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Business Profile: Ku-King

Ku-King is food startup specialized in meal kit provider uses digital as a platform. As our mission to offer better food system by giving benefits to farmers, breeders, fisherman, and citizens. We believe that urban people don’t have time to cook every day, do a grocery shopping, and have no time to learn how to cook even they wanted to. In European market the solution for the   is meal kit with the philosophy how people can cook a healthy and delicious meal, without wasting time in a grocery store and learn how to cook from it. In Ku-King kitchen we want to carry the solution that already solves with different approaching with the education of cooking and entertainment, Even Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand already adopted Meal-kit.

The business chain starts from order, the order system able through website and application in android and iOS. Each order delivered 2 days after the order, every order pack inside the box with a cooling system to maintain the freshness of the product. The delivery system utilizes motorcycle for the order.

Each package served with a paper box inside coated with aluminum paper, inside the box contained all ingredient of the meal that already adjusted based of needs of every meal portion, the idea comes to reduce the waste and help people with measurement. The package also equipped with an interactive cooking tutorial which in the future we also   to make the cooking tutorial via mobile application with Hello Fresh as the benchmark.

 To make the customer can order our variety of menu so the customer can choose what they want, we give them choice. As our value is transparency, each ingredient label from which farmers or breeders the came from, it makes the customer know specifically where their food came from, also gaining the awareness of the farmers and breeders.

The first Ku-King is located in Depok, specifics in Komplek Depok Maharaja Blok D1. Ku-King has Office, logistics, and inventory equipment as Ku-King physical assets. We have the personnel to take control of assembly quarter, who responsible to package and delivery system.

The other asset there is staff that doing the operations such as warehouse manager for doing operational inside the distribution center, we also hire the driver for the delivery service. We also have IT engineer who developing, maintenance Ku-King digital system, application, and website.

Other than that, we have marketing division to be the one who engage with the client to promote our services and increase our sales. Ku-King also has Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operations Officer (COO). Because it is a new company, Chief Executive Officer responsible to lead and handle marketing, IT, and also customer relationship. Whereas, COO the lead for operation system, onboarding drivers & operation employee, selection of detergent and other needs for operation and the finance process.


  1. Farmers. As our mission to erase middleman in the business and to create better food system, we cooperate with local farmers near Jabodetabek area. The decision was taken considering the supply chain duration that take longer and affect the quality of vegetables along the process if we choose farmers outside Jabodetabek. The qualification for the farmers is pesticide free, and half mature crops that harvested, hydroponics farmers also welcome. An obligation of pesticides free for the farmers considering the healthy value and half mature for the taste of the vegetables which maximum at half mature. At the moment we have cooperation with 3 farmers in Parung, Cibinong, and Bogor. The farmers are obligated to provide vegetables for the products.
  2. Breeders. Each menu that we sell not only consist of vegetables, not all of our customer is vegetarian. So, we make cooperation with chicken and cow breeders in west java area. our breeders are obligated to provide meat, chicken, fish, and egg with high quality with standardization process, to sort the breeders we cooperated with farmers under advisory of Tazkia Center which they have their own standardization of breeding, to provide the best meat, egg, chicken, and egg.
  3. Seasoning and spices supplier. Everyone cooks with seasoning to give a better taste. Ku-King does cooperation with spices and seasoning supplier near Depok area because it’s near the distribution area. Ku-King already builds cooperation with seasoning suppliers, the suppliers that we already cooperate with, is the seasoning supplier that usually supply the seasoning in Pasar Depok Jaya, the supplier also available if Ku-king orders the specific seasoning such as import seasoning.
  4. Packaging supplier. To deliver product to the customer, Ku-King needs package containing paper box sealed with aluminum on the inside equipped with dry ice to keep the temperature inside the box stays cold. We choose the supplier in Ciracas area because of they able to make our custom-made paper box sealed with aluminum paper. They also sell the packed dry ice that can be equipped with the box.
  5. Drivers Partner. For the delivery fleet, Ku-King approach with workers and student from the university students. The drivers respond to deliver the meal kit package to the customers. The drivers having the income based on how many packages they carry per day; the cost of delivery charge from the customer. After several developments, Ku-King also be partnering with existing delivery services such as Go-Jek and Grab the bike, with the system of the customer choosing the listed delivery choice between Ku-King delivery, Ninja express, Go-Jek, and Grab.


