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Profile of Business Plan Competition Winners: MDPL Farm

MDPL Farm is a business engaged in agriculture, especially in hydroponic plantations. The excellence of MDPL is that it provides hydroponic plantations with the support of the IoT system. A combination of agriculture with the support of art and technology, which serves to check nutrition. IOT support in the form of a monitoring system that is carried out automatically.

A hydroponic installation that has artistic value and is supported by an IoT system for checking nutrition so that besides being able to produce healthy vegetables this installation can provide a beautiful view.

This idea was obtained by preliminary observations of the environment and the market, namely that so far hydroponic installations have only been used as a planting medium to produce vegetables with a small capacity as a substitute for conventional farming. Following its development, but currently in several places such as offices, hospitals, housing, or schools have collaborated between plants and art to beautify a place. From the environmental and market observations, if MDPL_Farm offers a product by collaborating between it can be applied in that place, it can have 2 functions, namely vegetable productivity and beauty and a lot of vegetable production. The installation offered by MDPL Farm is in the form of Customs which has been designed to have an aesthetic element that can be enjoyed by its artistic value and can produce more vegetable production than other hydroponic installations. MDPL Farm also made a breakthrough during the Covid 19 pandemic by providing and offering and we provide various planting class training packages, through online hydroponic learning seminars and training during the covid-19 pandemic.

What is your personal background and what is your motivation for participating in the Business Plan competition?

Contributing to Indonesian farmers to create patterns of agricultural systems that have aesthetic elements and have artistic value combined with Internet Of Things (IoT) Technology, so as to improve the welfare of farmers.

I am very concerned about the fate of the farmers who have not become a priority in this agricultural country, many of whom have not received the full attention of the government so far. Policies are still focused on the number of commodities, not welfare for the food heroes of this nation. The second thing is we also address the market demand for urban people who want to plant but do not have sufficient or limited land.

How will Growth Hub help you with your business and / or business plan?

Conduct Business Mentoring Training, Hold Business Plan Events, Assist Branding to Market Products

What are your plans for the future?

Does the fact of winning this competition change anything in your future business plans?

The product installation design from MdPL Farm has very good quality that is friendly to the environment because it is supported by Internet of Thing based technology. Besides that, the vegetables produced are very clean and free from pesticides and nutrients that we provide are free from other harmful chemicals. Whereas for hydroponic products on the market, generally only vertical and horizontal forms, now here MDPL Farm comes with 2 functions, namely aesthetics that comes from the beauty of the installation and provides a relaxing effect created from a combination of installations besides MDPL Farm completes an automatic monitoring system in checking.

MDPL Farm carries the Tag Line, which is “Our Service for the Land of Conservation” in which our company tries to spread 1000 Conservation Benefits to the community. We will name the participating communities as Laskar Konservasi.

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