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10 Top Tips for getting the most out of a business mentor

Expectations are in line.

Explain what you and the mentor wants/expect so that it matches the expectations of all parties.

Build mutually beneficial relationships.

Think about why you need a mentor. Make this relationship mutually beneficial for both parties


Build the widest possible network, so you can get many alternative mentors, so you can find the best mentors for your self-development. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by mentors who are younger than you, because they may have more experiences

Have a lot of mentors.

Don’t limit yourself to just one mentor, because the mentor could be in your area of expertise or a different field.

Adjust the time.

Time is very valuable to the mentor so match your time with the time the mentor has, and do not cancel appointments with the mentor to build mutual trust. Respect the time the mentor gives, and don’t take it too long.

Be a good listener and be positive thinking.

Listen carefully to suggestions and corrections or feedback given by the mentor, avoid arguing. Just do what they suggest and teach

Express thanks.

Always say thank you for the attention and time given by the mentor

Prepare model and time of meeting.

Determine how you will discuss with the mentor, whether face to face, online, telephone or chat or mixed and determine the time and place.

List the meeting agenda.

Before meeting with the mentor, write down what will be discussed, asked or discussed so that the direction and purpose of the questions are clear and timely effective.

Be consistent.

When you are consistent, the mentor will trust and the relationship will last longer

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