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Giantri’s cupcake house

The owner of giantri’s cupcake house is a student of business faculty of president university. Owner majoring in business administration and took a hospitality and tourism business concentration. My education background and my hobby in making a cake brings me to take the opportunity to make a business which run in the field of food industry.

All comes from owner hobby in baking. Owner very happy to try to make a wide variety of cakes owner’ve ever eaten until owner’ve never eaten. Owner also love to do culinary to taste the variety of food and beverage in various forms of food business, ranging from street food, café, cake shop, to the restaurant. Through my experience, owner see that there is still little cake shop which provides facilities to dine in, yet it is nice if Giantri’s Cupcake House could hang out together with friends to enjoy a delicious cake. It made me look at the business opportunities for the cake shop, especially in the area of cikarang. Owner have not seen a store that actually focus on selling the cake, most of them is a bakery that sells bread and cakes and all of them are not providing facility to dine in.

Our focus product is cupcake. Beside that Giantri’s Cupcake House also sell a cake in the form of whole and pieces. In addition, Giantri’s Cupcake House also provide some beverages like tea, coffee, chocolate drink and milkshake because of there is dine in facility. The beverages could be a friend while customer enjoying our cakes. The cakes have many variety of taste, there are chocolate, vanilla, mango, strawberry, blueberry, green tea, banana, blueberry, tiramisu, mocha, red velvet, lemon, peach, and the combination of taste listed.

The goal of production team is to work hand in hand in togetherness as a production team and always maintain the quality of the products in high standard as Giantri’s Cupcake House reach the production target every production day, also always try to create an innovation in our products or create a new product.

Besides focusing on produce a cupcake, Giantri’s cupcake house also has some another products, such as a whole cakes and some beverages. For cupcakes and cakes Giantri’s Cupcake House have variant of tastes, which are red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, matcha, nutella, strawberry, blueberry, mocha, caramel, lemon, and banana. Giantri’s Cupcake House also provide some choices of beverages such as, coffee, tea, chocolate, and milkshake.

Cupcake is a product that can not last long, therefore Giantri’s Cupcake House do the production process every day. The production process is done in the morning and during the day. Since Giantri’s Cupcake House also accept pre order, then it is possible if the production process is done outside the specified time. The production process is divided into three parts. First is the preparation. This process is very important in making the cupcake for the manufacture of pastry products such as cupcake requires an exact measurement, therefore, the preparations from the completeness of the ingredients to the measurement of the ingredients is very noteworthy. After measuring the ingredients, prepare the equipment that be used, including preheat the oven. Second process is making the cupcake which consist of mixing the ingredients, baking, and the last is decorating. Decorating process determine customer interest to buy our products because the display/decoration of the product attract people to buy the product. One more thing that also should not be forgotten in the making process is to make the frosting. The last process is the process of serving. This process is divided into two sections, the presentation of cupcake when dine-in and the packaging of cupcakes when it comes for take away.

Based on company’s name which is Giantri’s Cupcake House, Giantri’s Cupcake House want to fulfill customer desire by providing several types of cupcakes. Giantri’s Cupcake House do not just want to make a cupcake as they exist normally, but Giantri’s Cupcake House want to give the impression of a more interesting in our cupcake with colorful topping collaboration. Giantri’s Cupcake House also offer our best product which is red velvet cupcake that be the best red velvet cupcake in Cikarang. In order to make the best product, all of the ingredients that Giantri’s Cupcake House used are in the good-quality level which still fresh, healthy and safe.

In order to achieve our objectives, Giantri’s Cupcake House have to reach potential customers. To realize it, Giantri’s Cupcake House promote our products through online and offline promotion. For online promotion, Giantri’s Cupcake House use technology which is internet by access it through our gadget. Giantri’s Cupcake House use several social media such as Instagram, Line, and Twitter to give awareness of our company. Giantri’s Cupcake House also do offline promotion by making attributes such as banner, posters, stickers, and so on to make our product known by people surrounding. Another promotion that Giantri’s Cupcake House do is provide member card. In every purchase the buyer get 1 stamp, and if it already reach certain amount of stamps, they get special discount. In addition Giantri’s Cupcake House also provide seasonal discounts or promos such as buy one get one that can be obtained on certain days and certain hours. To continue to develop target markets, Giantri’s Cupcake House also provide cooperation in the form of sponsorship for institutions that are holding the event.

Giantri’s Cupcake House is located in commercial building area in Jalan Tarum Barat 2, Jababeka, Central of Cikarang. This location is surrounded by many residences, schools, and factories Also. Its strategic location makes it very easy to access using public transport or private vehicles. However, Giantri’s Cupcake House provide a delivery service for every customer who might not be able to visit our store but would like to buy our products. Delivery order service surely must be done with a minimum purchase of which has been determined in accordance with the existing area, but Giantri’s Cupcake House can be sure that Giantri’s Cupcake House’re not going to set a high price for these services.

A good quality product is not only coming from the materials but also the human resources which was one of the factors that support the quality of the product. Therefore, in the process of making our products, Giantri’s Cupcake House hire people who actually experienced in their fields. Aside from a sense of quality, customer satisfaction also determined from the good service, therefore Giantri’s Cupcake House employ people who has a good personality and can work with deftness. Giantri’s Cupcake House also emphasize our staff to give a good hospitality for the customer.

An efficient process generate a bigger profit and cost less. Processes or procedures that work well also affects customer satisfaction and Giantri’s Cupcake House believe that a satisfied customer come back to buy our products. Therefore Giantri’s Cupcake House provides 2times a day for the production process. The first one be done in the morning where the cupcake be made in large numbers, whereas in the afternoon the cupcake be made for an addition when the cupcake produced in the first round are sold out. This makes the customer should not be afraid to run out of his favorite cupcake in our store. In addition, Giantri’s Cupcake House also provide a pre-order process where customers can order in advance our product or customer may wish to order our products by custom. For a beverage, the ordering process can be done on the spot, and once ordered, a new beverage can be made and served.

Unlike patisserie in general, Giantri’s Cupcake House offer dine-in facilities for customers who want to enjoy our products while sharing with their friends. Therefore, not only the taste and attractive form of our cupcake that affect customer satisfaction, but also the atmosphere of our store is very important in providing customer satisfaction. Our store design concept was made with minimalist concept and also cozy. Giantri’s Cupcake House also provide facilities like music and Wi-Fi, on every desk Giantri’s Cupcake House provide the electric socket so that our customers can enjoy their time while savoring our products.

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