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Business Profile: NM Lash

Eyelash occupies a special place in beauty culture. Eyelashes and the development of beauty culture in the last decade cannot be removed from the routine of women wearing daily makeup. Therefore, it could be a source of innovation in the making of a new look, beauty styles, and art of eyelash itself. In conclusion, eyelash and beauty got an important position in the development of beauty trends. 

The business idea of NM Lash originated from the love of the owner against the art of eyelash. The owner found that there are difficulties in choosing attractive eyelash extensions, emphasizing the health of natural lashes, and suitable with the shape of eyes. Therefore, it becomes a great opportunity to create eyelash extensions as a beauty business. Eyelash extension can be worn as a daily beauty style and in a special event. Besides, based on the results of the research, a lot of people prefer to wear mascara and eyelash curlers as their daily eyelash beauty routine. Thus, NM Lash presented with the concept of a natural beauty style and can be worn in daily style without the hustle in the morning and the feel of comfort. The owner believes that this eyelash extension studio could be accepted and successful in the market.

NM Lash is an expanding beauty sector business in Indonesia. NM Lash is a studio that specializes in eyelash service that allows females to treat their eyelash, eyebrow, and nail in one practical space. NM Lash perform a new concept such as providing a qualified artist, consultation before treatment, warranty, the client can book through the website and pay the service via e-commerce.

NM Lash’s logo stands from New Mood and aims to give a better mood after using  NM Lash service. Besides that, the logo is easy to remember so if people want to do their eyelash they think of NM Lash. The color of the logo is a timeless black. Black itself has the meaning of elegance, confidence, luxury. NM Lash want the client to have a good perception and relationship with  NM Lash brand. NM Lash logo tries to make a young and simple concept with the touch of lash

Netanya Rut Magdalena as the owner of NM Lash is taking a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Wealth Planning from 2016-2020. She was a certified Professional Lash Artist by Twiink Studio. The Twiink Studio is a specializing eyelash studio in Abu Dhabi. Besides that, the owner is also a trainer for the eyelash extension based in Cikarang and Jakarta. The owner has the purpose and mission to spread the education of eyelash extensions all over Indonesia, and across the world. 

NM Lash provide the best service for clients. NM Lash come with high-quality tools and products, especially for eyelashes. The price that NM Lash offer is affordable. NM Lash believe  NM Lash services answer all the needs of women. The artists who work in  NM Lash studio are artists who are experts in their fields. NM Lash hope the clients have a different experience by using  NM Lash services.

Therefore, NM Lash develop positive and professional services that experienced by clients every time they come to  NM Lash studio.

There are three customer-segmentation of NM Lash, which are beauty addicted, high maintenance, and newbie. Beauty addicted means those people who love to follow the eye beauty trends nowadays. High maintenance means women who demand personal attention and customization for their beauty routine. The last is newbie, those who are never interested in beauty especially eyes and want to achieve beauty in simple ways.

NM Lash is a studio that specializes in eyelash and offering eyebrow and nails as well. NM Lash also offers home service for those who want to stay at home to get  NM Lash treatments. To get treatment in NM Lash is very easy by booking through  NM Lash website then it direct to Fresha and client could pay through e-commerce such as Fave or Meccapann as well. To do social media marketing, NM Lash provides an Instagrammable spot for clients to have an experience of the Instagram worthy studio so the clients can take photos and can be posted on their social media. NM Lash provide a warranty for 5 days if there is a complaint about the result.

NM Lash uses social media to get feedback and recommendation.  NM Lash studio provides a gift card for the client’s prize and they can buy the gift card as a gift to their loved ones. To keep loyal clients, NM Lash provide membership for them to get points. There is an influencer to building the relationship, by engaging and supporting influencers to promote  NM Lash services.

Key activities of NM Lash are selling beauty services (eyelash extension, eyelash lifting, eyebrow, nails) and products. Consultation is also one of the important things in  NM Lash services, NM Lash conduct a consultation before starting the treatment especially for eyelash extension and it is free of charge. NM Lash do marketing and promotion to introduce and attract clients to do  NM Lash treatments. NM Lash certainly cannot run the business well without a key partner. The key partner that NM Lash need is beauty products providers and of course eyelash, eyebrow and nail artist, receptionist and manager in the future. 

NM Lash have several processes to having services at NM Lash. First, the client could directly come to  NM Lash studio (walk-in client). Second, they could make an appointment through phone calls or sending a message through WhatsApp. The last one, the client could book via  NM Lash website then it direct to Fresha. Client also could pay through the marketplace and show the payment receipt to the receptionist. 

NM Lash active in online and offline marketing. But the concern is to promote through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so the client easy and convenient to get the new information. This service can include using a gift card or a pack of beauty products in travel size as a reward, offering free 1-hour eyelash extension on  NM Lash grand opening. NM Lash offer promotions through offline marketing as well such as spreading brochures and magazines.

The place is one of the most important parts of doing business. NM Lash is located in the shop-house and it is surrounded by food and beverage areas. It is in Tebet, South Jakarta that is a strategic area to be reached by the clients. NM Lash put  NM Lash location on Google Maps and Waze, which aims to get easier to find  NM Lash studio. NM Lash located in Prof. Dr. Saharjo No. 83, Menteng Atas, Jakarta Selatan.

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