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Business Profile: IPAIRS

In this era, people need to buy house as the primary thing and in order to make a house feels like a real home, therefore people need furniture such as sofa, bed, cabinet and table, especially for young newly-wed couples, they want to fill the new house with simple and minimalist furniture. 

Ipairs has the idea in manufacturing furniture where the customers only need to buy the furniture one time and whenever they would like to change any components of it, they can simply exchange that old component with the new one with Ipairs and then they can assemble the new component(s) themselves. Ipairs offers variant designs and free delivery service for the purchase of the furniture components. Customers able to visit the website and explore more about Ipairs and then the customers are free to choose which design, size, and material they would like. Ipairs sells the furniture frame of sofa, bed, and wardrobe. Ipairs also sells the components of the furniture, to ease the customer replacing or exchanging any broken components.

In running the business, Ipairs cooperates with vendor which manufacture the making of Ipairs’ products. The vendors are carpenters and stainless craftsman. Ipairs supervisor all the manufacturing processes to make sure the products are exactly as Ipairs design and customers’ orders. Vendors are chosen to save the selling costs which consists of machinery cost, workshop building rent fee, carpenters’ salaries, and raw material costs. By cooperating with vendors, Ipairs can focus more on the selling activities. 

Key activities are needed to make sure all the strategies run well. First of Ipairs’ key activities is marketing and sales, where they place as the most important sections in making sure that Ipairs can attract more customers and gain more profit. The second key activity is product design where it is needed to make sure Ipairs’ products suit the customers’ desire and also to create company’s identity in the customers mind. Ipairs should have an interesting website because the selling process is done on the website, starting from designing, ordering and purchasing (payment) the product.

Key resources are one of the most important parts when starting a business. Start from the capital to hire the employees and to rent the office building. Ipairs’ employees consist of customer service, design personnel, finance personnel, operation division who controls production and shipping process. 

Ipairs own a great value proposition because the idea Ipairs provides is new and fresh in Indonesia. When purchasing Ipairs’ products, a customer must visit Ipairs website to design their own favorable color, size and to choose the preferable material. The payment  done online via the website.

The components of Ipairs’ product can exchanged with a new one whenever the customers need new components or just simply feel bored with the old components. Customers can sell the old component to Ipairs and then exchange with the new one which price has been discounted.

Ipairs provide promo codes to attract the customers. The customers are also free to virtually design the products before they make the purchase. The delivery services  free just for customers who are located in Jabodetabek area. For the delivery service outside Jabodetabek area, the shipping  charged. In order to establish good relation with the customers, Ipairs provides customer services such as call center & online center, and both delivery service and components pickup service.

Ipairs offers two kinds of distribution systems: customers can pick up the products in Ipairs office or the products are delivered to the customers. The products  ready for pick up by the customers in 2-3 working days counted from the day the purchase is successfully made, while for the delivery, product arrive at the customers’ place in 3-5 working days counted from the day the purchase is successfully made. Product  distributed directly to the customers when the products are finished by the vendors. For Jabodetabek area, the delivery  schedule and arranged based on the nearest location to the vendors which is South Jakarta. The delivery  done every week on working days. For outside Jabodetabek area, the delivery  arranged with the courier that the customers prefer.

Ipairs use online and outdoor promotion media. For the online promotion, Ipairs utilize Instagram and Facebook and for the outdoor promotion, Ipairs utilize car branding which is a hits in advertising these days. Ipairs is also planning to utilize the radio to reach more potential customers. Aside from the promotion media, Ipairs give vouchers to the customers when they design a product in the website. Customers also can get 3-5% cashback from monthly promotion, and for the voucher last for 24 hours and can used for their first purchase. 

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