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Business Profile: Saltezze

Saltezze is a business that sells the main attraction on its product which is salted egg mayonnaise. The idea begins when the founder’s mother experimenting on salted egg mayonnaise. The result is a delicious delicacy that is unique and has the possibility to create a trend in culinary industry. Therefore the founder in intrigue to create a business that sells those delicacies and named it Saltezze. The nature of business of saltezze is culinary. Therefore the activities are producing the food by cooking and delivering it to the distribution outlets. Saltezze operates seven days a week, fulfilling customer’s need of hunger every day.

Nowadays, Saltezze live the life scarce of time. Saltezze barely fulfill Saltezze needs regarding all activities and busyness that Saltezze do every day. Daily activities and duties consumed most of peoples time every day. The scarce of time resulting many short cut to fulfill Saltezze needs. One of these short cuts is fast food.

Fast food industries have grown in an incredible pace since the 20th century. Originally, the idea was created by A&W as the first restaurant who implements the fast food system. Later it was popularized by McDonalds and KFC who has now become a multinational company producing millions of meals everydayacross the world. These days fast food has become a part in everyday life since more people have less time to fulfill their hunger. With that kind of demand, plenty of businessmen compete to open their own fast food business.

Saltezze combines the taste of luxury restaurant with the practicality of a fast food restaurant. Saltezze, as the name says, Is a unique delicacy that contain salted egg in every single menu. Saltezze signature salted egg topping is matched with various dishes such as crispy chicken, battered dori, and calamari. Those dishes served with rice and salad creating a delicious meal that match every occasion you fancy.

Saltezze using the concept of vast distribution, meaning that it  appear in small outlets in every single potential spot across the city. For future expansion, Saltezze  also appear as a food truck form, delivering meals from places to places. The main goal is to deliver a unique tasted meal that reasonably priced with the practicality of a fast food restaurant to fulfill your hunger anytime you fancy.

Saltezze base product is a delicacy of fried chicken/shrimp/fish/squid topped with Saltezze signature salted egg sauce served with rice and salad, perfect for those who want a quick and delicious lunch/dinner.Served by many outlets scattered around Jabodetabek, Saltezze is reachable for everyone and ready to deliver delicious meal anytime, anywhere.

Besides that, Saltezze have a lot to offer to loyal customers such as membership program that comes with a lot of benefits and easy access for everyone through any delivery apps available on the market.

As a start up enterprise, the need of capital is unavoidable. To aid the start-up capital, Saltezze create a relationship with the selected bank to take a loan and fulfill the required needs to start the business. Saltezze requires suppliers to fulfill the need of material in order to produce the product. The need of raw material such as salted egg, poultry, etc is crucial to the business as well the suppliers of product enhancement material such as packaging.

When the product is ready, the next thing to be done is introducing and delivering the product to the customer. This is where Saltezze teams up with marketing agent to help promote the product by endorsement. Saltezze also create a partnership with Go-food to increase Saltezze sales through delivery. Other than that, supports around government legal and license  be requiring help from legal firm. And transactions conducted on any bank which suits the deal.

Saltezze is a delicacy that contains salted egg toppings in every single menu. Saltezze signature salted egg topping is matched with various dishes such as crispy chicken, battered dori, and calamari. Those dishes served with rice and salad creating a unique experience in dining yet available near you with a reasonable price to fulfill your hunger.

Aiming for a daily meal that attract wide range of market, Saltezze dish  be sold starting at Rp 20,000 to Rp. 30,000 depend on what the customer choose as the main course (Chicken, Dori, Calamari, or Catfish).

Saltezze also differentiate price and portion based on the location that Saltezze’re selling. If Saltezze placed the outlets near in school area, Saltezze decrease the portion and price. If Saltezze placed it near an office area, Saltezze increase the portion and also the price

In promotion Saltezze  use two approach, which are online and offline. The main goal of an online promotion is to reach a boarder market regardless any geographical limitation. Online promotion  contain a website,  social media account (Facebook and Instagram), and numerous endorsement by public figures to improve Saltezze brand awareness . Saltezze also promote Saltezze product through delivery app such as Go-Food and Grab Delivery in order to give Saltezze customer an alternative way for buying Saltezze product. For offline promotion, it  contain basic customer benefits program such as buy one get one and discount to attract more buyers in the area.

For start, Saltezze have Saltezze central kitchen that  provide Saltezze basic ingredients and pre made Saltezze food before Saltezze distribute it to Saltezze outlets around the city. For outlets placement, there are two main places that Saltezze’ve aimed. Those places are office area and school area. Saltezze choose those two place based on the high level of activity combined with the sheer volume of people around that area. Those locations also guarantee us 5 days a week activity which is better than other public places such as malls and recreation area that  only deliver high amount of activity only in the weekends. This is based from the nature of product that Saltezze’re serving which is a daily meal.

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