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Case Study: Chocolate Character

Since semester 2, I (Niken Hardianti Pradani) started to produce character chocolates. In the first time, my capital was Rp 300.000 and only sell chocolate in a jar.  In one semester my first income was Rp 2.000.000.

Then I made other products such as character and alphabetic chocolates to make different with other sellers.  Since then, my sales increase pretty much significantly.   Now, I got some orders every week.  I could produce 30 boxes per month, during Ramadan and Eid Fitr, I got order more than 100 boxes.  I think, my business and market share are growing well, and market already known my products.     

In 2020, I established another business as a wedding decoration enterprise.  This business is quite promising even though in pandemic moment. Many wedding parties were held with simple decoration that held at home     

How is the teaching on your course going to help you become a successful entrepreneur?

Before starting the study in the first semester, all the students have to take orientation program. The program delivered how to implement STIE Malangkucecwara’s value namely Appreciative,  Thoughtfulness, Team work, Integrity, Time Management, Usefulness, Dedicative, Endless Learning (ATTITUDE).  Those will be our base as an entrepreneur. 

In first semester, I took “Mega Creativity” course that I could learn how to be creative, innovative, broad mindset and also ATTITUDE. In every semester, I got some courses that supported my sense of entrepreneurship and motivate me how to become a successful entrepreneur namely management, marketing management, IT for business, Human resources management, E-business and web development, and Entrepreneurship. 

During the teaching of courses, the lecturer have to explain the ATTITUDE, and each courses should implement each item of ATTITUDE. Those courses and the learning process forged us how to be a successful entrepreneur.

How is the Growth Hub at your University going to help you become a successful entrepreneur?

The ABMHub is a place which are students, staff, entrepreneur, start up, tenant gather to discuss how to run the business well. Since I joint at ABMHub, my business grows fast. I could discuss with some lecturers who expert in their area.  I also able to discuss with other SMEs and to make a relationship with others.

I also can display, promote and sell my product in some exhibition held by STIE such as in the opening ceremony of ABMHub in 2019.   ABMHub helps us to develop and to make my business bigger.

The innovations of my businesses are making customized cute characters chocolate, as well as attractive packaging. While for decoration business, I decorate with fresh flowers and a blend of colors and types of flowers as consumers want

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WhatsApp: 08986133790

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