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Business Profile: Rahmiss

Rahmiss is a Muslim fashion brand that focuses on selling formal and semi-formal Muslim clothing online. Rahmiss’ main target is Muslim women aged (17-40) who live in Greater Jakarta. Rahmiss wants to be present as a product that can meet the needs of Muslim women in their special moments.

Rahmiss has interesting programs every year, by holding special editions at certain moments such as holidays, or independence days. On Independence Day, Rahmiss issued a collection of clothes using traditional fabrics that were produced in limited quantities. Every purchase of a product made from traditional cloth, the buyer is given an explanation of the traditional cloth used in the form of a card. Apart from being able to add value to the sale, the information about traditional fabrics provided can also educate consumers and add a sense of love to Indonesian culture.

Rahmiss provides the best service for its consumers, including providing customer service that operates during working hours and in terms of packaging, Rahmiss packages every purchase of clothing products with box packaging and greeting cards so that it adds an exclusive impression. The existence of greeting cards aims to create an emotional bond between the product and the consumer. Attractive packaging certainly adds to the product’s selling value. Rahmiss products can only be obtained on the official website (Rahmiss) or through his Instagram account.

For delivery, Rahmiss collaborates with online motorcycle taxis, and uses several delivery services including JNE, J&T, TIKI and SICEPAT (for outside the region). With all the systems provided, Rahmiss hopes to provide satisfying service, both in terms of products and services.

Rahmiss has several strengths including:

1. Quality raw materials

2. The quality of the stitches is smooth and neat

3. Utilizing traditional fabrics, not only batik, but tenun and songket.

4. Attractive and exclusive packaging

5. Every buyer gets a greeting card and the contents of the greeting can be customized according to consumer demand, for example for gifts.

Rahmiss’s main activity is to focus on producing quality Muslim clothing starting from designing, selecting good fabrics, quality smooth and neat stitches, and in accordance with syar’i provisions and preserving Indonesian culture by using traditional fabrics in several products. Furthermore, it is packaged in attractive and exclusive packaging, and customer service is available during working hours that are ready to serve questions from potential customers or feedback after making a purchase, so that consumers can get satisfaction both in terms of products or services provided. Rahmiss maximizes marketing through digital marketing by creating interesting content every day through Instagram, and also using endorser’s services which are expected to increase consumer confidence and increase the number of followers on Instagram which will have an impact on increasing sales, as well as optimizing the use of websites that can make it easier for consumers to choosing products and making transactions directly on the web, besides that Rahmiss continues to update information about products or products that are being promoted, and also uses endorse services as a medium for promotion which is expected to increase sales and followers on Instagram.

In the production process, Rahmiss uses quality textile materials obtained from trusted suppliers, as well as utilizing traditional fabrics from craftsmen. Selection of good raw materials is one of the factors to produce quality products. Furthermore, the existing raw materials are sewn according to the pattern that has been made with a predetermined standard of stitches so that the stitches are neat and smooth. After going through the production process, check first to make sure that the product / clothing has no defects or messy threads. Then the product is ready to be packaged after passing the check, and entering the marketing stage via Instagram and the official Rahmiss website, consumers can purchase products via Instagram, the website, and registered resellers.

Rahmiss has several divisions to support the smooth running of the company. The operational division has the responsibility of overseeing the stock inventory of raw materials and carrying out weekly stock taking, making purchases and shipping goods to consumers. Rahmiss operates in Cikarang in carrying out production. The production division has responsibility for all matters relating to production and carries out production according to predetermined SOPs, including designers who communicate their design ideas to tailors and can produce designs that are attractive to the market.

In addition, Rahmiss has personnel who are experts in their respective fields for company development, the marketing division is tasked with analyzing market prices and determining sales strategies to consumers, one of which is by promoting products to consumers using digital marketing to create interesting content every day through Instagram and developing a website that can make it easier for consumers to shop and make transactions directly through the website. Meanwhile, the finance division is responsible for managing the company’s cash flow and making daily, monthly and annual cash reports. Rahmiss has a company leader who serves as CEO who is responsible for the smooth running of the entire production and marketing process, conducts business negotiations, looks for investors, and sets policies in the company.

One of the ways Rahmiss gives satisfaction to consumers is by providing products from quality materials and comfortable to use, because comfortable clothing is an important factor when choosing clothes, especially this is Muslim clothing that is closed and worn on special moments for Muslim women. Rahmiss strives to present clothes that are not only of high quality and good but also pay attention to comfort when worn.

Rahmiss utilizes a fashion bazaar so that Rahmiss products can be better known to the public so that later they can be promoted through Word of Mouth, because most consumers trust more when other consumers recommend a product. Web sales are also used to provide information about products ranging from the type of fabric used, product size and color, product stock, product promotion, and can also make it easier for consumers to make transactions directly through the website. If consumers are not satisfied with the information provided via the web, customer service is provided on a website that is directly connected to WhatsApp. In addition, using social media (Instagram) to attract consumer interest by providing interesting content, and communicating with consumers through giveaway or discounted prices.

Endorsment is currently an effective promotional media in attracting consumers to purchase products, as well as increasing brand awareness so that products are easily recognized. Rahmiss uses endorsment services for every new product issued with a budget that is adjusted to the public figures who are invited to cooperate. The last one is the Reseller system. The existence of a reseller can facilitate marketing and also the distribution of products to be distributed and aims to achieve sales targets. To become a reseller, there are terms and conditions that apply.

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