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Business Profile: RumahPorto

RumahPorto is a Human Resource company especially in headhunting which focusing on online and digital recruitment. Nowadays, online and digital is phenomenal and being one of the biggest growth industry in Indonesia. RumahPorto is helping students or professional to be recruited by the company who need their skill. Easy and not complicated is the key of RumahPorto because student and workers who searching for a job, don’t need to apply their CV to many companies. They just need to upload their CV and the company search for them if they suitable with the company’s requirements.

RumahPorto is a company, which has a new concept in Indonesia for Human Resource startup. The platform makes students and workers easier for search a job. RumahPorto solve a lot of problem such as people who do not have relation to the company. The other problem that solved is helping a startup company to get good employees. There is a trend that students are competing each other to work at a big company. This is happen because the students or fresh graduate do not have any information regarding startup companies. Startup companies usually really hard to get good employees.

RumahPorto comes with the solution, the company can directly approach a good students or professional with a big salary or big responsibility that can attract the students or professional to work in startup company. A strong relationship between RumahPorto, companies and universities in Indonesia is the key to building a great cooperation that result a strong Digital Human Resource company in Indonesia.

The office located at Sandang 68 West Jakarta at the beginning while RumahPorto waiting for the investors to do cooperation. The building can be paid monthly. RumahPorto has several equipments like laptop, whiteboard and other office equipments. Those equipments have been prepared since RumahPorto was launched. The personnel of RumahPorto are engineer, operation, marketing and creative. RumahPorto also has Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operations Officer (COO) and both of them are the co-founder of RumahPorto.

Steven Gouw is a President University student majoring in Business Administration is the one who comes up with idea, which is RumahPorto. He becomes the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has many experiences in businesses like fashion, food & beverages, event organizer and education.

Digital Human Resource Startup is developing really fast. This is a big opportunity for RumahPorto to enter the market. As the former of President of President University Student Union, the CEO of RumahPorto can use his relation to develop RumahPorto and do cooperation between companies, universities and RumahPorto itself.

RumahPorto has some key partners, which are companies, business incubator, applicants and university. Company is the first key partner because they are the one who hire the worker from RumahPorto platform. The second partner is the applicant. The applicants register themselves to the platform. Applicants attached their CV and the companies can directly filtering them based on the criteria. The last key partner is university because RumahPorto focus on internship and also the fresh graduate to get a job.

The key activities of RumahPorto are on the website, universities and business incubator. The website is the platform of RumahPorto for the applicant to get a job and the company to search the candidate. Universities also one of RumahPorto key activities because most number of applicant RumahPorto got from universities. Business incubator become a big market of RumahPorto because they need a big number of employees in the future. For universities, RumahPorto take a part in competitions and the winner be recommend to the company that have a cooperation with RumahPorto. In business incubator, RumahPorto also do some workshops and the ending is to ask the startup to do cooperation with RumahPorto. So, the startup can start search an employee for their startups.

RumahPorto has 3 value propositions, which are cost reduction, new relations and price. RumahPorto needs the cost reduction one day. The biggest costs of RumahPorto are at salary expense and marketing expense. So, one day RumahPorto maybe do an efficieny like fire some workers that not give a good contribution to the company. The other value is new relations because relation is very important for HR startup like RumahPorto. The last value proposition is price. RumahPorto has some competitors out there but RumahPorto want to do a positioning that RumahPorto are the cheapest one and the most effective one in the market.

The segmentation of the company is fresh graduate and a new company or startup. There be four aspects of segmentations in RumahPorto, which are as follows:

RumahPorto is mainly focused on Jabodetabek area because this area has a lot of office and usually become a headquarter of a company. Beside that, Jabodetabek also has a big population and very suitable for human resource company to be operated. RumahPorto is a human resource digital startup company so Jabodetabeak area is the most suitable area because most of the people in that area already know or understand about digital platform.

Psychographics. For the new concept of job platform, RumahPorto is suitable for students, fresh graduate and new company because this segmentation relative get a problem in searching a job and recruiting a worker. Behavior. According to the segmentation, fresh graduates and students are more open to a new platform, they try to use a new digital things moreover something that can help them so much. If the platform can help them to get a job, they can promote the platform directly to their social media and their friends. It such free advertisements from people who are satisfy to RumahPorto. The other side, for the big company they tend to follow a big job fair to get a good worker while the new company do not have budget to join the job fair. So, RumahPorto comes with a solution for new companies. There is a big chance if RumahPorto can succeed promoting a new concept of job platform to that segmentation.

RumahPorto target market is focusing on students, fresh graduates and young adults at the age 21 to 35 where most of them are looking for a job or even search a new job because they do not feel a good atmosphere in the office. Some of them maybe want to move to other company to gain knowledge and experience. It is different with people who have an age above 35. They tend to keep their position and waiting to be promoted and not move to other company because they already commit to loyal. RumahPorto comes to help people and company to get a job and get a good employee. 

People at the age 20 to 23 are segmentation who have a problem when they want to get a job because they do not have any experiences. So, RumahPorto comes with a solution, they can put their CV and company directly contact them when they meet company’s criteria or requirement. They also do not need to do a research about the company who are open for job vacancy, because the company contact them directly. 

New company or startups have a problem at their brand awareness. So, it be harder for the, to get a worker. RumahPorto’s platform help them, they can search candidates based on their criteria, and so they can offer the candidates by themselves. So, the company has a broader chance to get a worker based on the requirement even the candidate do not know them. Through this segmentation, RumahPorto have a lot of cooperation with the company because in a year there are a lot of new companies established.

These are key activities for promotion, which are as follows:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the most important promotion strategy of RumahPorto. RumahPorto maximize the potential market form SEO. The target of SEO itself make a strong branding of RumahPorto and when people want to looking for a job, they can directly discover RumahPorto’s website easily. The power of SEO is so strong, people can directly find RmahPorto’s website when they search job vacancy.

  • Competition

Competition is to become a sponsor of a competition. The winner of the competition be promoted to company who already do the cooperation with RumahPorto. The participants of the competition be aware of RumahPorto even though they are not the winner of the competition. This competition also can offer the company to choose the best candidate to work at their company.

  • Direct Approach

Direct approaches are for professional, students or company. So, RumahPorto maximize the team’s friends who work in a company, students or universities. For the company, RumahPorto directly call and set a meeting with the company to give the information regarding RumahPorto.

  • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Facebook is the biggest social media in the world nowadays. There are more than one billion users all around the world. RumahPorto target in the beginning is to reach Jabodetabek area. So, RumahPorto do the facebook ads only in Jabodetabek area.

  • Paid Promote

Line is a big social media nowadays. Many young people which is RumahPorto target using line to communicate each other. So, doing the paid promote also can help RumahPorto so much to get a lot of people who are register.

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