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Nowadays, most of children and youngsters in Indonesia, including Depok city considered as the most advanced of any generation before it. They grow while getting information from their smart gadget just by using their fingertips. Many of them could utilize it to the positive way, but there are also many of them got some negative impact from it. Many children and youngsters becomes addict to the easiness and amusement, which offered by their smart gadget such as social media, online games, chatting application, even online shops. It is still acceptable if they access it in proper time just for refreshment, but it become big problem if they already entering the “addicted” level, especial y in online games cases. It can impact their personality in real life, they become introvert; they tend to play with their smartphone or other gadget rather than gather with their family or friends; they usually shy if meet new person and not talk too much, but it different if they chat with their new friends in cyberspace; and the worst case, they spend most of their time in those cyberspace rather than real life like they live in that kind of world.

Board game is a tabletop game that generally needs 2 or more players, using designated and markings space and several tools like card, dice, coin, token, and other as the media for play ( Each board game has different rule, and most of them based on pure strategy with element of chance or luckiness with average 20 – 40 minutes play time for each game.

Youngster and family can play so many exciting and fun board games in cosy and comfortable place while enjoying snack and drink as well. Rather than playing with friend cyberspace, those people can play with their real- life friends and compete or cooperate with them with real laugh, real emotion, real excitement and real fun.

Radiance provides various board games from the old school until the modern one in so many categories also like which guarantee fun and exciting experience. You never get bored because Radiance always update with new trendy games which pleasure you. Every person can enjoy the board games just by paying IDR 20,000 for each game for unlimited time. So, they enjoy the game without feeling worry about time charge.

In addition to the above, Radiance also provides food and beverages menu from light until heavy meals along with fresh drinks which can accompany the customer while enjoying their game and chitchat with affordable price even for high school and university student. How if new player like to play game but he or she do not know the rule? Do not worry because Radiance provide “Game Master” who give the tutorial for new player with free of charge. So, do not hesitate to try our new and update games, because you master it in no time and start to having fun with your friends.

Most of modern board games have more complex rule rather than the old one. Therefore the gameplay more various and it bring more excitement for the players. The customer not feeling bore because the game itself always updated from various developer. They compete for launch the exciting board game which booming in market in international and national scale. Therefore board game industry not ‘die’ in the future. Some customer might worry about having meal when they playing board game. They are afraid that the food and drink spill out and mess the board game. To solve that problem, Radiance use large table to minimize that risk which could accommodate up to eight persons.

Beside focuses on board game and excellent service, Radiance CnG also provides quite wide range of food and beverages. Radiance like to focus on light meal only to accompany the customer while playing the board game to avoid uncomfortable feeling of glut. The food consist of several light meal such as toasted bread, original or customized instant noodle, various fried menu like French fries until crispy chicken, and other fast food. The meal itself not cost the customer more than IDR 20,000 and the average price for meal only around IDR 8,000 – 12,000. The beverage also not cost more than IDR 12,000 with variety of tea, coffee, milkshake, squash and others.

Radiance logo use orange color as its main color which similar with flame and the yellow highlight as the light from the flame itself. Radiance term itself identic with light, or spreading the light. Light often become the source of meeting point, where there is light there are many people gather around the light source. Radiance also want to that light which can provide the place for hang out, gathering, meet new friends and the most important to become the light which can give warm feeling of happiness and togetherness to all of its customer.

Radiance Café and Games owned by Kevin. He is a President University student who majoring in Business Administration which concentrated in Entrepreneurship batch 2013. He has many experiences in organizational activities while doing his study in President University. Start from conducts various events while incorporated in President University Major Association of Business Administration (PUMA BA) in student activity division; Production Manager in Inkukhu Corp (entrepreneurship class business project); Team Leader of Student Ambassador in Jabodetabek Regional for 2 periods; Coordinator of Student Ambassador outside Jabodetabek Regional and now work in President University Marketing Department as an internee.

Radiance Cafe and Games offers a place for spending time and hang out with board games as the main tools. The customers experience the fun and excitement through board games as the media in togetherness and kinship atmosphere with their friends or family. ‘Game Master’ help new players to understand the rule of all board games. Radiance Cafe and Games also provides snacks and drinks to accompany the customer while enjoying their time.

All of the board game quality maintain on their optimal level. Radiance only purchase the board game with high rating and high quality to maximize the customer satisfaction. The table also customized to make the customer could enjoy the board game better. Radiance provides light food and beverages only as the complement for playing board games since most of the customer prefer to have the light one. For the foods itself, Radiance provide several fried menu like French fries, Taiwan crispy chicken, fried mushroom, etc also other popular foods like instant noodle, roasted bread, waffle, etc. For the beverages itself, Radiance more focus on cold drinks like milkshake, ice coffee, ice tea, ice chocolate, ice green tea, juice, and also hot version of several drinks above.

Choosing the appropriate and strategist place is one of the most important things to do in business. Placing itself determine whether the customer want to visit out store or not. Therefore, placing strategy is very needed to achieve success in business. The easy accessible place boost the customer purchase intention, also dense area increase the number of customer as well.

Radiance Cafe and Games located in the center of margonda street in Depok. Margonda street is the business and entertainment center in Depok which surrounded with several universities, malls, and also food stores. Radiance easily accessed by the main target market which is university students. In market research, most of the respondents could access margonda street easily and most of them also often pass this street in their daily activity.

Radiance also provides wide parking space which can acomodate around 8 – 10 cars. This location also has many public transportation access because there are angkot terminal near the location which often used by the university students as their transportation media. There are also train station around 100m away from Radiance location which also accommodate customer from outside margonda to visit Radiance Cafe and Games.

Pricing strategy is a sensitive factor that influence the purchase intent ion of the customers. Radiance Cafe and Games itself use quantity orientated strategy for the pricing to embrace as many customers. Therefore, Radiance offer the very affordable price even for middle low level economic societies in order to maximize their joy while spending their time in Radiance Cafe and Games without need not to worry about the price itself. Start from 20,000 idr the customer could enjoy a board game without any time limit. 

All of process of operation in Radiance Cafe and Games have SOP for maintaining the service quality. The standardization in process lead to the better result of customer satisfaction through services from all staffs. All staff trained to act quickly because most of the customer have quick service from the staff.

Radiance payment system pay first before play. This system more suitable to to maintain the board game availability also to minimize the risk of profit loss by the unresponsible customer who won’t pay for the board game. Most of the customer also do not mind if the payment is done at first before they could play the board game according to the market research.

Since Radiance Cafe and Games is a newcomer to this industry, doing promotional activity is a necessary thing to do. By doing suitable and effective promotional activities, the customer could aware and purchase the product or visit the business at the end. According to market research, social media is the most effective media to do promotion. Therefore, Radiance do marketing aggressively on social media like instagram, twitter, facebook and others. Radiance also provides membership card for increase the number of loyal customers. The membership card cost IDR 10,000 which still affordable for them. They can get free products and special discount by collecting several stickers on the membership card.

All staffs in Radiance Cafe and Games required to give their best service in politeness and kindness to all of the customer. Regular training conducted to the new employee for standardize the performance. The ‘Game Master’ recruitment tight since they should memorize all of the board game rule, and Radiance prefer hire gamer for doing this job.

To make the customer feels comfortable and could enjoy their moment in Radiance Cafe and Games, Radiance provides several facilities in the Radiance Cafe and Games. The interior has many attractive and colorful decoration which very suitable to an object for taking picture with. The atmosphere also relaxing with help of suitable music which last all day long. The unique customized table also add the attractiveness of the place and could minimize the risk of food spoiling. Wide parking space, clean room and toilet pleasure the customer for coming here.

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