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Business Profile: ASHEEQA DÉCOR

Asheeqa Decor is a business engaged in the creative industry. Asheeqa Decor offers decoration services with a focus on serving decorations for engagement events, pre-wedding prayers and decorations for intimate or private weddings. Asheeqa Decor has a moslem decoration concept where we want to be part of the journey of 2 human beings who enter a new phase in their lives. We want to make these moments more beautiful with a touch of creative Islamic decorations and full of love from Asheeqa Decor for our beloved consumers. .

The distinctive feature of the decorations that Asheeqa decor offers is by incorporating elements of Muslim art and Islamic patterns then combining them with modern decoration trends so that with these decorations an Islamic atmosphere is created which further adds to the sacredness of the procession of applications, agreements and wedding processions.

Asheeqa Décor has a gallery located at Grand Galaxy Bekasi Rrg 3 Jl. Boulevard Raya Timur Jakasetia. In the gallery, it becomes an office, a meeting place with prospective clients and also a workshop where we work on every decoration project idea and project.

The name Asheeqa is taken from Arabic which means loved, with the hope that this business can be accepted and loved by consumers so that it is always the first choice to entrust decorations in every special event. The logo is dominated by coral red and brown, where the psychology of coral color is able to evoke enthusiasm with warm nuances, while the brown color itself gives a strong and reliable impression. There are 3 flower sketches arranged in stages, it is hoped that Asheeqa Decor can continue to grow and continue to develop.

Asheeqa Decor offers decoration services to make every moment of a human couple’s love journey entering a new chapter more beautiful with a touch of Asheeqa Decor. Asheeqa Decor has a selection of decoration packages for engagement events, pre-wedding recitations, and decoration packages for private weddings or intimate weddings with concepts moslem decoration. In addition, Asheeqa also offers a choice of 3in1 decoration packages where couples who want to continue to the next stage can use the 3in1 package from Asheeqa Decor where the benefits are with the 3in1 decoration package. Couples can determine and change the event date whenever there is no lock date.

Asheeqa Decor’s target consumers are Muslim couples who want to take the next level. Asheeqa Decor provides decoration services for the Jabodetabek area but we are more focused on the Bekasi area because the Asheeqa Decor office and gallery are located in Bekasi. To have a good relationship with clients, Asheeqa Decor maintains a relationship by giving a member card to clients who use the 3in1 decoration package for free. The advantage of having an Asheeqa Decor member card is that they are entitled to a 3% fee from the decoration package they recommend to others and the member card is valid for 1 year.

Asheeqa uses social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube as a means of promotion because as the 4th largest country social media users are a great opportunity to reach the market segment. In addition to social media Asheeqa also has a website that can be accessed to view detailed information about Asheeqa Decor and also by participating in a wedding exhibition as a means of promotion to increase sales of Asheeqa Decor.

Asheeqa decor documents the decoration results at every event on various social media channels owned and also testimonials from consumers who have used Asheeqa Decor’s services, so that consumers who use the services of Asheeqa decor can find out the results and quality that Asheeqa decor provides.

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