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Business Profile: Jannati Halal Holiday

Jannati Halal Holiday is a private company engaged in tour and travel, especially in the field of halal tourism. Our presence is to serve the needs, especially of Muslims in traveling on a tour by referring to Islamic rules. However, it is possible for non-Muslims to enjoy it. Halal is paired with tayyiban which means good so this is a life style for all consumers who care about good products that are beneficial for their health.

The services we provide include halal food, non-alcoholic drinks, hotels, transportation and worship equipment according to Muslim standards. As for tourist destinations, we are currently still focused on serving 4 of the top 10 favorite halal tourism destinations in Indonesia, namely West Sumatra (Padang), Central Java (Semarang), East Java (Surabaya, Malang) and West Nusa Tenggara (Lombok). . Tourist destinations increase as our company grows. In addition, we are also ready to accept requests for halal tourism in other places according to consumer demand. Jannati Halal Holiday is committed to providing the best service at competitive prices and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Jannati Halal Holiday has a target market from various groups such as students, professionals and retirees, most of whom have good time and financial adequacy. The ages that are the segmentation of Jannati Halal Holiday are Generation Z <18 years, Millennials 18-34 years, Generation X 35-54 years, Old Generation> 55 years. People with Muslim populations in several countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East, North Africa, GCC, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, North America are the main potential for Jannati Halal Holiday products and include Indonesians who are Muslim but do not close possibility for all religions because holidays are the necessities of every human being.

Jannati Halal Holiday’s target market is personal and group tourists, both men and women who reside in Indonesia, especially from big cities such as Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya and overseas who come from Southeast Asia, MENA (Middle East, North Africa), GCC (Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain), Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, North America. They are generation Z people aged less than 18 years to more than 50 years. Age is not a consideration for companies because vacations are a necessity for every human being. The level of education that is the target market for enjoying products from Jannati Halal Holiday is at least high school. As for the economic level, because Jannati Halal Holiday has various levels of tour packages, products can be enjoyed by potential consumers from both lower, middle and upper economies.

Jannati Halal Holiday is here to provide services to consumers who need services in the field of halal-based tourism both in terms of food, beverages, transportation, hotels and other tourist activities. As for the product, it is divided into 3 packages, namely Gold, Platinum and Diamond. For the gold package in one group, it consists of about 20 people as well as for the Platinum package. In the Gold package the hotel used is a 1 or 2 star standard hotel, while the Platinum package uses a 3 star standard hotel. Transportation used for the Gold package is in the form of Avansa or Elf cars as for Platinum packages using Inova or Hiace cars.

The Diamond Package is a special package from Jannati Halal Holiday products. In this package, consumers are spoiled with accommodation in the form of 4 or 5 star standard hotels and using an alphard car during tourist activities. In the Diamond package, consumers are more private because participants are limited to only 7 people, of course all the comforts obtained are comparable to the price offered. Of the three packages, consumers are given the facility to be invited to enjoy traditional specialties and enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of nature and culture in Indonesia. All tourism activities have been scheduled by the company, but it does not rule out the possibility to carry out tourist activities outside the schedule that has been determined by a private group agreement.

Jannati Halal Holiday understands that consumers who enjoy products come from various groups with different economic levels. Therefore, Jannati Halal Holiday offers various price levels and facilities for each product. It is hoped that all levels of society can enjoy Jannati halal Holiday products according to their budget.

Jannati Halal Holiday guarantees that the products provided are in accordance with the Halal standards of the Ministry of Religion. Starting from the provision of hotels, food and transportation have been chosen to carry out halal procedures. So consumers who want halal tourism products don’t need to worry anymore to enjoy the tour activities.

Jannati Halal Holiday has also become one of the pioneers in providing Indonesian domestic halal tourism when business people are a little hesitant and feel strange about halal labeling. On the other hand, Jannati Halal Holiday believes the services offered are an added value of the existing tourism services. Not to forget that Jannati Halal Holiday also provides a spiritual experience in every tour activity with education about the history of the development of Islam in Indonesia.

In order to maintain good relations with consumers, there are several ways Jannati Halal Holiday can stay connected. First, that every consumer who has used Jannati Halal Holiday products is entitled to a 10% discount directly for products purchased at a later date. Second, every consumer who has used Jannati Halal Holiday products is directly a member of the company and is entitled to participate in selling all Jannati Halal Holiday products with a commission of 5% within a certain time.

For the third and fourth ways, Jannati Halal Holiday invites consumers to attend new product launches. By involving consumers who have enjoyed Jannati Halal Holiday products, indirectly gives consumers an initial opportunity to try our new products. Do not forget Jannati Halal Holiday is always willing to accept testimonials, suggestions and contributions from consumers from any media for the good of the companies that come.

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