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Mental health issues impact just about every human on the planet. Most people who need help are not getting it due to stigma, cost, and access concerns. There is seemingly endless white space in this market today, and a flood of entrepreneurs looking to enter, not only because of the market size, but because the reduction in stigma has made them more comfortable with solving something so personal. The mental health tech startup ecosystem is still nascent; it is young, and it is the perfect time to be early in a market that could quite possibly be the key to restructuring healthcare is provided and consumed in the decades to come, not just in the United States, but globally. is an online counseling website and provides mental support tools. changes the way people get psychological help by providing convenient, discreet, and affordable access to a counselor. There are three main features of website. The first is to allow people to share daily stories, just like any other social media platform. Still, the exciting part is the ability of others to support each other by giving the ‘like’ and ‘comment’ button anonymously. Another feature is a mood tracker. It is a tool to track the mood of the users so that they can acknowledge their mood performance. This feature was invented due to the request of one of co-founders as a mood disorder survivor; she said that this kind of functionality would be beneficial for other mental illness survivors like her. The last feature is counseling with’s credible counselors. One of the team members is a psychology graduate, and she is also a counselor in, a mental health support community in Jakarta. Based on her expertise, the counselors must be (minimum) psychology students from the 5th semester above or psychology graduates. This requirement is essential to keep track of the quality of the counseling and the trust of users.

Founder of Ruhmaya Nida Wathoni is a President University student, in Business Administration, to be specific in Entrepreneurship 2016. She is passionate in Start-Up and innovative ideas, and was established a Start-Up called, an online on demand laundry platform in Cikarang area. She was honored to be a staff and admin of SetSail BizAccel, business incubator owned by President University in 2018 for about one year. She was handling many weekly / monthly events held for President University students, mainly related to digital business and Start-Up industries. provides accessibility for people in need of mental support to get mental health first-aid help by counselors, as easy as telling stories. By this value proposition open many opportunities for people to improve their mental wellness by telling story. And for counselors, has a flexible and part-time working schedule and a great place for training for rookie psychology students and practitioners considered website application to be the main channel of this product. So that anyone can access anytime, and anywhere. For the offline channel, can use the conventional community to deliver value and providing face to face counseling is one of the implementations of offline channel, starting in Jakarta first, and hopefully there are some cities that can add more.

The relationship that want to build is to provide a support system in mentally for users. This means understand that mental health is just like physical health. believe that everybody has it and somebody needs to take care of it. That is the reason why care about this topic. By social media, customer support and having review, rating and feedback system.

For achieving sustainability in business, have offline paid mental health events and B2B business model, such as providing psychological services to corporates, schools or universities.’s key activities are IT development, marketing, and content creation. As mentioned above that service is website-based service. This means the IT development  always be improved and sustain. So that hopefully, in the future, can use the mobile application as platform. Another one is marketing, which can be a booster of traffic, engagement, and traction. Content creation is one of the critical factors in marketing. It is because want to attract potential users by delivering value from the urgency and the importance of maintaining mental wellness. main platform, which is called website application is the main key technological resource, having skilled counselors and human resources are something that have and  always be improved.

The first key partner is counselors that  facilitate user consultations by website. From a psychological point of view, the counselors must be (minimum) psychology students from the 5th semester above, or psychology undergraduates. This requirement is crucial to keep users happy and satisfied. In this state, have decided that those requirements are enough rather than hire a professional psychologist. The main reason is because of limited resources and in the early state; targeted people with mental fatigue, rather than mental illness specialist. The last one is a community in mental health. Due to the increase of mental health awareness among society, at this time, many new communities have sprung up. This is an excellent step to get more users by community channels.

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