomenon of hype beast style and the development of information technology.

Shoe and Footwear Manufacturing Industry which is part of the shoe cleaning and repair business is indeed a major sector of the economy of most countries in the world. According to statistics Indonesia currently occupies the 4th position as a footwear producer in the world after China, India, and Vietnam. In addition, Indonesia is the 4th largest shoe consuming country with a consumption of 886 million pairs of footwear.

This is reflected in the growth of the leather, leather goods and footwear industry group which reached 9.42 percent in 2018 or increased significantly compared to 2017 which was around 2.22 percent. Last year’s achievement exceeded national economic growth at 5.17 percent.

If you are interested in starting a business in the shoe & footwear manufacturing industry and you don’t have enough capital, then you can start with a shoes cleaner business. It is a business that can be started in any part of the world.

Raden Shoes Clinic Shop is a shoe, footwear, bag and stroller wash company located in Cikarang, Bekasi Regency in an ideal location that is perfect for the type of business Raden Shoes Clinic want to build. Raden Shoes Clinic have been able to provide facilities that are very suitable for the type of shoes you want to clean.

Raden shoes clinic involved in cleaning and repairing all types of shoes. Raden Shoes Clinic are ready to serve various clients in and around the location of Raden Shoes Clinic shoe repair shops.

Raden Shoes Clinic are aware that there are several repair shops and shoe cleaners and even shoe making companies that are also shoe repairs throughout Indonesia, which is why Raden Shoes Clinic spend time and resources to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies and market surveys so that it is well positioned to compete with all Raden Shoes Clinic competitors.

Raden shoes clinic ensure that all of Raden Shoes Clinic shoe cleaning and repair work is high-quality and affordable. Raden Shoes Clinic want to build a business with various customer bases that cross people from various financial statuses. Raden Shoes Clinic have social media that allows us to manage one-on-one relationships with Raden Shoes Clinic customers, no matter how large Raden Shoes Clinic customer base is.

Raden Shoes clinic always demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a company, by actively participating in Raden Shoes Clinic community and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible. Raden Shoes Clinic ensure that Raden Shoes Clinic are responsible for the highest standards by meeting Raden Shoes Clinic customers’ needs precisely and completely whenever they patronize Raden Shoes Clinic services.

Raden Shoes Clinic is a business that has been established since 2018 which was founded by Deden Abdul Rahman who currently conducts his education at President University with his concentration on Retail Business. With his experience in this industry and the world of work he once lived he bring his vast experience to help build Raden Shoes Clinic to compete with other leaders in the industry.

Raden Shoes Clinic is in the shoe repair business line to clean shoes for men, women and children. Raden Shoes Clinic are ready to serve a variety of customers at all drop points of course to benefit. Raden Shoes Clinic do everything permitted by Indonesian law to achieve Raden Shoes Clinic business goals and ambitions. Raden Shoes Clinic product offerings are listed below: Deepclean of Leather Shoes; Deep clean of rubber and plastic footwear; Deepclean of house slipper; Deep clean of athletic shoes; Deep clean of ballet slipper; Deepclean of cleated athletic shoes; Deepclean of other footwear; Cleaner of baby Stroller; Cleaner of Bag all material

Raden Shoes Clinic vision is to become the leading shoes Clinic in Indonesia. Raden Shoes Clinic mission is to establish a world-class shoe cleaning business whose services protected by people of various financial statuses; Raden Shoes Clinic want to be a family when customers come to Raden Shoes Clinic. Raden Shoes Clinic intention to start a shoe cleaning business is to build a high standard shoe cleaning business in Cikarang, Bekasi. Therefore, Raden Shoes Clinic ensure that Raden Shoes Clinic put the right structure in place that support the kind of growth that Raden Shoes Clinic think about when establishing a business.

Raden Shoes Clinic ensure that Raden Shoes Clinic employ quality, honest, customer-cantered people who are ready to work to help us build a thriving business. In fact, benefit-sharing arrangements available to all of Raden Shoes Clinic management staff and it based on their performance for the duration of work and service.

Raden Shoes Clinic is set to become one of the leading shoes and footwear cleaning companies in Indonesia and Raden Shoes Clinic are fully aware that Raden Shoes Clinic must take the right business, management and organizational structure to achieve Raden Shoes Clinic goals. Raden Shoes Clinic are quite aware that there are some shoe cleaning shops even in the same location where Raden Shoes Clinic intend to find Raden Shoes Clinic location, which is why Raden Shoes Clinic follow because of the process of building a business.

Raden Shoes Clinic know that if the right SWOT analysis is done for Raden Shoes Clinic business, Raden Shoes Clinic able to position Raden Shoes Clinic business to maximize Raden Shoes Clinic strengths, take advantage of opportunities that available to us, reduce Raden Shoes Clinic risks and be well equipped to face Raden Shoes Clinic threats. Raden Shoes Clinic uses various types of methods to help carry out a thorough SWOT analysis and help us create a business model that help us achieve Raden Shoes Clinic business goals and objectives.

One of the common trends in the footwear manufacturing industry that is part of the shoe clinic’s business is that demand for its products is driven by fashion, demographics, and of course consumers’ disposable income. The profitability of the individual shoe clinic business depends on their ability to perform the perfect shoe cleaning service. Looking forward, shoe cleaning shops must position themselves to meet a stronger middle-class market. It has been projected that by 2030, the majority of the world’s population part of the middle class, mainly because of the decline in the number of people living in extreme poverty.

