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Perfeeds Studio Lab. is a business that focuses on photography and videography industry. Photography is craftsmanship that utilizes lights as media. Photograph studio and photography business progressively selling great now, it causes by people groups who need to catch their moments as good as well. 

Perfeeds Studio Lab. was established since mid-year of 2019 and start running with many genres of photo and video projects by the owner. Previously, Perfeeds Studio Lab. has been used the owner name for the sales of products and post the results through the Instagram platform. Since the owner wants to create more packages of photography services and make bigger this business also boosts sales, the owner thinks another business model for branding the Perfeeds Studio Lab. 

Perfeeds Studio Lab. is coming with the photo studio and photography also videography services. Focusing on photo studio services with simplification-minimalism style and tone which has a great color for Instagram feeds or other social media account that the client wants to upload soon. Likewise, photographers and videographers for indoor and outdoor projects were facilitated by us both in our studio or in nature either individual documentation, for example, couples, family, graduation, models, maternity and baby, traveling nor pre-wedding and wedding.

By focusing on photography services, Perfeeds Studio Lab. have client like an individual, couples, and family clients to create a unique and memorable capture of moments without limiting the style of photography technique that has by us. The time can’t be returned, one day the flashback to the past will be needed and only the photo will be expressed a moment and every time see the photo, it can help to remember many moments also clients can feel what the memorable parts that ever happened to them. 

Perfeeds Studio Lab. located in Ruko Greenlake Sunter Blok CF, Jl. Danau Sunter Selatan, Jakarta Utara for studio services but can go mobile for projects. The needed equipment is full of photography equipment that needed for the photoshoot and video shoot both indoor and outdoor. As time goes by, Perfeeds Studio Lab. build a perfect team that has the same passion in this business. Meanwhile, there divided by 2 teams. The first team is an operational team including photographer, videographer, and editor. The second team is the administration team including finance and receptionist or a helper.

Perfeeds Studio Lab.’s benefit is coming with an Instagram-able studio concept using a minimalist style that plays in simple tones like black, grey, white, brown, olive, and other pastel colors. This studio offers many spots with different backgrounds and unique photo properties in one studio room. Perfeeds Studio Lab. produce the photo and video results in high-resolution quality even through the editing process be a partnership with a hair salon and beauty bar in one roof. The services that Perfeeds Studio Lab. has are the prewedding studio and outdoor, wedding, graduation in the studio, personal or group or family photoshoot in outdoor, maternity with a baby born in a studio, commercial or photo product in the studio, company profile, and pet photography. The clients that use photography services from Perfeeds Studio Lab. get all access to use the studio equipment while the session run. Besides that, the clients get various benefits depends on what they use the services.

Perfeeds Studio Lab. create and engage the relationship in long-term with clients through membership, offer vouchers and discounts, also participate in community events such as weddingku, bridestory, instanusantara, indofotografi. This relationship is to retent and attracts new customers to use the services of the Perfeeds Studio Lab.

Perfeeds Studio Lab. have physical assets such as studio photo facilities plus all the tools there and the human resource assets like photographer, videographer, editor, finance people, also receptionist or a helper. With these resources, Perfeeds Studio Lab. going to build good photography services that already offered by us.

Perfeeds Studio Lab. maximize using WhatsApp and Instagram direct message for book a studio rent or other packages nor if the customers or clients have a problem or complaint related schedule booking and studio package itself. To gain more customer satisfaction, our partners reply to the question from clients within 15 minutes. After booking a photo studio, clients get a payment notification to complete the transaction which can be administered within 8 to 24 hours. 

Before starting the session, we provide time to prepare around 30-45 minutes then Perfeeds Studio Lab. partners explain what is inside of photo studio types of equipment in detail (the name and function also how to use). If the session ends, our partners come to the inside photo studio to remind clients. As a result, our partners send the photo or video within 7-10 days’ workday. If our partners late sending the result within the specified time, later on, our partners notified the clients about it to wait more time. Perfeeds Studio Lab. focusing on clients’ happiness with full of memories about their photo and video and satisfaction when clients using the Perfeeds Studio Lab. products and services.

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