Business Support

Managing Staff and Sustainability

How to Manage Staff like the “Best Leaders” do

  • Offer clear vision or goal to the staffs
  • Maintain a good communication with the staffs. People management sometimes start with listening
  • Build positive working relationship, including trust among team members
  • Hold regular planning and review meeting
  • Acknowledge good work with positive feedback and reward
  • Support career development
  • Delegate jobs to the right person
  • Manage conflict wisely
  • Set a good example for guidance and inspiration

Effective ways to build “Sustainable Business”

  • Building your business on belief
  • Hire the best possible person to represent your business
  • Establish multiple revenue channels as possible
  • Monitor the cash flow
  • Always working in a team. Don’t do everything yourself
  • Discuss and get your team engaged in your sustainability vision.
  • Focus on your value proposition

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