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A Peek at How it Feels like to be Invited in Clubhouse

I was invited by my best friend to join what so called-an ‘elite’ social media platform, Clubhouse. Now, this newest social media platform is viral. Become a topic of discussion for netizens, both in Indonesia and internationally. There are already more than 10 million iPhone users who have downloaded it, according to

Clubhouse is an audio-only social networking app that recently seen as the embodiment of Silicon Valley’s obsession with introducing its lifestyle: exclusive, limited, and filled with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) nuances. In this pandemic condition like now, FOMO or the fear of being left behind thickens. Everyone wants to be directly involved in every digital phenomenon that occurs. Whether in the form of reaction content, dancing videos, or just a short commentary (

Alright, back to my story for being in a platform for about couple weeks, feels like listening to podcast without any replay or pause button. The number of information shared by the speakers was unlimited. From start-up industry, crypto currency until mental health topics. All available. And, most of the time it also feels like 24/7 talking-LinkedIn. Like a self-promotion, lecturing seminars, and the professional conferences. I am not the first to say this, but it felt like LinkedIn but delivered straight into my ears and impossible to ignore.

Clubhouse was, at first, super exclusive and really popular among celebs and Silicon Valley elite. And when it arrives at Indonesia, I found Indonesia’s start-up expected ‘celeb tweets’. For instance, Wilson Cuaca. Also mentioned by that Clubhouse’s appeal, in an ideal world, might be to something akin to access to a really interesting cocktail party with powerful people. I am definitely agree!

This is what I have heard from last night Clubhouse topic: a CEO basically repeat his elevator pitch for his company as an answer to every single question. And if you are wondering, is it possible to do elevator pitch in Clubhouse?, the answer is YES. In this platform numerous opportunities to broaden up for your start-up knowledge and also networks. To sum up, I HIGHLY recommend you to join Clubhouse, only if you are invited and also, um, Apple users.

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