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Business Profile: Santime Ice Shave

Santime is a company engaged in desserts. Santime has been operating since January 18, 2020, focusing on contemporary beverage products. Santime is now expanding its product varieties by introducing Ice Shave. Santime Ice Shave is a snow shaved ice product that is presented with very unique variants and sizes, namely 50 flavors and 10 variants of toppings that consumers can choose from. The snow-soft texture of a special machine that is intended to turn a block of ice into snow-soft ice shavings and the unique flavours to choose from make Santime ice Shave one of the right choices for people who want to experience snow in Indonesia, especially in Karawang. Served in an unusual size, namely the Giant size (4 flavors + 5 toppings) that can be enjoyed by up to 6 people as well as unique sprinkle sprinkles that make it unique and delicious desserts.

Santime Ice Shave is served in a cone-shaped container made of stainless steel so that it has a clean impression with a stand made of polished wood so that the cone container can stand upright and be enjoyed by consumers without having to hold it all the time. Apart from being a cone holder, the wooden container also gives a new impression of enjoying cone-shaped ice.

The Santime Ice shave company operates in Karawang as the first branch. Assets such as location in the form of a shop, ice making equipment, equipment, furniture. The company “Santime Ice Shave” includes a business in the culinary category, focusing on processing block ice, using pure syrup, and toppings as a complement to the menu as well as providing a new breakthrough in consuming snow shaved ice. This snow shaved ice product is an adaptation product that I found during a trip to Japan, with a little added touch of unique toppings and the idea of ​​presenting a syrup that has many flavors.

Santime Ice Shave is an innovation, this is because (1.) The raw material is very easy to obtain. (2.) Has sufficiently high margins. (3.) Has a very contemporary product concept. (4.) The pattern of people’s behavior that tends to be interested in trying new and unique things and sharing them on social networks. With the 4 statements above, this shows that Santime Ice Shave has bright prospects. In addition, there are 5 other advantages such as:

1. Quality raw materials, pure Italian imported syrup, and toppings that do not use bulk products

2. Supported by sophisticated equipment

3. Ice texture as soft as snow

4. Very varied flavours and toppings (50 flavors + 10 toppings).

5. Without preservatives that endanger health

6. Has premium facilities at an affordable price

Santime’s main activities are production and marketing. The production technique is to create snow shaved ice through ice raw materials which have a high level of hygiene so that it is safe for consumption, develop flavors and products in accordance with current trends so that the product continues to have a positive value. The marketing activities carried out are always updating important points that can go viral on social media. As for product marketing activities that are incessant in the media and social networks and always seek as far as  it could be.

Santime Ice Shave has outlets spread across several areas, especially the Karawang area as the prime outlet. Karawang was chosen to be the first place due to the potential of the Karawang market which is dominated by people who have the largest UMR income in Indonesia, besides that, Karawang is also dominated by people of productive age (18-25 years) who have a high consumptive level. This outlet indicates that Santime is a stable company with superior standards.

Santime customers are ice lovers and people who are happy with contemporary things, consumers with these characteristics are usually found easily on social media. Therefore, ads such as on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are supporting platforms that are very suitable for making Santime Ice Shave products viable. The use of digital marketing has had a very effective impact on promotions during the grand-opening. In addition to the use of digital marketing, marketing products following unique events both formally and informally, such as participating in open house events as a tenant that allows product sales as well as marketing the Santime Ice Shave brand.

Santime also follows cashless trends by partnering with OVO and DANA as virtual money platforms. Where usually, OVO and DANA have cashback which can also be used as part of the Santime Ice Shave promotion. Santime Ice shave takes advantage of unique events to get a Word of Mouth. By trying it directly in a lively event, consumers tend to recommend the products they see or try to their colleagues.

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