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Business Profile: Sinar Mandiri

There are still many people who need paint for their homes because there is a wall paint to make the building so beautiful that there are so many people who like to get bored with the paint color of the walls so that in the near future likes to change for celebrating moments like new year, feast day, and etc. although their wall paint is still good.

There is still a lot of development in certain areas around Cikaret, West Java and the development growth every year because there are still many buildings that built because there is still a lot of empty land that develop into housing, apartment, and store in Cikaret, West Java.

There are so many people who are not satisfied or feel confused in painting their house and still don’t know how to paint their house to look good as they want to implement what color they like in their house and the result they always changing their paints.

Sinar Mandiri is paint store, that sells various kind of paint brands and equipment for painting for construction. Sinar Mandiri implement the new concept of this paint business for the customers who want to buy have free consultation to paint their home and new concept for have a new way of painting the wall. Sinar Mandiri wants to become the best in the market. For that Sinar mandiri vision is to provide all kinds of paint to be everyone’s choice and do the best in customer service. Sinar Mandiri continuously improve the product and maintain the quality.

Sinar Mandiri paint shop offers goods that people need from cheap prices to quality paint so buyers do not have to looking to another store for buying paint. Sinar Mandiri also offer design interior consultant for painting their house so customers doesn’t need to be confused to painting their house. Sinar Mandiri is expected to be a store that always remembered by customers to be an option in every time people want to buy paint and make customers satisfied with the service, comfort in shopping, and have good quality paint.

Hermawan as the owner of Sinar Mandiri as the student in President University majoring in business administration and concentrate in entrepreneurship and already have experience in running some business like Material store, stationary store, selling T-shirt, car and selling drinks.

The customer segmentation divided into 2 segments there are business to customer and business to business. For business to customer sell to the consumer, entrepreneur and for the business to business sell to developer. These segmentation is divided in order to identify which customer needs the most inventory from us, so Sinar Mandiri could also finally reach a deal for their project with the right price and the price is determined by the deal made from us and the client.

There are 5 value propositions in Sinar mandiri, which are various brand, Sinar Mandiri provide various brand to customers in different segment so they can choose the brand that they want. Then high quality product to have a good looking and durable in color. Free design consultant for customers that confused in choosing the color for their home if they buy two or more color, also Sinar Mandiri provide an expert for painting so for the customer who doesn’t have painter they can ask for the painting service. And the last Free delivery for the customer with minimum purchase.

The main target of Sinar Mandiri are the developer in housing and apartment because there’s the big target that actually buy with a lot of quantity, and the customers who have a habit to change the color of their house paint without having to throw away old paint that already exist and also to construction of new building.

In Sinar Mandiri positioning Sinar Mandiri focus on the quality and benefits of each of these products. Sinar Mandiri want customers to feel satisfied after using the products Sinar Mandiri sell and make customer want to repeat order if they want to paint they house again.

Sinar Mandiri provide many kind of brands. Sinar Mandiri also provide supporting service for customer who need consultation with Sinar Mandiri design interior staff and also prove supporting items such as painting equipment like brushes, paint rolls, paint tanks, sandpaper, and etc. Sinar Mandiri make the arrangement of goods very easy to see so that buyers can easily choose the goods you want to buy.

In determining the place, Sinar Mandiri open in a strategic place to be seen clearly by the customer and also provides a large parking area so that customers do not find it difficult if you want to shop at Sinar Mandiri. The place is in Jalan raya Cikaret, Kabupaten Bogor, West Java.

Advertisement. Advertising is one form of promotion that is done in order to expand sales In the form of promotion, Sinar Mandiri make some things as follows: Banners. Banners are a pretty effective advertising medium because with banners one can see what promos are going on. In the banner itself has many sizes. Starting from big banners, stand banners and X-banners. It is used as a medium of information for customers passing by or being around Sinar Mandiri store. A banner is an advertisement like a long poster featuring a symbol, logo, slogan or other message. All banners have a wide dimensional proximity above 1 meter in order to be seen easily. Brochures. The brochure is used as the preferred medium that is shared for customers to see what Sinar Mandiri are currently promoting in the store. Not only people who are around the store but also to introduce Sinar Mandiri store to people who do not know Sinar Mandiri store yet. Obviously this is very helpful for customers who want to beautify their homes by buying paint and get interesting promotions. A brochure is an advertisement in the form of papers devoted to wide distribution and is usually distributed in public or directly to users who are building their homes.

Social media. At the present time social media has become a place where people do promotion. Many companies and industries that use social media as a means of promotion, because the number of Internet users always increase from young to adult already many who know the internet and also use social media. Sinar Mandiri use social media as a means of information about what promotions to boost the sell such as discounts, direct gifts, vouchers, and etc. Here Sinar Mandiri use: Instagram ads and Facebook ads. 

Sinar Mandiri train the process of customers service to the customer like how to communicate with customer and the tinting process and check the results of the paint so the employees can do the service faster to customer not wasting their time and have a good impressions to the store and make the process easier. The environment in store also the important aspect to attract customer to make the curious from customers then come to the store for the first impression Sinar Mandiri provide parking space so the customer can park their vehicle easily, and the store design have a good design.

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