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Business Profile: Mantoel Kitchen

MANTOEL KITCHEN is a business engaged in the food industry. MANTOEL KITCHEN provides a variety of various kinds of menus, the main menu provided is ayam geprek. different from the other MANTOEL KITCHEN provides ayam geprek with an interesting taste and topping. besides ayam geprek. MANTOEL KITCHEN also provides their favorite menus such as ayam suwir and seblak. The located is in Cikarang. With a blend between western-style and traditional flavors, MANTOEL KITCHEN sure give a different impressionto the people of Indonesia especially around Cikarang.

MANTOEL KITCHEN was established in January 2019 and has been running for 1 year. The main product is ayam geprek, ayam suwir, and seblak. MANTOEL KITCHEN has been selling directly to the cutomers through Line Official Account. while running the business, there is another business model that the owner thinks can boost sales and branding of MANTOEL KITCHEN.

The name “MANTOEL” come from the word of mantap betul which means the thing that has an amazing impression. The cap of chef means there are a people who was supportive of the idea and helped a lot in the early run of MANTOEL KITCHEN. The knife itself represents Mantoel Kitchen really serious to give all the best of us in every sector. white and maroon color for logo represent is delicious, interesting, and professional.

Mantoel kitchen comes either offline store or take away with craft packaging to protect the product and make the look good. The main menu is ayam geprek, ayam suwir and seblak. each menu has a variant tasted such ayam geprek sambal matah, mozzarella dan lain lain, for seblak itself, there are some topping that the customer can choose like chikuwa, egg, cheese dumpling and so on. the menu from mantoel kitchen is made from fresh chicken

Mantoel Kitchen have a store where Mantoel Kitchen sell products directly, Mantoel Kitchen also build online platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Gofood, to develop Mantoel Kitchen delivery service, and can embrace Mantoel Kitchen customer support. then Mantoel Kitchen also serve catering and party orders. Culinary business never dies because of basic human needs and desires. Therefore, service and taste must always consider in order to always satisfy the customer.

Muhammad Farhan Algani is President University student majoring in business administration where the entrepreneurial spirit has been implanted from the campus. He has run MANTOEL KITCHEN while studying at President University for 1 year through mini offline store and his social circle. His mother was a drinking water seller, his sister and father were a property businessman. They are all an entrepreneur which inspired him to start a business too.

Mantoel’s customer come from people who live or currently in Indonesia especially an employer and student, internet user, online shopper, spicy lover, and food lover. MANTOEL KITCHEN’s value proportions are high quality product with selected ingredients, many variation, great packaging with craft packaging, and most importantly great recipe and catering service for the gathering, etc. MANTOEL KITCHEN’s channels are online platforms such as Instagram, Line official account, grab food, and others that might occur in the future and has great potential to reach the customer Instagram allows us to make targeted add and can help to communicate with the customers. However, Line or WhatsApp is still the main media that Mantoel Kitchen use to communicate with customer. While website page can share to gives information about the company, the products, and values that MANTOEL KITCHEN offers

In a food business, the quality of the ingredients is really important since it determines the product quality and taste, in MANTOEL KITCHEN the most important ingredient is the chicken hence the right chicken supplier is the most important key partner. The next key partner is production personnel who are experienced in making fried chicken, the recipe from MANTOEL KITCHEN but these production personnel help in shaping and processing the ingredients.

MANTOEL KITCHEN use this platform to reach a wider audience. The things that Mantoel Kitchen do is creating content consistently, Mantoel Kitchen give several types of information like menu, discount, event, mini and mini games. Those things is really useful for increasing the engagement from the customers. Loyalty programs encMantoel Kitchenage customers to visit Mantoel Kitchen restaurant more frequently or to spend more each time they visit. Mantoel Kitchen run a weekly event to engage Mantoel Kitchen customers, or implement frequent-purchase programs, such as customers receive a coupon free 1 menu for every ten purchasing. Mantoel Kitchen provide buy 1 get 1 for the new menu, and so on.

The owner believe that Getting involved in Mantoel Kitchen communityis a very good way to get Mantoel Kitchen brand in front of current and prospective customers. Mantoel Kitchen host events at Mantoel Kitchen restaurant such as eating spicy menu competition, or sponsor a booth at one of Mantoel Kitchen town’s local events. Donate or volunteer time or services to local charities, or sponsor a youth sports team. Mantoel Kitchen spend 10 to 20 percent of Mantoel Kitchen overall marketing budget on these types of public relations campaigns. the presence of online delivery service is very helpful for culinary business people to promote their business.

MANTOEL KITCHEN register with an online delivery company that have a positive impact on the culinary business. Mantoel Kitchen can get more prospective clients, as well as increase the business revenue.

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