Ku-King activity focus on broadening the cooperation with farmers, breeders, and fisher to create better food system. The recruiting a community based that we create for them to sharing information and others activity. Ku-King also giving education to them how to producing best and qualified product not only for us but also for the other people. In December 2017 Ku-King already cooperated with 3 local farmers, and 1 farmer and breeder’s advisor that having more than 100 scouts in west java area.

Another main activity is developing the menu idea; the idea come from 3 source, already popular food, trending food, and from customer feedback and request. The menu must be changed every 2 weeks, and our activity to find out which the most suitable menu for the period. Besides providing the product Ku- King must conduct the research about which menu is popular in the market, later the menu specialists are responsible to research and prototyping related to the menu like the portion of each menu, and arrangement for the packaging.

The third activity is, internal operational, from the unload from the suppliers to the deliver the package. Between unload to the delivery, Ku-King team responsible to make recipe sheets, quality assurance, plastic packing, and putting all the ingredient, recipe, and other sustention inside the box.

The activity also including maintenance the application and website. Maintenance is important because it still big possibility crashed of the internal or external and also difficulty of some customers in access the website or application. For example, customers still confuse how to register.


Value proportion is an adding value offered by customer to solve their current of existing  . Ku-King offers cooking experience, yet delicious, practice, entertaining, and educating

Convenience. Nowadays people busy with their activity. They have no time to learn how to cook; Ku-King come to solve the  , how customer can cook at home deliciously and easily without afraid the food is not good enough. Educating. With Ku-King Customer can cook while learn how to cook properly with learning and practice in the same time, with interactive cooking step, learning so much easier. Entertaining. We want to change the image of cooking into something fun and entertaining, customer can learn with our package and got fun atmosphere using our product, our approach is giving new experience of cooking.


As an adding-value company, Ku-King should give excellent product and services we have to had a good relationship with customer. To gain and maintain the relationship with the customer we giving several promotions through online and offline such as new bird program with a discount for first purchasing. Ku-King also maintains the relationship with direct communication with the customer, Ku-King wants customer involving in the development of Ku-King through feedback, request, and particular event.

Social media also active to engage with customer with interactive content about food, tips, trick, and healthcare. Ku-King also planning to separate the product based on season and level of difficulty.


Ku-King focus on niche markets, which are middle – upper class ages around 19 – 32, specially woman who already has a partner.


Physical Assets. Ku-King need building for distribution center, and warehouse equipment to keep package, internarial and external digital assets and delivery. Human Resources.Operational Team consists of Distribution center manager, courier, and ingredient receiver. Management team consist of people in charge of business development and controlling, the divisions are Finance, management, growth team, R&D, public relation, and human resource manager. Technology, Technological assets consist of website, application, and social media accounts


The channeling way for delivering the value proportion, Ku-King approach customer in several ways, Ku-King using 3 channel including communication, production, and services, the first Ku-King establish story about successful woman when struggling to learn how to cook in digital media such as social media and forum along with website and application promotion service channel there mobile application as the platform for customers to access our services. The key to our communication to the customer is through social media email, website, and application. Each month Ku-King do engagement to the customer through the most inspiring cooking story. Production channel linked with how we establishing new line up of menu with the participation of our customer. We actively spread request 1 month before the release of the product. The feedback and request processing by our product manager to sort the best product to release shortly.


Cost structures explained expenses that Ku-King needed to operate the business. Ku-King cost structure as follow: Capital expenditure, such as building. Capital expenditure use to complete the long term asset for the technical devision such as building, computer, warehouse system, kitchen and etc. Employees Salary, which consist of full time employees, part times employees and driver partners. Daily operational expenses, such as Packaging and delivery expenses.


Revenue streams reflecting how Ku-King makes the profit Here is how Ku-King business model can generate profit Profit from sales Profit come from adding value from cost of goods sold before added with delivery cost, wich separated from products price.

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