Startup Advice

Tips for Startup Business

Find opportunities within problems and limitations

Begin to see the positive side of the problem and make up your mind to solve it. Stop not because of limitations but stop when the job is done. Something that is built up with passion and heart, will not be easily overthrown by circumstances. So that the business you build will not stop halfway.

Establish a business model and confirm the direction of the company

Gather as much information as possible and be open to all possibilities. The form is specifically the shape according to the growing trend of the business model.

See what is unseen

Positive and creative thinking. Solving problems can be many approaches and ways so make it a habit to see them in different ways (blind spot). Discussing with experienced people will help think critically. Get used to seeing in the context of Out of the box and hone your thinking skills to be more creative and innovative

“Vision and Mission” which is clear in its technical implementation

The most important thing when starting a business is grounding the vision and mission in a detailed and precise business plan. Maybe there will be adjustments and flexibility in the business but still rooted in the vision and mission that was built.

Organize your time well

Begin to make a regular schedule and organize activities neatly. If we can’t manage ourselves (our time) how can we protect those around us.

Note details are important

Write down all the important things you get. Starting from other people’s advice, to the challenges, innovations, changes and schemes you face when managing your business.

Don’t be too ambitious, focus on one business first

Do not rush to expand or multiply profits by starting another business. Settle and run properly the optimal business that you currently manage. Finish one by one. One big step is decided by one small step.

Take risks with calculations

Courage is important but logical judgment and analysis set yourself up for the worst that could happen

Open to criticism

Business is a “learning process” the same as research. Open criticism and learn to accept and accept from others. Always evaluate the existing deficiencies

Keep praying and innovating

by: dr. Ronny Lesmana, 
Owner of Prospets (Rats sterile diet and beddings for laboratory tests)

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