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Business Profile: Felix Trading Academy

Felix Trading Academy (FTA) is a trading education company. FTA provide seminars and training in stocks and futures trading. Besides providing trading education, FTA  also provide trading signals for paid memberships.Felix Trading Academy is providing:

Seminars in stocks and futures market (Forex, Commodities, and Indices). FTA is going to share the knowledge on how to make profits in financial trading. In the seminars, people  not learn the basic of trading, but rather on the practical way on how to make profits from this market. FTA is going to invite guest speaker coming from CFTe (Certified Financial Technician) managed by IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analyst) who are practical fund manager and profitable trader.

FTA also provide membership programs in three category. Platinum (1 year, IDR 3,500,000), Gold (6 months, IDR 1,900,000), and Silver (3 months IDR 750,000) in which subscribers  get:

  1. Trading Call
  2. Free Webinar
  3. Exclusive Webinar (For Platinum only)
  4. Portfolio Review and Strategy
  5. Research on Demand
  6. Live conference during trading hours ( be during the opening of USA market)
  7. Access to trading community
  8. Member gathering (For Platinum and Gold)
  9. Free 2 XXI tickets for each (Platinum member)

Felix Trading Academy business is a financial education company, it is a company where people come and learn how to make money trading stocks, foreign exchange, and indices. The company core value is to help people make another source of income through trading the financial market. The people who need this service are students, professional, housewives,entrepreneurs and even investors and young professionals. It is important for potential investors to get investment knowledge first before they begin investing.

Felix Haridinata is currently Executive Coach at Ellen May Institute with 4 years of trading experiences in stocks, commodities and forex, currently Felix is also a fund manager. With those skills, Felix is being recruited by Ellen May to join her team at Ellen May Institute to spread the investing awareness in Indonesia and Felix is currently pursuing CAT certification. Ellen May is the founder of Ellen May Institute and has been educating more than 10,000 of Indonesian traders and investors. She is also author of national best-seller “Smart Traders Not Gamblers” and “Smart Trader Rich Investor”. Ellen has a vision to educate 2 million investors and traders in Indonesia.

In the process of controlling, FTA uses Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). IMC is a marketing concept where all marketing channels are linked to create one consistent message of the compan. Below is the explanation of the integrated marketing communication of FTA:

  1. Target Audiences

FTA target market  be middle up, whether they are students until professionals and entrepreneurs.

  • Communication Objective

The objectives of building the communication are to create attraction to trade, invest, and learn. The goal is to make people want to trade and invest but by learning how to literate first. The communication is made to convince people that trading is safe and could be their new source of income by learning it.

  • Communication Design

FTA projects a message where people could make money in trading safely and by trading, it  change people’s life. To deliver this message, FTA  give users to experience FTA service for free for 3 months. FTA  also deliver e-brochures through emails using digital marketing to attract potential customer.

  • Channels

FTA uses online and offline communication tools. For online, we are going to create a facebook page and website and uses FB Ads to promote FTA services online. FB Ads is using algorithm to find people with similar interest so that the marketing campaign could be done more efficient and targeted to specific segmentation. For offline, FTA uses Ellen May Institute customer base first to get FTA potential clients. Since Ellen May Institute mostly do seminars like us as well regarding stocks market, when they held a seminar FTA  be there offering FTA services. Besides that, FTA  partner with securities companies to provide training for their priority clients.

When people register for FTA services, FTA  be asking them regardingtheir name, email, and a question like “where do you know us?” with options provided social media, magazines, events, etc. so that FTA knows where is the most effective marketing tools and to enhance FTA effort in that category. FTA  measure the result by reviewing number of click and number of converted sales in FTA FB page, Instagram, and youtube, the number of readers in the online media page and magazines. FTA also count how many converted sales during events like Investival.

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