With this development, there a surge of new customers and this put pressure on service developers to meet their unknown preferences and needs. Developed economies that place their services in emerging markets must also adjust their pricing strategies to compete with local low-price producers. It might be perhaps to say that the footwear manufacturing industry, which is part of the shoe clinic business, is one of the industries that has the widest range of customers; almost every person on planet Earth needs one or more footwear. It is very difficult to find someone in Indonesia and certainly in other developed countries who do not have shoes.

With that in mind, Raden Shoes Clinic have positioned Raden Shoes Clinic shoe clinic to serve customers in Raden Shoes Clinic company. Raden Shoes Clinic have conducted market research and Raden Shoes Clinic feasibility studies and Raden Shoes Clinic have an idea of what is expected from Raden Shoes Clinic target market. A close study of the shoe and footwear manufacturing industry reveals that the market has become much more competitive over the past few decades. In fact, Raden Shoes Clinic must be very creative with the market approach, be customer centric and proactive if you have to survive in this industry. Raden Shoes Clinic are aware of intense competition and Raden Shoes Clinic are ready to compete with other leading shoe clinic stores in Indonesia.

Raden Shoes Clinic launches a standard shoe and footwear cleaning business that indeed be the choice of Raden Shoes Clinic customers and every other location where Raden Shoes Clinic outlets opened. Raden Shoes Clinic footwear and footwear clinic are located in a variety of very strategic Coffee Shops that are very suitable for the type of business Raden Shoes Clinic want to run.

One of Raden Shoes Clinic business goals is to make Raden Shoes Clinic a One-stop service shoe workshop. Raden Shoes Clinic excellent customer service culture, excellent cleaning services, various secure payments and insurance options Raden Shoes Clinic competitive advantage.

Finally, Raden Shoes Clinic employees well cared for, and their welfare package the best in Raden Shoes Clinic category in the industry which means that they more than willing to build business with us and help provide stated goals and achieve all Raden Shoes Clinic goals and objectives.

Raden Shoes Clinic is engaged in the service business for cleaning various shoes and footwear in and around Cikarang, Bekasi. Raden Shoes Clinic are in the clinic of shoe paths to maximize profits and Raden Shoes Clinic strive to ensure that Raden Shoes Clinic achieve Raden Shoes Clinic business goals and objectives. Despite the fact that Raden Shoes Clinic footwear and footwear clinic is in a good location, Raden Shoes Clinic continue to increase publicity for this business. Raden Shoes Clinic explore all available ways to promote Raden Shoes Clinic business.

Raden Shoes Clinic has a long-term to open Raden Shoes Clinic shoe clinic in various locations throughout Bekasi and other major cities in Indonesia. That is why Raden Shoes Clinic deliberately build Raden Shoes Clinic brand to be well received in Cikarang, Bekasi before venturing. At Raden Shoes Clinic Raden Shoes Clinic keep the price of Raden Shoes Clinic shoe repair services below the average market price for all Raden Shoes Clinic customers by keeping Raden Shoes Clinic overhead low and by collecting payments at the end of customers who use Raden Shoes Clinic services. In addition, Raden Shoes Clinic also offer special discounts to all Raden Shoes Clinic customers on a regular basis.

The payment policies adopted by Raden Shoes Clinic are all inclusive because Raden Shoes Clinic are quite aware that different customers prefer different payment options according to them, but at the same time, Raden Shoes Clinic ensure that Raden Shoes Clinic comply with the financial rules and regulations of the government of the Republic of Indonesia. Following are the payment options that Raden Shoes Clinic provide to its clients: Payment with cash; Payment via online bank transfer; Payment via check; Payment via OVO & GOPAY

In view of the above, Raden Shoes Clinic have chosen a banking platform that allow Raden Shoes Clinic clients to make payments for Raden Shoes Clinic services without any pressure on their part. Raden Shoes Clinic bank account number available on Raden Shoes Clinic website and social media and promotional material for clients who may wish to deposit cash or make an online transfer for Raden Shoes Clinic services.

In setting up any business, the cost depends on the approach and scale you want to take. If you intend to make it big by renting large facilities, then you need a good amount of capital because you need to ensure that your employees are well cared for, and that your facilities are conducive for workers to be creative. and productive.

Raden Shoes Clinic is a Sole proprietorship business that is fully owned and funded by Deden Abdul Rahman. Raden Shoes Clinic are looking forward to welcoming external business partners or Venture Capital and other business partners who want to invest in Raden Shoes Clinic.

The future of business lies in the number of loyal customers they have, the capacity and competence of their employees, their investment strategies and business structure. If all of these factors are gone from business, it won’t be too long before the business goes bankrupt. One of Raden Shoes Clinic main goals to start the Raden Shoes Clinic is to build a business that withstand its own cash flow without the need to inject funds from external sources once the business is officially operating.

Raden Shoes Clinic know that one way to get approval and win customers is to offer Raden Shoes Clinic Clinic shoes and footwear services a little cheaper than those that can be obtained in the market and Raden Shoes Clinic are ready to survive with lower profit margins for the time being for sustainable business growth. Raden Shoes Clinic ensure that the proper foundations, structures and processes are in place to ensure that the well-being of Raden Shoes Clinic employees is met. Raden Shoes Clinic corporate culture is designed to push Raden Shoes Clinic business to the next level and Raden Shoes Clinic workforce retraining is the best. 

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