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Business Profile: DEV Caffeine

Coffee Shop is not a new trend at this time, here is the advantage of the business system developed by “Dev Caffeine”. If we go back to the 90s to 2000 and above, coffee-based drinks are a menu that can only be consumed by the middle class people. Over time, almost all Coffee Shops (Pioneer) transformed into an artisan group moving from upstream to downstream, namely the use of raw coffee raw materials directly from farmers, after which it was developed directly through workshops and processed directly through the cooking / roasting process itself This was done to minimize the HPP of coffee, which was initially expensive, resulting in budget savings, the impact was immediate and instant enough so that until now coffee lovers could spend a small enough pocket to consume the main menu of a coffee shop.

Main logo “Dev Caffeine is a bird. Macau wearing a semi casual den jacket bro holding a cup of coffee. Macau birds are birds that have intelligence, have beautiful plumage colors, and have personalities that are good at socializing both with their flocks and with humans. In doing business, we must use intelligence in thinking, making decisions, ideas and ideas. Beautiful fur colors symbolize art, attractive business when combined with elements of art, then the business is more lively and socializing with anyone in the business world is something that must be done by business people. In socialization we should not look at someone from their age, gender and social status, because in fact we can take lessons from anyone without exception.

The philosophy of the semi casual jacket is to symbolize that we are engaged in the creative industry, because nowadays coffee is a place for young people to be creative, but coffee can be casual when coffee is a treat at important meetings. Therefore, your logo wears semi-casual clothes, which means our coffee can be available to young people and the elderly.

The philosophy of pink cups, pink is synonymous with feminism, which means that not only men who enjoy coffee, many women also enjoy coffee and their own cups as a sign that the business we are running is a beverage business.

Devin Nauvaldi Nugraha as the owner of “Dev Caffeine” is a graduate from President University majoring in Business Administration Major Entrepreneurship. Apart from being the owner of “Dev Caffeine”, Devin Nauvaldi Nugraha has also previously opened a business in the field of Café & Restaurant in 2015 called Bang Dev Café & Resto, the position of Devin Nauvaldi Nugraha is as the owner of the café.

The achievement of Bang Dev Café itself is to become the only restaurant that regularly sells turkey meat and is the first restaurant in the Depok and Bogor areas to sell turkey as the main ingredient. Not only that, 11 (eleven) TV stations have also covered Bang Dev Café in 2016 and 2017, other awards have been won such as 1st place (one) SME, Expo which was held at the campus of President University in 2017. Apart from Bang Dev Café & Resto, Devin Nauvaldi Nugraha also has a business with his high school colleagues, namely Cars & Spa, South Garden Auto Spa which is located at Jl. Cirendeu indah No.56 Tangerang.

From the business experience and relationships that Devin Nauvaldi Nugraha has started since 2015, Devin Nauvaldi Nugraha with 3 (three) core team members, namely Tubagus Burhani as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Yusuf Abidin as Chief Operation Officer (COO) and 3 (three) an external team member who is the Chief Marketing Office (CMO) and the artist is the operational team in their field. “Dev Caffeine” plans to develop coffee business at the national level with the spirit of “Be First Or Be Better”.

The advantages of this business activity are, serving a menu of quality Indonesian coffee at affordable prices, presenting the concept of coffee & street art in collaboration with local artists, providing coffee beans that have been roasted according to customer requests, the ingredients used are hygienic, halal, and of high quality.

A successful product or service means nothing, unless the benefits of the service are well communicated to the target market. Product promotion is one of the important requirements for “Dev Caffeine” to gain a position in the market in order to attract new customers and introduce marketed products. A strong promotional strategy is certainly very helpful in raising the name of the company, and helping the company to be more easily recognized by the public, because of this, promotion has become our main concern in introducing and developing the product “Dev Caffeine”.

In this modern era, people are accustomed to something simple and practical, as well as the way they shop online, because there are already a lot of e-commerce platforms that offer various kinds of products and needs in a practical and simple way, because of that. Caffeine ”participates in collaborating and partnering with trusted e-commerce platforms / online trading services such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia and other e-commerce platforms to make it easier for customers to shop for products from“ Dev Caffeine ”and to help increase company sales.

Through the official website of “Dev Caffeine”, it is much easier for us to provide information about update beans, promo updates, etc. to get to know the products sold on the “Dev Caffeine” website. We also provide information such as product reviews, customer testimonials, and direct criticism of suggestions from customers with the aim of being better at providing services to customers and being a marketing tool to increase sales targets and expand marketing targets to get more customers. The website “Dev Caffeine”

Social media is one of the mandatory applications that almost everyone currently has on a smartphone, it cannot be denied that in this digital era, social media has become a favorite, very popular and needed by all. circles both young and old. The benefits of social media are numerous, one of which is in terms of doing business. Social media is a channel that introduces the “Dev Caffeine” brand to the public, social media can be a way of getting visibility and making a company more recognizable to customers. By presenting the product “Dev Caffeine” in various social media networks, potential users and customers can become more familiar with our products, that is one of the benefits of social media. In addition, social media also allows businesses to easily and quickly respond to comments from customers.

We also respond quickly to questions and input from consumers, by answering the needs of consumers in front of the public that make businesses show the quality of service, because if customers do not know the products we offer, customers are not interested in buying the products we offer. That’s why we really need some social media to promote and increase our sales. “Dev Caffeine” social media accounts:

Instagram        : @devcaffeine

Line                 : dvcaffeine_

Whatsapp        : 0812 – 9512 – 1240

Email               :

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