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Business Profile: Lotan

LOTAN is an exclusive local business that involved in fashion industry which focusing on men’s fashion. Providing various kind of fashion with eco-friendly fabric and designed by local fashion designer with the best quality and price. LOTAN focus on creating the lifestyle or brand identity which makes men feel macho, classic, exclusive and confidence when they wear it. LOTAN definitely also provide supports, tips, news or articles about men’s fashion, health and grooming for customers from the websites. As LOTAN know, fashion in Indonesia is the second highest industry that contributes on the GDP, but majority of people have limited knowledge about quality of its fashion and what factors make them looks good when they wear it. Thus, LOTAN gather people who understand it and work together to satisfy and provide supports to customers.

The name “LOTAN” came from the owner’s parents family name, which is Lo and Tan with white and black colour for logo represents its classic, exclusiveness, elegant and professional. 

LOTAN build own Website and Instagram account to embrace customer. Business in fashion industry is still constantly increase and consider as one of the business that never die because it’s basic human needs and want. A big thanks to the ease of internet, everyone is getting easier and often shop for clothes online. The important thing is that LOTAN have to follow the fashion trends. Therefore, the design of fashion is not outdated and in accordance with the tastes of consumers from time to time.

The office be located in Jakarta Barat. The equipment needed is more less 2 laptops or computers for design process and internet. The personnel of LOTAN are the board of director, co-owner, customer service & administration, marketing & creative. 

Wehry is President University student majoring in Business Administration 2016 concentrating in retail. His father was a furniture businessman, his uncle has a women’s fashion boutique, his aunt and cousin have printing manufacture. They are all an entrepreneur which inspired him to start a business too. 

The value of LOTAN is LOTAN use eco-friendly fabrics to help this world decrease climate-change problems, and LOTAN are going to bundle products with good design of tote bag which is no plastics are used for products. Fashion business is really not about the function of the products because people buy identity and lifestyle that represent their-self when they use the products. LOTAN also offer advice, tips, news about men fashion and grooming. The customer segment of LOTAN is teenager until adult who love fashion (fashion enthusiast) and care about their appearance.

In order to get customer relation LOTAN do marketing on Instagram or website so they recognize presents as a fashion brand. Once LOTAN have got customer, LOTAN have to keep it by giving them services or satisfying customers, listen to what they want, what they think about products. Then by maintaining customer LOTAN always provide advices, tips, develop and inform latest products or services.

LOTAN target market is low to upper class people in Indonesia, they are people with income from 1 million to above 2.5 million rupiah per month. LOTAN focus on teenager until adult who care about climate change and certainly love fashion.

LOTAN positioning itself as an exclusive yet modern eco-friendly local fashion that give every customer look smart and stunning. Also, providing the best quality and services to fulfil customer satisfaction. Here are several points LOTAN positioning itself: 

  1. The company that using eco-friendly fabrics and help climate change problem. 
  2. The best quality and design 
  3. Beautiful and stunning websites

LOTAN provide varies of products like T-shirt, Shirt, Polo, Sweater, Casual pants and short with eco-friendly fabrics. Exclusive, modern and classic is the main thing LOTAN want product to be shown. LOTAN also produce an exclusive design which is limited product, so LOTAN can increase the price. Using online advertising, LOTAN can easily reach customer from any place in Indonesia and the potential market place are in the big cities. Besides that, LOTAN conduct or join a fashion exhibition to create brand awareness or get most of the customer. 

The process of making product is LOTAN don’t cut and sew the fabrics. First, LOTAN purchase the fabrics from the supplier then LOTAN deliver it to the sewing service, so LOTAN don’t have spends too much cost on the process. 

LOTAN provide online services which is websites and Instagram. Customer can see any information regarding the product they want in online which mean LOTAN have to provide a complete information as well. The payment only be done from website by Bank transfer, OVO, DANA and other online payment be considered. If the stock is available and they purchase before 3pm LOTAN immediately process to delivery services. The delivery services can be through JNE, JNT, Go send, etc.

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